We shot this movie right before the “Essence of Agony”, so you can see the beautiful marks on Sharon’s boobs in that movie too.  It took more than 12 hours to shoot the two videos and we all were dead tired in the end but we were satisfied with the result.

If it’s about Sharon my Master always wants to see her suspended by her big boobs lol.

This time her tit suspension was boosted with some needles in the nipples, flogging and some candles under her feet. Needless to say that she loved the idea :), seriously Sharon is always enthusiastic about our plans and never whines, she just trusts us and approves and accomplishes our ideas without any resistance.  Even when unexpected events happens, she stays calm and does not panic. It is very rare…

And that was our first movie when a kind of small accident happened while she was hanged by her big heavy hangers and there were a bunch of candles under her feet. The ropes slipped off her tits and she fell down on the floor next to the candles kicking them up and setting the plastic floor on fire. Fortunately she did not hurt and we could rake out the fire quite easily but it was really scary. After the first shock and averting the danger, we all laughed at it and we went on with the same scene. This time Sharon let herself down and trampled the candles down under her feet.

In the end she got a squirting orgasm – the first one in her life – and she was so ashamed of the puddle under her, she apologized for that. So sweet! :)

Unfortunately I had to remove this movie from my lezdom paysite because of the rules of credit card companies. It might be available on queensect.com.

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  1. I’m surprised nobody has commented on this video – I think it’s terrible that it has been censored. I’m sure there are far more violent scenes on some sites. Anyway I’d love to have a copy of this and ornament sometime, I love seeing Sharon swinging by her tits, and also very harsh tit clamping!

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