We have been working on our new website – queensect.com – for weeks and now I can say that it is ready to launch. This is a completely uncensored and unique fetish website, its content is so extreme that we need to stay low profile – although everything on the site is legal. Since this new site works underground, we need everyone who like this stuff to promote queensect.com and support us with Bitcoin. Please don’t ask for credit card payment option, it is not available and won’t be available in the future, either.

About the content of the site, it is mainly about insect fetish and piercing plays which were banished from QS.com. I did not want to give up shooting that kind of movies just because they are against the ethical and religious beliefs of some powerful people and companies (like visa, mc, etc.) so I decided to launch this new, uncensored website beside QS.com. I am going to post one new movie every two weeks, at least in the beginning.

If you have questions, feel free to ask.

8 Replies to “Queensect.com”

  1. Hello QS, we are still waiting to subscribe to Queensect site… I cant use bitcoin, are you close to allowing other forms of payment like paypal?

    Also, will there be more updates to queensect soon?

    Love your work, you are the best BDSM girl on the web… and you are beautiful!!

  2. I am your QueenSnake member. After reviewing your QueenSect.com introduction, I am very interested in joining it, too. Knowing you are not accepting credit cards, I am in the process of using Bitcoins via bank transfer from COINBASE. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

  3. your Queensect-page is very horny. Thank you! Do you thinked about Flies? Indoor and outdoor with all sorts of flies e.g. Krull flies indoor and the flies in a cowshed. In expectation for new films

  4. Totally love the whole insect fetish thing, but there must be an alternative to bitcoin??

    And.. lets see the subjects orgasm too… not just play-acting…

    keep up the great work QS.. you are a beautiful legend!!

  5. Hi QS,

    Wow, this is perfect, though I have had trouble trying to follow your bitcoin links and so forth, not easy to subscribe, but I understand why there needs to be this level of protection to the site…

    I notice you using mealworms a lot, how about actual earthworms, like lots of them, to be deposited in subs panties and her left to feel them slither and wriggle around over her? I think the sensation would be “creepier” than the drier mealworm…



  6. I have to have say “Thank you!” a thousand time. I am unbelievable happy that you lanched a site with insect stuff. I think you are quite the only one who have the courage to do that.

    Thank you very much and please go on!

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