Nettle Lovers

Diamond is a not just hot and smart but she has an incredible sexual aura that comes naturally. Although she is very young and still newbie in bdsm, she can enjoy the pain given to her, she is curious and very open-minded and wants to improve and explore as many new experiences as she can. I think she is in the best place to fulfill her wishes.

Her favorites are stinging nettles and staples so far :) so I thought she could be a good partner in a wild and erotic full-body nettle play. I was right, I did not need to tell her any instructions before the shooting, she just let me control the whole scene and she always exactly knew what I wanted her to do.

First it was hard to touch the nettles without gloves but after a time we were in a kind of ecstatic state and we didn’t care about that anymore. The burning sensation on our whole body – from our toes to our neck – caused an increased level of adrenaline that felt like getting high or having a never-ending orgasm. I felt this last time when I jumped into the tub fully filled with stinging nettles (see Nettle Spa movie). We also completely lost our sense of time and we shut out the outside world. The only thing that made me stop that I hyperventilated and we got over exhausted and too weak to continue.

The boys (Diamond’s boyfriend and Master) were just speechless and impressed by our hot and spontaneous performance, it happens very rarely that we can shoot a 35 minutes scene without cuts and stops. After a little break we went on playing with the rest of the nettles. We used a huge amount of them, actually we reaped a pretty big field of stinging nettles to have enough stuff for this play.

After we finished the shooting, we were shivering and trembling, we felt it’s cold but actually our body was way too hot, probably that is why we felt that the temperature of the room was too cold. That shivering lasted for about 1-2 hours and then we just felt that weird sensation (which is always the worst part of the after effects in my opinion), it felt like million tiny little things were running under my skin, it’s a kind of tickling sensation. It really drove me crazy and it took for a rather long time, usually 24 hours without any night sleep (at least for me). Diamond told me that she could sleep a little.

During this period I always say: “I will never do full-body nettle play again, never!” but Master always laugh at me and says that he is sure that I will do it again. And he is always right, after about 2 weeks I said that I missed the nettles and Diamond told me the same but she also suffered from the after effects (the 24 hours tickling and the one-week itching). It’s really like an addiction lol. She told me the other day that she can’t wait the spring and playing with nettles again.

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  1. i am researching nettles as sexual punishment for BDSM and CFNM stories – young boy humiliated by older sister seeks vengeance .. the photos here give me some ideas. thank you

  2. Your nettle play inspired me to try the same, albeit on my own. It turned me into a nettle lover welcomming the spring with the fresh nettles all around. Thanks a lot.

    1. How painful was it and would it be appropriate for vengeance for a boy being sexually humiliated by his older sister? Do you know if thrashing bare buttocks with nettles is stimulating as well as painful? How about lining a vagina with stinging nettles or forcing nettle stalks up her anus?

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