What happens to you when you fall into a wormhole? To answer that question we made an experiment with worms and a black hole, you can see the result in this video.

My pussy and a vacuum pump were used for simulating the black hole and several bunches of meal worms were appointed to be the first space time travelers into the unknown void. Physicist says that not all black holes are worm holes but all worm holes are black holes. We proved the theory could be put into practice :)

Getting back to the painful reality, that session was a horrible experience for me: unbearable pain caused by the vicious worms and then the weird feeling of having hundreds of aliens inside me for an endless time.

When they started to eat my inner labia, it hurt so much that I burst into tears and completely lost my self-control screaming and squirming in pain. That was the point when we had to stop the camera because I was so freaked out. After a short break I got a ball gag and a stronger bondage and then they were poured into my opened vagina. By that time I hardly could feel something. Only the first few “travelers” could bite the very bottom of my vagina, the others had no chance to do anything because they perished in a very short time, probably due to the wet environment. Still I felt very uncomfortable being fully stuffed with those disgusting worms but I had to complete the experiment: carrying the space time travelers to an other point of the universe.

Their journey seemed to be endless – I have been roaming the streets of the city for more than 6 hours and I couldn’t wait to get rid of my unwanted passengers.

The funniest part of the session was when I started to pee and push the stuff out of my pussy in a public park in the dark and in the rain under a lamp post and unexpectedly a jogging man appeared behind me. I don’t know what he could see in the dark but he seemed to be extremely excited and shocked, LOL!

When we got home I washed the rest of the worms out, there were still many many of them inside, it’s a shame that we could not video record it – I was way too tired by that time. Finally I cleaned and sterilized my vagina, it was what a relief!

Anyway the meal worms are not just very stinky and disgusting but their taste is also horrible, brrrrrr, I just ate some fried meal worms during my last journey in Thailand….

Probably this movie won’t be the classical sadists’ favorite but I hope there are some extremely kinky people out there who like it.

52 Replies to “Wormhole”

  1. So freaking hot!! I need to try this. I’d hope to find a way to keep them alive longer so you can feel them more. Maybe get more air into my cunt? When they pulled the speculate out, could you feel them moving inside you?

  2. to be thinking i have worm phobia.
    it was just too crazy that i was able to stand watching it hahaha

  3. Bring back some more insect contwnt please please please!! Can always accept discreet Paypal (directly)!

  4. I keep coming back; don’t know why I enjoy this, but I do.

    It is filmed so well and the story portrayed so well by QS – amazing.

    The other insect related clips by you, as well – very nice.

    Please don’t follow the Japanese crap

    Hope Queensect is coming back soon!!

  5. I enjoyed watching your video very much and wouldn’t mind a follow-up with some of your fellow models….

    Would be nice too, if you would recruit another model, with the features of “Milena Velba”, so that you can admonish serious tit play, like hanging. I know you have filmed a hanging scene before, but some serious big-tit play will be solo nice!!

  6. Why have you taken all the insect/worm/snail stuff down from your site? Those were my favorite videos! Was there a legal issue? I really hope it is only temporary and that you will keep doing that sort of thing. Your website is amazing!

  7. Yeah,

    Crickets or cockroaches would be very great.
    I guess Cockroaches would be more resillient.

    Now is it safe ? I dunno, but I so, I really like to see this : Some insect, Some pussy stapling to seal them and some gym. A wonderful trio

  8. I like the idea of a whisk in you pussy, pour in crickets you can buy at a pet shop. Pet shop crickets area clean, corn meal raised food for expensive pets. Once the crickets are poured into your wide open pussy push the whisk in all the way which will create a nice warm inescapable cave for the crickets to jump around in. Then you can go to the gym for a workout or just jog around the block.

  9. Please do more scenes like this with different sick stuff inside the girls vagina.

    I dont like the sado stuff but love this wierd stuff.

    Maybe you could stuff some messy food inside the vagina as well and use it as magnet for other worms or insect or something else.

    Keep up the good work! :)

    All the best

  10. There are maggots you could have used instead of mealworms, I am not sure if they are blowfish
    but the maggots are not wormlike but safe, they are yellow, and only eat dead tissue,
    Mealworms are a type of maggot, did you try putting juice in your vagina?

  11. Hi Queensnake,

    Following Chris’s comments and yours – how about a Dung-beetle enema ? Those guys would be more interested in cleaning you out not eating you.

    Where ever you go next I am looking forward to it.

  12. I like the idea of something bigger inside you, using a whisk to open your pussy, drop the critters in and then push the whish further inside. That would keep them in you but give them space to crawl around inside your cunt.

