Vagina Tacks + GAME for free membership

Master wanted me to do this for so long time and you guys too, at least according to the results of my last year’s poll.

I remember when Master first mentioned that he wants me to do this, I thought that he got crazy and I refused him without thinking. Later when he came up with this idea again and again, I was starting to get accustomed to it and even curious about doing it. So finally I decided to obey him.

Thumbtacks are rather “blunt” :)  therefore they cannot be easily pierced into the skin so if they are just poured into my vagina, it’s very unlikely that they could cause any harm inside. When I take a handful of thumbtacks and start to rub them in my hand, they are prickling and maybe scratching my skin but nothing else.

Still I was in dread of having thumbtacks in my vagina, I couldn’t hide my fear, it was on my face all the time during the session.

As a warming up, I tried to make friendship with the frightening tacks and cuddle them to my chest, piercing some nice red ones into the middle of my nipples.  To help them stick to me better I grabbed a meat hammer and started to beat them wildly while I was falling into a sort of pain trance.

The adrenaline level in my blood was high enough to start my weird union with the tacks. I lay down, pulled my legs up, opened my vagina with a speculum and started to pour the thumbtacks into. In that phase I did not feel any pain, only fear of happening something horrible to me – even if I knew that it was impossible. When my pussy was completely full of tacks, I started to pull the speculum out very slowly. That was the point when my fear reached its peak – the inside of my vagina engulfed, captured and squeezed the prickly bastards and it seemed that they would be never released.

When I stood up and started to move I felt tightness and pressure inside and I had a pricking feeling in my vagina. It was rather weird than extremely painful.

Fucking a pussy that is full with thumbtacks could be interesting. Of course I wanted to try that. The only problem was that my pussy was so full of tacks that there was no chance to thrust a dildo in. I found an exciting solution – after collecting my pee into a bowl, I took my vaginal irrigator and filled it with my pee and then I made a special pee irrigation to make the “tackbirth” easier :) Well, it did not make it so much easier, I pushed the tacks out with my full strength but only a small part of them came out. At least it was enough to make a try to fuck myself with the dildo. Wow, that was frantic, I would have never thought before that the prickling feeling inside my cunt could be so fucking exciting. As I thrust the dildo in and out the tacks were scratching me inside – from the entrance to the very bottom of my vagina – and they got deeper and deeper.

I don’t remember how many orgasms I had at the end of this session but I remember that I was completely knocked out.

After regaining my consciousness and strength I started to worry again since there were still many many thumbtacks in my pussy and I knew that it would not be easy to get rid of them all. I went to the bathroom and I tried the usual method – pushing the shower-head against my pussy and shoot as much water in as I could. You should have seen those many thumbtacks in the bath tube, oh my god, it was unbelievable that they all were inside (actually you will be able to see them when I post the images for this session).  It took a bit longer to take the last pieces of tacks out but finally none of them stayed inside.

Many thanks to Master and to you guys for that very exciting new experience. There is only one thing that I am still curious about – fucking a pussy filled with thumbtacks, how it feels for a guy?! :) I guess it would be much more painful for him than for the girl, lol.  Before doing that movie, we already tried it just with a handful of tacks inside and Master seemed to be in a real pain ecstasy while fucked me, hehehe.

Since I love to play games, I want you to play with me a little. The first one who finds out the exact number of thumbtacks used in this movie gets a free 7-days membership on my site. Make your guess! ;)

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  1. If you really want to torture your pussy, you should insert 2-5 small wooden balls (or perhaps some of those conkers) and staple your pussy lips together.
    Then your master should make you do physical excercises… push ups, pull ups, jumping jacks, running..
    Depending on the excercise (and whats in your pussy) and how many staples that are keeping your pussy lips together he can create hell for you…

  2. I know I am late but here is n idea. My gf and I just did it. We just took about 200 + pennys and put them in our ass’s. My first time i took 200 even penny’s. my gf took 300 pennys. so i am going to step up and try 500 now. would love to see how much pennys u can fit in ur pussy or ass. maybe both

  3. This scene was soooo hot! You are amazing! I would love to see you stuff your pussy with a handful of sheet metal screws! Another idea would be stuffing it with metal cuttings from a machine shop! I would love to see you stuff some stuff in your ass as well! Some more pissing would be great too!!

