New movie on – Nettle Rivulet – Remake

One of my first nettle movies was the Nettle Rivulet, 11 years ago. I went back to the same beautiful place and I have made a remake of this movie. I haven’t used any nettles for about 3 years so I felt like a real newbie now like many years ago. I whipped my tits, butts and pussy with nettles and rubbed my nipples, clitoris and anus with them and finally stuffed my vagina as much of them as I could like in the old times. The cold water of the little stream called “Black Water” helped me to cool down my burning skin. I also smeared some mud on my body in the end. But the most painful part of the movie just came after I used some rubbing alcohol which contained eucalyptus and menthol to clean and sterilize my dirty skin, I never thought that it could cause me so intense throbbing pain that I almost puked lol. It was an unexpected agony but it is also recorded for you.

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  1. Your old “Nettle Rivulet” is one of the first of your videos I’d seen and an all-time favourite.
    I must say my impression is that the new one lacks inventiveness and variation. Was it the wrong season for long nettle stems to be available? In the old one, water played less of a role, but I found it totally exciting how you rode the live stems just bending them and straddling over them, leaving it to nature how well the leaves hit you in the sensitive spots. Or collecting it under your top and directing the stem along the nipple. That was full of crackling tension. This time, it’s just pre-bound bundles of nettles like in so many studio movies before.
    You don’t show the medication/substance you rub yourself with at the end. When I read “rubbing alcohol” in your blog here, I expect liquid, but this looks more like a cold rub, like vicks vaporub or similar. Yikes, evil stuff, maybe not quite the level of the icy hot stunts in various “dare” youtube vids but not far off! No wonder it threw you off!
    Still, great video, thanks!

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