It’s springtime, nature is waking, trees in flowers, everything is getting green and so alive. I love this period of the year.

Our first springtime trip in a forest led us to a place where we happened to find some beautiful black end red patterned bugs. They are called firebugs (Pyrrhocoris apterus).

They formed large and conspicuous groups on the tree trunks Рprobably for mating Р and the spectacle of those many little crawling creature in a bunch turned me on so much that I could not stand not to try how it feels when my nipples are touched by them. The only problem was that they were very shy and ran or flied away very fast when I poked them with my nipples.

I used a glass to make them stay on my pussy – at least for a while – so I could feel that soft and exciting tingling sensation which was different from anything else that I tried before. Since they don’t bite or sting, I could enjoy entirely the weird feeling of being crawled on.

The funny part of the story that after three days, when we had our next shooting indoor, a firebug crawled out of the camera and on the fourth day an other firebug came up on the window of our bedroom. We checked and cleaned our bags very thoroughly before heading back home from the forest, yet the bugs were able to hide somehow. I am wondering how many more will appear from unexpected places in the next days :)

Of course we released the stray bugs and I hope they were able to find a right place to live.

We shot a video with those beautiful creatures. It will be available on in short time.

6 Replies to “Firebugs”

  1. Hi,

    I loved this movie.
    Maybe you could open more your pussy to make them come in…
    Thanks :)

  2. Dear QS,

    Your website is the best; wish I could afford membership to really enjoy it! I especially enjoyed the insect/worm clips, just sooo sexy and miles better than the Japanese crap on the web.

    Please try and find a way for follow-ups. I noticed you mentioned some restriction from your “sponsors”.


  3. Hello Queensnake..or shout i say Queensect:)
    I realy like your sites and most of your vids, exspecally the cunt stuffing and the Insect vids.
    But i miss some realy hart pussy streching vids…for example, with pencils or other pens…one after one…at the point, where no more pencil fit, use a hammer, to push the next pencil, between the others…How many pencils can you handle, bevor your pussy is going to be explode^^ and the pain let you give up:) Or what about some knife insertions? same way….one after one….i like dangerous insertions.
    And the dream: your pussy complete filled with different insects, and than sew up your hole.After reopen it , press all insects out of your pussy, with a nice closeup :) Hrrrrr, that makes me Horny.
    Sorry for bad english

  4. ants lover says:

    look forward to see your next insect play. Try to find a place with more ants :O)
    A good idea is to fasten clamps on your lips and open them out towards the ants nests.
    Use some thick white linen/rope from the clips to the nest to give the ants a short track to the center…
    A white stick from the the vagina to the nest is also a very good approach.

  5. Just love the idea of you getting off with insects QS… super sexy… watching your perfect self with insects giving you orgasms.. nothing hotter on the web.. but please, another way to pay for queensect than bitcoin!!

  6. sorry my engligh is not good….
    I used to be your readers,but for some reason, pause for six months
    i very like insects,ants,worms in your pussy, Especially like ants, I hope you were able to take advantage of vaginal dilator, Deep in the uterus at a candy, make lots of ants march inside ….. very grateful, you are the best
    ps.Bitcoin is now trying to deal with the problem, you can watch a short look forward to strong show

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