New movie on – Engulfed

After the swarmed movie where my vagina was literally invaded by several really huge cockroaches I kept fantasizing how it would feel the same thing if I removed the speculum and let my pussy close on them. So I decided to try it with a single cockroach first. I knew that the bottom of my vagina is pretty volumetric so my subject will have enough air not to suffocate. Finally, after I released her she looked a bit slimy but fortunately I only had to give her a quick shower and a tiny towel to dry up, after that she was good as new.

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7 Replies to “New movie on – Engulfed”

  1. I wanna to buy the movie. Why only the bitcoin could be accepted? It’s too complicated… I have to give up

  2. Hey can u plz give it to mee I m unable to purchase bcz of lockdown if u want I can share with u other queensect movie

  3. I just watched the whole movie, it was great! I am looking forward to the next movie where you trap more inside. Will that be coming soon?

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