Comments Disabled :(

The comments are disabled on my blog until the credit card companies stop limiting the rights of free speech on the internet :(.

After so much work on moving my blog to an other server and domain it turned out that it was useless. I cannot have an uncensored blog. My payment provider told me that even if I remove every link and connection between my paysite and my blog, my blog’s content is still about the stuff on q……s……com and this way it must be censored too according to the credit card companies’ regulations.

So now not just my paysite but my free blog is strictly censored and I cannot even have a link from my blog to other sources of my movies. So the paysite’s link’s link must be censored either.

There are certain fetishes and there are tones of words that I am not allowed to use in any form not just on my blog but anywhere on the internet under the name of Q….S…..

Where is our world going? :(

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  1. The same thing applies to erotic authors too. Even having words like blood, drugs, unconscious, kidnap, murder, etc on the cover or blurb can get you in trouble with the card companies, Paypal, and the book distributors.

    Worse still, they deny it is censorship because they are private organisations.

  2. Considered hosting a website yourself without a server in the middle?
    It can cost a bit of money for all the hardware and stuff and you’ll have to learn a thing or two to ensure that it’s somewhat secure (and I wouldn’t use that computer for anything involving money, bitcoin or otherwise) but if you have a internet provider that allow you to host one yourself should allow you to have a blog without the problems this one is having.

    Of course if you happen to have a lot of people visiting your page it might not be a good idea as you won’t be able to serve as many people with a site you host yourself as a server can.

    (And on the safety side you won’t have a person hired to ensure security like a server have so it can be hacked and stuff)

    I’m not an expert on these things but I’d love to search for more information with you if you’re interested.
    There’s also other things that might interest you like the darknet =)

    There are parts of the net that is not visible to just anyone and where you’ll be able to be quite a lot more private then out here in the lightnet.

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