Spicy Luna

That was one of our hardest shooting. I never thought that Luna would feel sick of capsaicin and would completely freak out of the burning feeling. Her pain tolerance is pretty high especially when it is about piercings and needles but this time she almost gave up before finishing the scene.

Her reaction to the hot pepper was unexpected not just because of her high pain tolerance level but because she already got some hot pepper massage cream on her pussy a couple of months ago just to test it. It happened after one of our shootings, I smeared her pussy with the capsaicin cream and she was not allowed to wash it down until she got home. She told me that before going home she would have a date and she was worried that how she would be able to handle the pain in her pussy while meeting the guy. And she was definitely able to handle it pretty well.

After she got home she called and told me that she could hide the pain so the guy did not realize anything but she could not think anything else during their date than going home as soon as possible to wash the stuff down. The funny thing was that by the time she got home, the burning pain has already faded away :).

The amount of the capsaicin was much more now than she could have tolerated and this time not just her pussy but actually her whole body was covered with hot pepper. Probably that is why she freaked out.

Anyway during her two hours of agony in the bathroom – she was trembling like a leaf  and crying in pain – we tried almost everything that was told to relieve her suffering (milk, yogurt, vinegar, etc.) but nothing helped her, only time.

After the shooting she told me that she would not eat hot pepper for a while and this kind of torture was like hell for her and would not repeat it but she also noted that she did love the pins pierced into her outer labias and she got two orgasms finally :).

I admit it that capsaicin on the genitals is one of the most painful experiences and I remember that my pain was so intense during my first hot pepper play that I peed myself  but now I realized that lately I could tolerate the effect of capsaicin much easier, maybe I got used to it a little bit and I need to find some more powerful stuff.

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  1. it could be the hottest pepper of all kinds is the one called “Sky Towarding pepper”. It follows the sun while it is growing on the plant. Similarity to the Sun Flower. If you be able to find it, try it in your pussy. It burns. it is a very small in size no larger than a sunflower seed, has a blaming red in color, with a shinny skin. if you’ll be able to find it. Try it and keep me informed. Cheers.

  2. Great movie. I am quite impressed by Luna, she is a really nice girl and apparently a real masochistic one too. Do you have any plans to have a session with her where you will put as much needles as possibly can fit in her lips? I kind of like to see a pussy as pincushion (well I like needles in general ;-)

  3. Hi. Are you looking for a new girl who wants to experience everything you have Queesnake well here I am please contact me if your interested and if you want a new friend to take under your wing and train.

  4. This all girls on your videos are also big masochist or you them pay very well for doing this?

  5. You should try also strong army tear spray into her vagina, i got once it into face and it was my biggest pain in life.

    1. How long did your pain last? I think pepper spray is way too brutal to use on the genitals, even the simple green hot pepper is almost unbearable. As I read on wikipedia, the searing pain caused by pepper spray lasts for about 4 hours. That would be too much even for an extreme masochist :)

      1. It hurt like hell entire day, eyes was worst, than mouth and nose. I have to go also on hospital to control after it, but i think that genitals hurt much less than face, and you can try small amount of army pepper spray on genitals :D

  6. Next year is the chinese year of the Snake, you will always be my Queen, hopefully 2013 will bring happiness and prosperity
    to you, you are doing an excellent job, keep it up. Your website is my escape from life’s monotonouse and political cowdoo,
    it is the extreme side of art and art it is! Enjoy the show guys, life’s too short to go on the boring side of it. Wishing you all an
    enjoyable Christmas and a entertaining & prosperous new Snake year 2013. :)

    1. Year of the Snake?! Hehe I didn’t know that. Thank you Sven! You are so nice and you are so right about enjoying life as much as we can. I wish you the same. Merry Christmas and a great new year in 2013 :)

  7. Hehe thanks Sven! Yeah only those people know how fucking painful it is who has ever tried it on their own cock or pussy.
    Stuffing fetish is one of my favorite too. It is a shame that I cannot have freedom in doing this :( just because there are some hypocrites and moralists who rule the internet and the world :(

    1. Lol, but if you have your own websites queensnake you can add here content what you want or not?

      1. People may not know but online content producers are controlled and ruled by payment and credit card companies so we have no freedom even on our own websites. It does not matter if my content and activity is completely legal, they don’t allow me to sell it if they don’t like it. It is so absurd but I have to comply if I want to stay online.

        1. Some others hard bdsm sites like elitepain or torturegalaxy are also controlled? And finaly i see that you unblocked your website in east europe i hope that you dont change it.

          1. And you telling that you would be even more hardcore if wasnt control? :D

          2. TG was dropped by every payment company because of the red body fluid that is why their site is working “underground” now and they had to make a cover site (soft bdsm) to make it possible to get membership to tg2. So they have to hide, they cannot have affiliate program, they actually cannot promote their site. It sucks :(
            EP actually stopped making new hardcore movies, they only sell the old ones and make some new soft bdsm movies which I wouldn’t call bdsm rather hardcore porn. DrLomp’s new independent project has also failed for some reason…
            And you probably also know the story of insex, they were also forced to shut down their site. But I think they were the best bdsm site ever, it was not just bdsm, it was art…
            So I think making real sado-maso movies nowadays not an easy job, your hands are tied – metaphorically and literally speaking. Most people don’t understand the nature of SM and disapprove it, to put it mildly ;)

          3. I never hear abou that Insex case, but i heard about police raid on Elite Pain, so i think they fear to be arrested so that why they stoped do hardcore torture videos, but dr. lomp page still exist, well that suck true, you should go into parliament and try change this :D Btw.

          4. Your last question has been removed. You talked about a crime, please don’t even mention or refer criminal and illegal activities in my blog.

        2. And that also very depend on where you live, for example netherlands is liberal country to BDSM

          1. And i am also very curious in what country you live, just say only country, i think that its germany or austria or slovenia on of this three, and you final unblocked your site in east europe , so do you planed it blocked again or not, becouse i l live in eastern europe and i will buy your memebership on half year so i want know this.

          2. LOL why do you want to know so eagerly where I live? It is irrelevant. Anyway Slovakia has been unblocked permanently.

          3. Good, and if i buy membership for half year i can download any of your videos or its some GB limited, becouse i never buy any membership so i dont know how it exactly work.

          4. Unlimited streaming content and limited download system (one movie/12 hours).

          5. It helps keeping the bandwidth load on a maintainable level so streaming videos are viable for all my online members. The other reason was to make it harder for pirates to make a siterip.

  8. What can I say,…W-O-W-!
    Of all your sessions, this is the #1 tops by far, I’ve had chilli, boy…,does it hurt!!
    I’ve also tried Tooth paste for the chilling after the chilli, soothing, from hot to cold.
    Stuffings is my fetish, food, soil, insects [genki – Jap], liquids etc. Your ‘Black paint”
    session is my #2 and “Choc-Santa” is my # 3. Hope to see more Paint & Chocolate
    stuffings from your Girl Friends! Love your work, keep it up. :)

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