    I suggest cockroaches

  13. I like this so much, i think next time if use Earthworm can make some incredible video.

  14. Another deep fantasy of mine, which I would never have imagined possible. But they did it: inserting worms into a vagina! Wow! I might try it some day.

  15. worms are wonderful; fantasy come true; in blog you say hurt, from biting? did they bite inside your cunt? clit?

  16. Hello Q
    Is there a way to add paypal to your payment methods? Since I am still abroad my CC isn’t accepted (IP check) and I don’t quite like the CCBill (direct pay) system


  17. Hi,
    I think making uncensored version of genki-genki.com keeping it erotic will be a definite success.

  18. hallo queensnake ! das geilste video für mich . vielleicht kannst du es auch mal mit großen regen-oder tauwürmern machen . das krabbelt bestimmt ganz schön . gruß henry

  19. Dear Ms.Queensnake
    I love worm pussy!!
    I would like you to play with galleyworm like this site “https://genki-genki.com/products/list.php?category_id=16 ” .
    Also, playing with live mice is cool I think.
    In my country, Japan, pussy should be covered with mosaic effect because of the law.
    I would like to watch non effected insect pussy!!

  20. i loved this video. very sexy. i especailly loved seeing the strapon fuck u with the worms inside u. and pushing them out in public was amazing. id like to see some cunt stuffing with ands or like the other guy said bees would be super hot !

  21. Definitely would love to see something like that with the little things going past your cervix. Hot beyond! Maybe insert the pump like on that other video to get the cervix to come out more. Keep on, ur the best!

  22. I’m the new guy, so, there’s my disclaimer. I accept any and all flak for my mere existence, as per the laws of hazing, should they apply.

    It’s nice to find a site with some real “balls”, if you will pardon the application of that term. Other sites may have good cameras, “ok” models, some measure of professionalism… mostly, they are up in the air with what your going to get. Kudos on being the only site I’ve found so far with all of those attributes.

    As far as the meal worms… while I applaud the uniqueness, there’s just something unsettling about watching a girl get eaten out. …and I mean that in, quite literally, the most literal sense. Come to think of it, I don’t know of any other scenario where that turn of phrase could be used, so, kudos on that as well.

    Cheers, – J.

  23. Hello,

    I just discover your site and it is amazing, i would like to try on myself some of the thing you do.
    I never enjoy needle video but i can restrain myself to pierce my nipple after seening you.

    I wait for springtime for neetle ;-)
    By the way i also like the fact that you was concerned about health, you are the only site that mention “marks remain two days, I cleaned and sterilized my vagina, …” as i previously said i would like to try many things but i m a bit scared about what to do and don’t do.
    do you know a site where some info may be get : what voltage/amperage is safe, how to pierce, what is ok for insertion, … ?

    thank you

  24. The best of your entire site so far, maybe snails, earth-worms, bee-sting, next?
    Keep up the excellent performance and hope to see more PHOTOS of your recent
    posts. Love-ya, keep em cuming…!

  25. This is one of my most favorite videos!!! The idea of having a living orgasm inside you is really orgasmic!! Please accept my congratulations for your effort!
    One idea i had is you can insert some food inside your ass like honey wich is reaaally stinky or you can arrange a session for cooking i.e. insert inside your vagina or ass some flour then put milk and eggs, steer it with something and pour it in a frying pan and have some pancakes!
    Another idea is to insert an entire happy meal inside your ass, the burger, chips and all the coke plus the ice cubes i assume all can be fitted inside there!! Let me know if you like the idea!

  26. you are realy a queen, or better: YOU ARE THE QUEEN!
    i love sex with insects and fish. i try it with me and my girlfriend in past.
    next time i wanna see you with alive eels, or alive fish in your pussy and ass too?? PLEASE!!!
    Is it possible that you fuck your cervix or better your womb with insects or eels … ectpp.???

    I wish you a very lot of painy fun.

    your biggest fan

  27. @friend of ickies, No bleeding-heart, why cry about it then? They are used as food and pierced on a fish-hook as bite… These worms have been in a pussy and not just the crappiest one, probably everyone would loved to be those worms i guess! They died in heaven so why bother?
    By the way, queensnake I hope you follow your polls cause I think we are all here because of the intruders, T-brushers, Nettles and others :) I don’t like the needlestuff but that’s personal.
    Please keep bringing the best! That’s what this is!

