Sparking Tanita & Pepper Lesbians

I have so little time  for blogging these weeks :( I wish I had some help in shootings, video/photo editing and website management so I could have more time for writing blog entries.

First I thought I would just skip those movies which I had no time to write about but finally I decided to give a short sketch of them.

This time Tanita proved us that she has not just a sparking but a burning hot pussy :) Her pain agony triggered by the powerful PSG Max electro device was surreal, frenetic and beautifully honest. I myself hate electro tortures – in my opinion it is the most annoying pain ever – and there was some point when I pitied her and wanted to quit but Master realized my weakness in a moment and he took over the control from me so he also gave some big pain shocks to her pussy.

The movie about the pussy treatment with hot pepper was originally planned as a usual lezdom session in which Tanita got the role of the victim and I would have been her evil and sadistic tormentor but finally we changed our plans because she was chickened out so I decided to suffer together with her and tataaaam she suddenly became braver.

Since that was my second experience with hot pepper I knew what to expect: unbearable pain for about half an hour. My girlfriend didn’t know that and she was so freaked out of the pain after some time that we had to stop the camera at that point to calm and cool :) her down.

Stuffing my vagina with hot pepper sauce was new for me too and I can tell that it was as brutally painful inside as outside.

My girlfriend’s crazy agony really scared me but made me laugh at some point because – while I was also in a terrible pain – somehow I was able to control myself and did not freaked out as she did. Lol watching back the movie I found that the contrast of our pain tolerance and self-control was so conspicuous that it made me smile.

The air in the room was full of capsaicin molecules at the end of our hot pepper action so we all (poor Master also) couldn’t stop coughing for about half an hour, that was funny :)

Which torture was the hardest for Tanita? She said after both shootings (and practically after every session): “This was the biggest pain I had ever met and never again!” Lol I think if there was a reward for the best pain agony, she would be the winner.

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  1. You should try to put inside you some soft air 6mm balls orsomething like 9mm bullet shells…

  2. Hey queen snake I love your work its so unique. I was just wondering out of the videos you have done which one did you feel the most painful and which gave you the best orgasm ? Btw one more thing is there a video where we can hear you speak ? would be nice if you can introduce yourself :L

  3. I am very surprised you have gone this long without challenging 1-2 of your girls to an icy-hot challenge? Hit all the sensitive areas and see who squeals first.

    I think combining that with the pepper spray idea from earlier…… that would be one VERY intense days for all selected.

    Icy-hot to open up the pores….. then pepper spray….. now that’s fire.

  4. Hi!
    Love the stuff on your site, some of the most extreme, hot and erotic pain stuff I’ve seen. I’m not really into bdsm but just love girls that do extreme sexual things.

    Don’t know if it was just general complaining or if you really are looking to get some help with video/photo editing and webmanagment but in that case I will be glad to help.

    I’m quite an experienced webmaster, developer and designer. I’m also done some movies both behind and in front of the camera. If you’re interested in some professional help for a very good price please let me know by email. Would enjoy working with you.


  5. Queensnake how you find your girls? And how long you know them? And you pay them and how much or not?

  6. Hi. This is the first time I write and it is to congratulate you. You have managed to create a style which was missing: straight forward pain/pleasure fun and sane experiences. No talking, no verbal humiliation, no weird fetishes, no disgusting scenes like scat or pee, no boring endless bondage, no excessive outfits (latex, leather, rubber etc…). Great!!! Plain S/M playing just as I, with many playmates, practice it. It’s the first time I get so identified with a line of SM video production. Keep it up. Just one little question… do you have in mind trying cigarette torture? It’s something which I notice you haven’t done. It’s only just because it really turns me on… But you’ll know better what to do or not.
    Well done,

    I forgot something. Although you are totally convinced about your masochist nature, I can’t help feeling that you are gradually enjoying more and more the sadistic side in you. Specially in the last couple of months. I love it… Even if I’m wrong and it’s only an impression of mine, I have to tell you that what turns me on most of all, is the expression on your face when you are being specially nasty to your poor girl friends. Your sadistic face, as I call it. It sends shivers down my spine…
    He, he, he….


    1. Hi, thank you so much for your positive feedback, it really means a lot for me ;)
      I haven’t tried cigarette tortures yet because I am afraid of burn marks and btw I don’t have any experience with cigarettes since we and our friend don’t smoke. If you say that it does not cause any permanent burn marks on the skin then I would try it once.
      About my sadistic side, you are right, I enjoy it more and more and my girlfriends also noted the satanic look on my face and they really hate me for being such an evil bitch with them but fortunately it happens only during our sessions, after that I change back to their gentle and loving friend and they love me again ;)

      1. Hello my dear Queen,
        Whether cigarette burns leave marks, depends exclusively on the time you actually maintain it pressed against the flesh. If you just touch a nipple for example, very shortly, it won’t leave any mark whatsoever, but you still get this delicious little thrill. In order to leave a mark, you first need to provoke quite a decent blister, and for this you’ll have to apply the cigarette for at least 3 or 4 seconds. Just as you (male version though), I am ‘Switch’. Enjoying as much sadism as masochism, and being ‘tortured’ with cigs is one of my favourites. By the way, and I think you’ve discovered by yourself that in order to be a good responsible and trustworthy Mistress or Master, you’ve had to be a good Slave previously. You know that it’s the first time I’ve registered to a paying site to download SM videos instead of nosing around the Internet to find free downloads. But you deserve it…
        So keep it up and have fun.
        All my Love,

  7. Hello Q,
    I am a Master from the U.S. and am a Sadist. My slave has requested I spray pepper spray on her clit in be tween blows from My crop. Do you have any experience with pepper spray and your vagina? I understand the pepper torture being hot, but how about the spray?

    1. Hi, I have never tried pepper spray. Please tell me about your experiences, I am curious. I suppose the burning sensation and pain last much longer than using other pepper stuff.

  8. any chance paypal can be used to join? my card gets blocked with he normal process.
    love the trailer videos, nipple piercings are my favourite, every tried skewering? i viewed it on a site i can no longer find.

    1. If you are still interested in joining, please contact me at support email. I have never tried skewering, I think my tits are too small for that but I am going to try it on one of my girlfriends who has bigger boobs :)

  9. Pepper Love, excellent work, keep it up, euh in!
    Love to see more veg/fruits/insects and saucy stuffings,
    a close shot of the inside would really be the tops.
    Love your works.

  10. Hi Queen,
    This was a very hot :-) and sexy shoot and I loved it.
    If I could make a suggestion for a new shoot: I would like to see you wearing a bra and panties with thumbtacks on the inside going out in public for a bicycle ride.

    Keep up the great work.

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