Tack Carpet

We found a kinky couple on a dating site and it turned out that the girl would like to play in our movies and his sadistic boyfriend loved that idea. When we first met we just played and tested the girl – she got the name Greta later –  and she proved us that she is a real submissive and masochistic girl.

Greta is a small plaything – only 156 cm (5′ 1″)  – but it does not mean that she can be controlled easily. She is so rebellious that I have to to use my physical advantage against her to carry my point – I just grab and put her whereever I want like a toy lol.

Since she is about 45 kg (100 lbs) we thought that she could be suspended by her breasts very easily but it turned out that her boobs were not big enough to do tits suspension so finally she was hung up by her tits and back. Lifting her up it was more convenient for me to pierce thumbtacks into her nipples. It seemed that she were able to tolerate the pain quite easily but it was only a warming up fore-play before testing our brand new tack carpet.

The hardest part of our play was when she had to do push-ups above the tack carpet and then walk, sit and roll on the tacks. And she did it without freaking out and weeping, she is a real hardcore-masochist.

I hope you like this little girl and I am sure that you will see her again to suffer for her Master and for you guys very soon.

By the way this was our first video shooting where an outsider – Greta’s Master – was present and he watched her slave’s agony in live.

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  1. wonderful! i love the way art pins or push pins are push into her nipples I would love to see you use them in her asshole or your asshole and fill her tits and pussy and your tits and pussy with blunt pin’s

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