    1. It’s the principal of the thing. Today it’s invertebrates, but tomorrow…mice? Rabbits? People? No matter how small and seemingly insignificant some may perceive the creature to be, humans have the capability and therefore the duty to abstain from cruelty. Yes, we’re omnivores, we eat meat, and we eat eggs. We clothe our bodies in leather and wool. But the animals can still be raised, can live, and can even be slaughtered humanely.

      If nothing else, those with little regard for our fellow beasts should remember that “To treat animals cruelly runs counter to the duty of man towards himself; because it deadens the feeling of sympathy for them in their sufferings, and thus weakens a natural tendency which is very serviceable to morality in relation to other men.” ~I. Kant

      I think we can agree that meal worms may die so that, say, a gecko may live, but they don’t need to die for the sake of a porn scene. Or any scene.

      But Madama Queensnake has shown great love for her fellow “actors” and I know she’ll continue to be kind and humane. I’m sure she had no idea her cunt would prove too powerful a force for those vicious little guys!

      1. I did try to care about the “ickies”, as I always do ;) – just watch that part of the movie when I carefully released them (about 2/3 of the whole colony) under a rotten tree in a park (although I am afraid that they probably had to deal with some other difficulties later – birds for example ;( but at least they had the chance to live). I am very sorry for the other ones who stuck in my pussy, probably I am too naive but I thought they would be tough enough to survive inside… Well, maybe cockroaches would have been more durable ;)

        Anyway I agree with you in all respects but the principal you mentioned – invertebrates > mice > rabbits > people – is a slippery slope (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slippery_slope ;)

        1. Allowing rats or mice to crawl freely on top of Queensnake in bondage and chew on her peanut butter covered pussy would be a treat for the vermin as well as the audience.

  28. Love you, love your creativity, love your courage…but, not to be a bleeding-heart, I didn’t love that superworms suffered several fatalities in this segment. I know they’re all just bearded dragon food anyway, but still…I loved the care you showed with the ants and leeches…though they WERE being harrassed, at least they weren’t destroyed. Please continue to be careful with your creepy, crawly models! Thanks!! Love your movies!!

  29. E X C E L L E N T Production, 100 out of 10, love to see more stuffing.
    Theme stuffings; KITCHEN:onions,lemon,chillies,salt,ice,warm-sauce etc.
    GARDEN:soil, earth-worms,sand, grass, frogs, pebbles.
    FARM:eggs[fresh], vegies, fruits, hay, mud, feathers, etc
    OFFICE: pencils, pens, paper, pins, pencil-shavings, etc
    BATHROOM: shampoo, soap-bar, cleaning-tools, etc
    WORKSHOP: paint, paint-brush, cigarette-butts, super-glued lips.
    just to mention a few, keep up the egg-cellent work.

  30. Hi,Queensnake,
    This latest release has been eagerly awaited since the posting of Halloween Horror, and it did not disappoint. Every time I see a new posting, I say to myself that it can’t get better, but you always manage to outdo yourself.
    I was very concerned that the worms might not be warm enough if you were walking around in cold weather; they would have been more comfortable if you had sewn or stapled your pussy lips (the inner labia preferabley) to provide a warm “blanket” for your passengers. And, you might also prefer other passengers in your pussy pit to keep warm in the same way.
    By the way, how long did the squirmy guests stay in your safe pussy harbor in actual time?
    Your site keeps getting better all the time!


    1. Hi Frank,
      Thanks :) Hehe I liked the warm “blanket” idea! They stayed in for more than 6 hours anyway.

  31. Amazing amazing! Thank you so much for this. The idea of those bugs feeding on your soft pink labia drives me wild. Please do more with bugs…how about some blood sucking flies?

  32. I love this video, really like it when you put things into your gaping pussy, the video with the ants (think it was ants) is my other favorite, wish you did more videos like this!

    PS. like the idea of worms or similar in your ass

    love your videos so much!

  33. This is an incredible video. It’s so crazy but I love it so much. That are the kind of videos why I always renew my subscription to your site. :-)

    I’m looking forward to the next session with crazy aliens inside you. Perhaps the next time some worms or whatever fall also into you gapping ass!


    1. Hi Chris,
      Thx for your nice comment :) I think, ass stuffing with worms or anything else that can cause inner injury and infection is too risky and dangerous. Although dildo, food, not toxic stuff (like nettle, flower etc) are welcome ;)

      1. Hi Queensnake,

        perhaps your are right. Sometimes you see the vids your fantasy is going wild ;)
        But the other stuffs sounds good!
        Will try some of this things with my girlfriend. We just started tro try some of this. Will give you a mail when she is ready for part of your video :)

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