New movie on – Gladiators – Holly vs Jessica

I need only a cattle prod in my hands and the girls beat the shit out of each other lol. Finally I did not have to use it to motivate them because they were so afraid of it that they rather chose to hit their duel partner as hard as they could, just to avoid the electric shock.

Download the full movie fromĀ

One Reply to “New movie on – Gladiators – Holly vs Jessica”

  1. I congratulate QS for this fabulous game and for refereeing such a perverse fight. Gladiator girls’ mini-dresses are highly erotic, but the best part was seeing Jessica and Holly completely naked and spanking each other like crazy.
    I propose that the next gladiator girl fight be between Qs and Nazryana, but using another type of harder and more wounding whips so that their asses end up deeply marked.

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