Kinky Foursome

I am telling you about an exciting bdsm game that happened a couple of weeks ago when my pussy was hairy. So here is my story.

We invited a kinky and nice couple to have dinner with us in our home. Of course everybody knew that it was not just a dinner invitation :). We first met them in a fetish party many years ago and since then we are not just good friends but fuck buddies. Though they are not into hardcore bdsm games – the man is dominant and sadistic, the girl is submissive and a little bit masochistic –  they know and like what we are doing.

Actually they love to learn new and exciting things and we try to spoil them with our weird games :P.

This time we showed them how to play with the rubber bands. Of course it was me who had to be the target for the shooters. Our guests and my master was sitting on the couch and I was on my knees before them (the distance was about 2 metres/6 feet) spreading my legs wide revealing my bare butts and pussy to the shooters,  bending forward and putting my chest on a pouffe,  so my face was protected and I wasn’t able to see the shooters.

Since they have never shot before with rubber bands, they needed to learn the right technique and practice on me. First they were clumsy but the more they shot the more pain I got.

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New Subscription System

It wasn’t an easy work to find the right solution but now the new subscription system is working on my website. I am sorry for everybody’s inconveniences caused by not working CCBill system, they are still searching the error… :( I think I can say that bad things can sometimes lead good things because I succeeded to have my website approved by an other payment provider, Epoch. They are fast, much more client and customer friendly, their billing system is working properly and Visa payment is offered.
I let CCBill process Direct Pay (internet bank) and Telephone, they are good alternatives for those people who don’t have or don’t want to use credit cards. Online checks and Ukash (anonym voucher) also will be available soon.

But now I put away these technical issues for a while and I am working on uploading the missing old movies and the brand new ones :)

Streaming or download?

Currently my videos are available for streaming in the member section of my website. I think it is more comfortable to watch videos instantly, you don’t have to wait for the download, no codecs and player problems, and you don’t need to store the movie files on your hard drive. Of course you need to be connected to the internet while you are watching my movies and you need an up-to-date hardware system and software but I think in the era of broadband internet connections and computer technology it is not a problem anymore.

Some people still prefer to download because they want to own and collect the video files and watch the movies without internet connection, I understand them too. But unfortunately this solution means an easy way for the pirates to illegally distribute the vids on other websites.

Considering the advantages and disadvantages finally I decided for the streaming model but I am open to suggestions. I would like to find a solution that is the best for everyone. What if the latest movies were available only for streaming and the older ones for both streaming and download? I started a new poll about this subject.


Last night we finished the integration of CCBill’s system so now the “Join page” is working on Please tell me if you have any subscription or technical problems.

You will see that we haven’t uploaded yet some old movies because we have to re-render them and it takes much time. They will be up one-by-one as they are done. And what about the new movies? The sequel of Poor Christmas Tree (a.k.a. Black Angel) will be online tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience! :)

New Website Issue

My new website is online now but it is a public beta version for testing. It means that the “Join” page doesn’t work currently (CCBill application is in progress). If everything goes well, you can join my website in a week. Many thanks for your patience! :)

A Technical Question

I haven’t posted any blog entries for a long time :( because I am working very hard on my new website. Now it is ready and I need to find a good web hosting which has high download speed. I’ve been already testing some of them but I still couldn’t find the right one. It’s a shame that my home internet connection is much much faster than what the big web hosting companies can provide for a rather high price.

Maybe there are some web hosting experts among you guys who can help me to solve this issue. Please contact me through my e-mail – info([AT])queensnake([DOT])net – if you can give me some advices.

Puppy II

I was exciting about trying out a new rubber band game suggested by one of you guys. Master tied up my legs and handcuffed my wrists behind my neck in all four position so my pussy and asshole was exposed.  Then I had a leather belt around my waist with three different long strings of rubber bands attached by carbine hooks in front and in back. He fixed a chain to the wall then attached the bands to the chain using an other carbine hooks. The strings worked like a long and strong slingshot or catapult between my legs.

He threw the ball and I had to crawl forward to fetch it. The farther I moved, the tauter the bands was pulled. I knew that when they stretched to their limits, they would snap hitting my pussy painfully. Since they were different lengths, they didn’t split at the same time so I got three strikes one after the other. In the first round the bands were snapped when I was in my half way to the ball, it was painful but not that bad pain, it was a good warming-up.

The second round was exactly twice harder because this time every string was attached to the chain with two bands. I almost reached the ball when the shortest string struck my pussy and asshole, a few seconds later I got the second strike and then the strongest third one. Amazing triple hit! :) After the second round I felt like my pussy was in fire, it was swollen and bloodshot but for a painslut like me it was so good and exciting. I was craving more pain on my pussy!

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Puppy I

We haven’t yet made a snow movie this winter and I couldn’t wait to train myself in the cold again. We had a try a few weeks ago but it was too cold, I wasn’t even able to take off my cloths, it was about -8 Celsius (17 F) so finally we came home sadly without making anything. At least we found a good place in the forest. “Maybe next time” – we thought.

The second try was on last Friday. The snow started to melt, it was about +1 Celsius (34 F), the sun was shining, it was a perfect time to play in the snow.

I prepared the leash, the ball, the chain, the rubber bands, the leather belts and the cam of course and put them into my backpack. We drove to that forest we found last time. As we arrived the right place, I took off my cloths and my master put the leash on my neck. As a warming up game he leashed me for a while in the snow, I was his puppy that needed to be trained. Being barefoot in the snow wasn’t new for me but this time it wasn’t so easy to tolerate the cold than a year ago when we made the Fucking Snowman and the Snowsnake movies. As I was crawling on all fours I felt unbearable pain in my legs especially in my toes and my knees and in my fingers then I didn’t feel them at all. It was cruel but my training had just began. I tried to resist and tried to escape but he pushed me down again and again and I had to keep on crawling. My knees were covered with blood since I didn’t feel my knees, I didn’t realize that there were many prickly things (probably many pieces of sharp twigs) under the snow and they scratched and cut my knees. I already felt then that I wouldn’t be able to finish my job but I wanted to prove my strength to my master and to myself so much.