  4. You should do something like an ICE bath. To see how long you can stay in it until you turn blue

  5. I have received some emails but nobody sent me the correct number so far. Come on guys, it cannot be so hard to find out the number especially after my hint.

  6. Thanks for the hints. I’ve seen boxes of thumbtacks containing 100 tacks, so I’m going to try again and go for 400 thumbtacks!


  7. LOL, I have a correct answer now but without an email address. Please send me an email to support at queensnake dot com with your guess.

  8. Eh, I had no time to respond to anyone’s guesses – we’ve had too many video shootings recently – but I am following up the numbers you estimated.

    I thought it would be easier :) So there is no winner so far.

    Here is a hint: think about a big round number. We used several full boxes of thumbtacks. If you know how many thumbtacks are in a box, it is easy to guess ;)

  9. Look awesome, as always! Your master is maybe the most lucky guy ever…

    My guess is 228, and i hope so badly it’s true…

  10. Hi all! Game was nice idea. I consider Queensnake perfectionist. So the number will be most likely some symbolic number (like 137 ;-). 666 is to high, so my guess is 333.

  11. Thanks for sharing. Have you considered decorating your cervix with some thumbtacks and having your master fuck you? That might be enjoyable for both of you.

    And my guess is 42.

  12. Another amazing game. I know you’ve not been doing full sex vids but I know I’d love to see you fucked by your master with the tacks in your pussy. Sounds like you’re up for it so my vote is yes :)

    And my guess is 90.

  13. You are really the Queen, what and who else can be welcomed in your private and warm palace, mister cockroach and his family maybe?!… Thank you & keep up the excellent works, luv ya!

  14. Combien de thumbtacks? Tu est la plus riche en émotion, en orgasmes, en volupté, en empathie. Pou deviner je fais appel à la science:
    je prends l’isotope le plus riche en neutrons l’hydrogène 7- obtenu en le bombardant d’atomes d’hélium ( comme les thumbtacks sur tes tétons nus) et j’obtiens 77…
    Si je me suis trompée, pardonne-moi.
    Je t’aime de plus en plus, je ne croyais pas ça possible…

  15. Well dear Queensnake, since you’ve a wicked sense of humour and by doing this you’ve reduced your Master’s sexual access to you I’d say 69 seems an appropriate number.

  16. Great vid, thanks as always!
    This is pretty exciting also for the similarity to my needles fantasy :)
    I’m bet that fucking a pussy filled with thacks is a pretty unique feeling!
    My guess iiis 159!

  17. 398? Surely a small cactus? or green a…s, how about a rugby team giving you a golden shower?

  18. Excellent!
    Une merveilleuse et magique empathie se dégage de ce film, l’exquise beauté changeante de notre Reine superbement filmée et rendant honneur à l’intensité des sensations éprouvées.
    Nous sommes prêts à devenir membres de l’Eglise Queensnake, si elle en est la suprême
    Merci pour la vérité magique.
    Bonne Année du Dragon!

      1. I like that! Not a lot of people will understand the significance that the number 137 has in the world of physics! ;)

          1. Well, other than the most obvious fact that it’s a prime number, the significance 137 has in physics is that it’s a pure, dimensionless number that represents the Finite-Structure Constant. Now, what it that, you ask? It’s the ratio of the velocity of an electron in it’s lowest orbit to the speed of light in a vacuum. It is commonly represented by the Greek symbol for lower-case alpha. I can’t believe I’m discussing quantum mechanics here on QueenSnake’s blog where there’s SO much more interesting to talk about, like just how many thumbtacks she actually did dump into her vagina! :)

          2. Correction… The Fine-Structure Constant. Not “Finite-Structure Constant”. My error.

          3. Thanks for that, I think i understand what you mean but yes, I do agree that there are alot more interesting things to talk about on Queensnakes blog. Im gonna have another guess if im allowed to at 165.

  19. Jet another most excelent shoot.
    Thanks for changing the way im thinking about the relation between my body and me.

    My guess: 62

  20. Most EXCELLENT! I haven’t seen the last 2 episodes yet, but I’m sure they’ll be great as well.

    My guess for the number of thumbtacks inside of your vagina is: 450

    Thank you!


  21. Just wow. Sounds like you really enjoyed this one. Would you ever consider pushing one of those thumb tacks into to your sweet little clit?

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