Screw Nuts

Luna is so sweet and irresistible that she can always melt my icy heart and finally I have mercy on her. That happened again :( – but now I have already regretted not being cruel enough…

Although I thought she is as hardcore masochist as I am and she loves the piercing games, somehow she became a real cry baby when I mentioned her that I wanted to pierce through her inner labias. It turned out that her inner labias never had been pierced before that is why she got panicked.

My plan was to fix her body on a glass table by stitching fishing lines into her flesh and tying big screw nuts on both ends of the lines to make her a perfectly defenseless prey that can be used for anything. I was also going to use a vibe on her clit and order her to stand up and dance but unfortunately that last part of my plan failed because she was so freaked out of the piercing and violet wand game that I had to stop suddenly and release her before I could use out her uncomfortable situation much better.

This session is a bit static but I do hope that you like it anyway.

2 Replies to “Screw Nuts”

  1. Hi, i’m new to your site but i already love it and every single model!
    Finally not just mindless pain but also fantasy, originality… something that is missing to the western productions.
    I love needles and playpiercing and i was wondering about the safeness of needles through the cervix. It would be also interesting to see needles inserted into the wall of vagina.
    Keep up the good work. :)

  2. nice…

    but i feel we must focus on your own suffering again, Queensnake…

    what do you offer us?



    hot wax?

    something… new?

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