Merry Christmas
















This year I have a bdsm Christmas tree – suspended upside down and tied to the ceiling hooks by chains.

I think it really looks unconventional :) What do you think?

Merry Christmas and Holidays Everybody!

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  1. Pussy and ass stuffing is a favorite of mine. I have a suggestion, I’m not sure if it is possible, but here it goes. How about filling up a rubber/latex glove (or perhaps a condom) with some quick setting concrete (cement) while it’s inside the pussy (or ass) and let it harden (guess it takes about 15-20 minutes or so). I suppose “connecting” it to a large (clear?) about 1″ (25 mm) hose and filling it through the hose, maybe hose needs to be 1-1,5 m long/high to get the necessary pressure at the bottom. the glove could be fastened around hose with a cable tie (strips) or something I suppose.Also I’d like to see a pussy (or ass) spread with speculum and filled up with some dry “powder”, like cinnamon, powdered sugar or wheat flour. Anyway, thanks for a great site and lots of interesting stuff to see.

    1. Your first idea with the concrete sounds dangerous to me, I am not sure that I would be able to push that hardened concrete out of my pussy and it is possible that I should go to the ambulance for help lol
      But your second idea about the powder stuff is excellent, I love it. Though I would go further, after filling my pussy with flour, I would add some water too, that would make the stuffing sticky and messy ;). Or adding some eggs too and the pancake mix in the pussy is ready for baking :) What do you think?

  2. Tree looks normal for us Down-Under…LOL. You have perfect curves in dcs-0088jpg. Your “Hair brush” is also very good. The ice-dildo is
    also an excellent idea for the girls…Best wishes for 2013 for you and your wonderful team. :)

  3. Good idea! I’ll take your advice :) We all love the high heels and boots! Have a happily kinky New Year!

  4. Love the new blogg and the information – for a non-regular subscriber I would like to point out what would make this site perfect for my need. I would be Heels – high heels and boots. If the girls humiliated or punished would start wearing nice boots with spike-heels then this site would be the source of my dreams – and surly for many other fetish/bdsm lovers.

    Perhaps it would not be so difficult? :)

    Have a great New Year!

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