“Hardbody” is the title of one of my movies which was shot last Saturday. I work out regularly to have a so-called hardbody but the motivation is never strong enough, I am a maximalist so I asked my best girlfriends, Tanita and Nazryana to be my sadistic workout motivators.

They took the job very seriously, they stroke me with cat-on-nines, continuously and cruelly, with full strength. The strokes were so painful that I hardly could do the exercises. But I did not give up. I wanted to prove to myself that I can tolerate any pain and I can workout under any circumstances.

The funniest part of this session was when Tanita burst into tears because of my pain agony lol. I gave her my shoulder to cry on and we cried together :) She was so cute, a crying domina lol! We won’t cut this scene out :)

Since I had a full body whipping, I expected nice welts on every part of my body, yet my tits and the front side of my body was left without any remarkable whipping marks. Even my master surprised, he called me a vampire because my wounds healed so fast :)
It is true that my skin is very resistant and I can heal very fast but I did feel very intense pain in every part of my body for days. I could not sleep for a day, my butts and thighs got swollen and colorful bruises, just sitting on my bum was painful, my tits and nipples hurt as hell when something or somebody touched them.

Now, five days later my bruises started to lighten, the pain has gone, I am ready for the next challenge.

We made some photos during this session. It looks like blood but actually it is my marks mixed with pee (my beaten up body was rolled in the girls’ pee) and the red color has been intensified by PS – just for the art’s sake and for the more dramatic effect. I hope you will like them ;)

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  1. First of all thanks for what you do bcose I can’t have daring to see your full videos. I am big fan your and yours girlfriend’s. I don’t have that much salary to purchase your every movie. I have downloaded some of it from free websites. Sorry for that. Every movie I watch makes me too honrny I enjoy that moments.
    Once again thanks and love yoy

  2. Beautiful QS,

    I have only seen the first part of Hard Body and already I am blown away! You are simply the most beautiful, and I , at my age of eighty six, have seen many! My ideal is “suffering beautifully” and you do indeed do it. You are among the blessed. More later…


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