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Black Angel II

And that’s the end of my story:

Since now we had no Christmas tree, more exactly I just destroyed it, it was me who had to be a Christmas tree. Now I could show my master and you that I learned a lot during the piercing course which I told you about earlier.

First I pierced my large labias with a big black safety pin then I pierced 20 medical needles into my body focusing on my tits, my belly and my pussy. I have never had so many needles in my body before and I was surprised at myself how easily I were able to pierce the needles. When every “hook” was the right place I started to decorate myself with the glass ornaments. Finally there were so many glass balls on my body that they had enough weight to pull the needles, especially my nipples were pulled down and it was a bit painful and uncomfortable.

The safety pin had a different function, I hung a black Christmas tree shaped candelabrum made of iron. I used a long iron hair grip to connect it to the safety pin. The heavy weight pulled my labias down and stretch them painfully. Then my master put a small candle inside the special candle holder. I felt that the safety pin was getting hotter and hotter because the one tip of the hair grip was on the flame of the candle and the other tip was connected to the safety pin. I was very scared of being my pussy burnt.

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Black Angel I

Getting back to my Christmas “horror” story, after my whole body met the tiny natural needles my vagina got into the spotlight. My master gave me a wine glass to fill it up with small pieces of pine branches (I cut down their tips). Knowing the effects on my skin, I was very scared of stuffing my pussy with needle leaves but I was excited too at the same time.

After opening my vagina with the speculum I started to push them in, it wasn’t easy because they prickled me not just inside but my fingers too. When my cunny became full, I started to pull out the speculum very slowly. It was very painful, the sharp needles were scratching the wall of my vag.

I failed to keep them inside so almost every piece of the tiny branches was pulled out together with the dilator. My master ordered me to stuff my pussy again, he wanted to see those prickly things inside.

I was very angry, I didn’t want to make it again but I had no choice so I took the spec again and filled up my vag. This time I succeeded to keep the whole stuff inside after removing the stretching device. He wanted to enjoy the spectacle so I had to push out my pussy many times for his pleasure and then I pushed the rest of the needle leaves in with my finger as deep as I could.

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Poor Christmas Tree

We’ve all been in Christmas mood lately although (at least) me and my master in a different way. We have some special expectations of a Christmas tree: it should have very sharp and strong needle leaves and should be decorated with glass ornaments ;).

The story started two days ago. As most normal people do before Christmas, we went to get some Christmas decoration and a beautiful tree.

First we got the glass ornaments and then we chose the right tree with the most sharp and strong leaves: blue spruce. Wikipedia says that the tip of its needle leaves is “viciously sharp”. I can assure you that it is true :).

After getting home I started to prepare the glass trinkets – I cut different long thin threads and tied on them – and my master set up the Christmas tree using a long chain and the ceiling hooks. Beyond love there was something evil in the air :). I was ordered to be a dirty black angel that night so I took on a sexy black outfit with a black angel wings necklace (made by me). Since my master knows that I love to dance, he gave me a nice Christmas present: I was allowed to perform an erotic dance and strip show with the tree.

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Shards in my pussy

If you are really into BDSM, you know that when you go to a DIY (do it yourself) or design store to get some repairing or building stuff, you can always find interesting things to use in your BDSM games. Those stores are real treasure-house for us. It’s so funny by the way when the salesman wants to help us and asks about our purposes. If he would know… LOL

This time we found new BDSM toys again: shards of glass for decorations. As I saw them in the store, I knew that I would love to “decorate” my vagina with them :).

First I wanted to know how it feels like on my skin so I poured some shards under my tight top and my panties and rubbing them on my breasts and pussy. It was like a harsh massage, pleasurable and a little bit painful.

To feel more pain I rolled on the shards back and forth and did some push ups and let my body falling suddenly on the shards. They caused some minor cuts and scratches on my skin but they seemed to be safe to use inside my pussy. Lying on that harsh carpet, I was fisting myself for a while then I put the speculum in and started to pour the small pieces of glass into my vagina. I wanted to stuff my pussy with as much shards as possible so I pushed them in with my fingers and my pussy just sucked the stuff in. After removing the dilator my pussy was full of shards. It was a weird feeling, I had a pressure on my bladder so I wasn’t able to hold back my pee. I peed like a horse into the empty box of shards.

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Poll Results IV

I closed the poll about the needle scenes.  Thank you for your votes.  First it seemed that most preferred the painful and clean piercing process but finally the pain and blood fans took the lead with some votes. It’s obvious that pain is a real turn-on in bdsm and I was almost sure that the “not painful” answers wouldn’t be popular. But it was surprising for me that there are about as many who like bloody plays as who don’t.

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Piercing Course

Since my master wasn’t satisfied with me in the last piercing session, I was ordered to be pierced every day until he decides to stop. The purpose of my training is to achieve not to be afraid of piercing, not to scream and of course to improve my piercing technique.

So I’ve been in that play for 10 days. Until now I had different piercing experiences, actually I make a note in my diary about each action:

1. First day I got a medical needle into my inner labia and I wasn’t allowed to make any scream or noise. I did it.

2. Second day my master pierced my other inner labia with a pin. It was more painful than the med needle but I was able to stay in silence.

3-4. Pin in my outer labia.

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