An earlier dream about being tormented by ant bites came true in this movie. Although not everything was perfect and it did not happen as I expected and as I dreamed about it but finally I did it.

I admit though that I hate the ant bites the most –  that creepy feeling as they are crawling on me and biting me randomly drives me crazy. I think the worst thing is that my tiny tormentors are so unpredictable and I never know when or where  they attack me and how many of them bite me at the same time.

This movie was shot last summer, right before the Nettle Vase session.  We  found that ant hill in the middle of a nettle field so first we shot the movie with the ants and then Tanita got her nettle treatment.

Tanita made me sit onto the anthill pulling my clitoris hood piercing and tied it up to a stick in the ground. Before doing that she smeared my pussy with sweet agave syrup to lure the ants.

In the beginning the ants were vicious and they bite all over my pussy but after a time they lost their enthusiasm and they rather ran away. So finally our plan to make the ants to marsh into my vagina did not work, although Tanita did her best to invite them inside, she even built a spear “ladder” for them.

Next time we need to find a bigger anthill. I hate even thinking of it but I would do that again for the pleasure of my beloved Master and you guys.

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  1. Personally, I really enjoyed the a…s. I liked seeing the sub lead into the area of the a…s, and the look on Queensnakes face as she pulled on the string on the subs clit.

  2. Nice, and see you have a variation of the paintball posted… very nice. Have you ever tried larger animals? have found some interesting tortures of mouse in holes on

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