Essence of Agony

That was one of my most painful session thanks to my clumsy and wannabe domina, Sharon :) That was the first time that she tried out the other side and she thought it would be easy but finally she admitted that it was much more difficult than being a victim. I myself have quite a lot experience in tormenting girls but I still feel myself so clumsy and lame. Being a tormentor is a big responsibility and it requires certain skills which are not inborn skills, you have to learn them and you need to practice a lot.

Even a whipping seems to be easy to do but if you don’t know how to do it, it can be a real disaster and the slave freaks out in the very beginning. It almost happened in this session: Sharon whipped my pussy like crazy :) It wasn’t easy to endure it but finally my Master did not stop her because he rather liked it and saw that I could take it.

I wanted my pussy to be sewn up for so long time but I did not find any brave girl to do it for me. Finally Sharon applied for that job and she got it. The sewing task was not a cakewalk since I didn’t want it to be done in the easy way – with medical needles – but I wanted it by using a blunt curved upholstery needle and some black organza ribbons.

The first thrust was so fucking painful that I stopped the shooting and I almost gave up, I thought that I had not been able to tolerate that intense pain anymore. After 15 minutes break and persuasion I decided to go on with my torture.

Since the end of the needle is a bit thicker – where the ribbon is laced up – pushing it through my outer labia was almost unbearably painful.

Originally Master wanted to decorate my pussy with 4 ribbons but finally he had pity on me – since I had been already on the brink of passing out –¬†and I got 2 finally.

The third thrust was the hardest one because Sharon could not pierce the needle through my flesh. She tried it four times. Finally Master stopped the camera at that point and he pushed the needle through my labia in a sec – he is a real pro sadist, we girls should learn a lot from him.

The final part of this session was weird because when she pushed the vibe against my decorated pussy and she started to move the vibe rubbing my sore pussy it was very annoying and painful but after a time the pain changed into pleasure and I completely lost the control above my body, I could not stop squirting and I had huge orgasms again and again…

I was proud of myself that finally I were able to endure that much pain during this session and the best thing is that Master was also very proud of me.

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  1. So long , so apt , and so amazing is this piece of poetry that I can’t find the right words to admire it like I would like to. Poetry extraordinaire written in praise of an extraordinary girl

    to whose immortal eyes
    The sufferings of mortality,
    What was thy pity’s recompense?
    A silent suffering, and intense;
    All that the proud can feel of pain,
    The agony they do not show,
    The suffocating sense of woe,
    Which speaks but in its loneliness,
    And then is jealous lest the sky
    Should have a listener, nor will sigh
    Until its voice is echoless.

    Queensnake ! to thee the strife was given
    Between the suffering and the will,
    Which torture where they cannot kill;
    And the inexorable Heaven,
    And the deaf tyranny of Fate,
    The ruling principle of Hate,
    Which for its pleasure doth create
    The things it may annihilate,

    On her the tortures of thy rack;
    The fate thou didst so well foresee,
    But would not to appease him tell;
    And in thy Silence was his Sentence,
    And in his Soul a vain repentance,
    And evil dread so ill dissembled,
    That in his hand the lightnings trembled.

    Thy godlike crime was to be kind,
    To render with thy precepts less
    The sum of human wretchedness,
    And strengthen women with his own mind;
    But baffled as thou wert from high,
    Still in thy patient energy,
    In the endurance, and repulse
    Of thine impenetrable Spirit,
    Which Earth and Heaven could not convulse,
    A mighty lesson we inherit:
    Thou art a symbol and a sign
    To mortals of their fate and force;
    Like thee, women is in part divine,
    A troubled stream from a pure source;
    And a firm will, and a deep sense,
    Which even in torture can descry
    Its own concenter’d recompense,
    Triumphant where it dares defy,
    And making Suffert a Victory.

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