I guess not too many people like lezdom trampling – at least it is very rare on the internet – but Master loves it and some of you guys hopefully will like it too.

Trampling on a human body is not that easy, there are some rules that must be kept for playing this exciting game safely. For example never step on the ribs or on the upper stomach and no sudden movements etc.

Being a human carpet is also a hard job – especially when the soles of the shoes are boosted with thumbtacks, it is almost unbearably painful.

I had already tried it on Master and on an other male victim before and they both said that it was more than painful, it was agonizing but they also said that the real hardcore masochists – like them – could enjoy it ;)

This was the first time when I was trampling on a girl  but I have to admit that I enjoyed it as much as doing it on a male. Needless to say that Tanita did not share my enjoyment, she said after the shooting that it was the hardest torture she ever had and she did not expect that intense pain, actually she thought that it would be an easy session :)

3 Replies to “Spikes”

  1. I absolutle love trampling on a female subject and sad that there is not enough on the internet, Love the tramplingg on the breasts the most, does not have to be with sharp objects, could be with heels, there is one movie on the internet called “Nasty Bitch Tramping Milky Tits”, and one called “Stomping sweet crying girl” both are AMAZING. I hope you will consider some more tit trampling ideas or pussy kicking sessions. Hope you consider them, you guys do soem AWESOME work, thank you for that.

  2. Queensnake, votre orgasme est un solo d’opéra, une éruption volcanique, une pièce de théâtre,
    la plus ancienne incantation, dont la magie a traversé cent mille années en souriant.
    Sois en remerciée.

  3. A tight bra and undie with built in tacks then slapt, sat & pressured would also be a nice story & lets not forget the tack stuffing before hand, in all, a pretty tacky story…
    ps. love your ice-chilli dildo, need to see more of fancy frozen fruity-spicy-foody dildo ventures. Love your excellent work, keep’em kum’in!

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