The latest news: unfortunately we had to remove that movie too together with Hangers from my site :( But I still post the story of this session anyway, because lots of you guys may have seen or downloaded it.

So here is the story of Ornament that featuring an other wannabe sadist, Luna :)  Similarly to Sharon in the Essence of Agony she had never tormented anyone before but she wanted to try it and she also learned how difficult the dark side was.

This movie was shot one day after the Harp movie so there were nice stripes and marks on my body and I also got some new ones from Luna.

As I told you about that before, Luna loves piercings and any kind of needle games so I thought she was the right person to renew my lost nipple piercings. I was wrong lol.

I ended up getting some play piercings around my nipples instead of having permanent piercings. The latter would have required more experience ;)

As a warm-up game :) my small tits were pumped up and squashed using a home-made metal clamps making easier to hammer the thumbtacks into my hard boobs. Hehe that was a brutal foreplay, after that the small play piercings were not so painful as I expected.

But when she started flogging and spanking the piercings in my nipples, I was completely freaked out of the pain. She had a special spanking technique – frequent soft spanks and then a harder one. It’s weird but the softer she hit, the bigger my pain was probably because of the speed and the frequency.

After that session Master ordered me to keep the nipple piercings for a day and I obeyed him, actually I liked that decoration and I would have kept them if they had had been pierced more precisely. So finally I took the piercings out one day later.

The first version of this movie was digitally enhanced to emphasize the whipping marks on my whole body but I realized that it looked way too brutal so I could not keep that version.  I have removed the enhancements and some scenes.

Since then it turned out that my self-censorship was not sufficient, the whole movie had to be removed in the end :(

2 Replies to “Ornament”

  1. I notice you used tube clamps in this video. I would love to see you wearing the clamps really tight. Then add chains to the ring bolts and have yourself suspended. Your wrists should be handcufted behind you and your feet off the ground. Then on of the girls should take a cane and hit you pussy lips and your inner thighs. You should only be released when your tits are a nice shade of purple.

  2. Horreur sympathique?
    Excessive en tout
    de ce ciel bizarre et livide,
    tourmenté comme ton destin,
    Quels pensées dans ton âme forte
    descendent en pluies?
    Insatiablement avide
    De l’obscur et de l’incertain,
    Tu geindras en souriant
    Comme si t’étais au paradis.
    Queensnake l’a dit:
    Dans les cieux, déchirés comme mes chairs,
    se mire mon orgueil, immense.
    Ces vastes nuages de douleurs
    les corbillards de mes rêves,
    et les lueurs avides de vos regards
    sont les reflets de l’enfer
    là où mon coeur se plaît.

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