New movie on – Wheel of Misfortune – Jessica

This time it was Jessica’s turn to be the subject of the Wheel of Misfortune game. She was planned to have 30 rounds of 10 batches of whipping lashes but unfortunately she gave up after 20 rounds so she had 200 strokes altogether with four different kind of tools and carried out by Tanita and me.

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2 Replies to “New movie on – Wheel of Misfortune – Jessica”

  1. This sadistic and perverse game is one of the best you have done lately. I agree with Joey’s previous comment and all the girls should undergo the “Wheel of Misfortune” (including Jeby and Tracy, who are also two excellent masochistic bitches and have not been acting for over a year). Jessica’s pussy is now even more attractive and periodic lashes will gradually harden her pussy. The lips of her pussy are now somewhat longer and are even more beautiful and spectacular than before. Jessica is an impressive girl and her level of masochism is progressing and her body is hardening with the lashes. Pen marks on your thigh for each round completed is a great idea. The final reward (in exchange for the lashes received) managing to make her horny with the dildos until she achieves orgasm is a fabulous scene. The only criticism is that the lashes were excessively soft and did not even leave marks on the skin. A few years ago you flogged with much more brutality and all the girls endured much harsher punishments without complaint.
    From now on, what Jessica needs is to keep stretching the lips of her fabulous pussy by hanging weights from them and she also needs to get used to periodically receiving lashes as hard as those from the beatings of your fabulous movies of yesteryear.

  2. Wow. Jessica daamn. This is one of my top favorites. The pussy whip position is just too good. Holly instead of tanita could have been a good revenge scenario.
    Hope all the girls complete wheel of misfortune. Yes QS next

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