Self-torture is a big challenge for me because every time I am doing that, I have to overcome my fear, my natural mental resistance against hurting myself. It’s not easy at all – if you ever tried it, you know that – but having full control above my own body is wonderful, it makes me strong and develops my self-control unbelievably and I could convert pain into pleasure much easier and even I can bear much bigger pain than when someone else tortures me.

This time I stitched my pussy using 10 pieces of 1 mm gauge (18G) size piercing needles and a long fishing line. I never thought that I would be able to do it to myself but I was so excited only about the thought of it that I had to give it a try.  The result was not perfect but I hope you will enjoy it.

I used a  mirror to see where to pierce the needles and to thread the line. The piercing process was a bit too slow, I should have pushed the needles much faster to make the scene more dynamic but my hands were shaking and my brain did not let me do it faster. When I watched back the movie I found the whole piercing process and the lacing part too long and monotonic so I decided to cut the boring parts out.

Threading the line criss-cross into the holes and afterwards removing the needles were the most difficult, I messed up the lines a bit :) Criss-cross lacing on my shoes is so much easier, LOL! And that burning feeling in my flesh when I tightened the line was so unpleasant.

The funny part of this session was the remote vibe egg that was placed into my pussy before I started to stitch it and the best part was – at least I enjoyed it the best besides the huge multi-orgasms I had after the stitching – when I went to the gym to work out with my stitched pussy and the remote vibe inside.

I filmed myself by my “galaxy” phone in the girls dressing room of the gym as I was changing clothes. Unfortunately, there weren’t many girls around.

In the gym I wore only a supermini sport skirt without panties of course. I did my usual one-hour workout and Master tried to ‘paparazzi’ some part of it with my phone and I tried to show him and the camera the most interesting part of my body: my stitched pussy.

Needless to say that it was my most exciting and interesting workout ever. It’s  a pity that there were only a few people in the gym, the thought that they could see my stitched pussy made me horny.

The only difficulty was that we had to shoot the video ‘Ninja style’ since video recording was not allowed in the gym but that just made our workout even more exciting.

At the end of our workout my pussy got more and more swollen and hurt so bad that I couldn’t wait to get rid of the stitching. After getting home I cut the fishing line and pulled it out from my sore flesh. Ooouch it hurt and burned like hell.

Please tell me how do you like my special workout? ;)

16 Replies to “Workout”

  1. More of this please, like to see the egg inside stiched pussy giving vibrating orgasms while in the shopping mall or cafe.

  2. you’re amazing this is many dreams come true,
    How far do you go? would u ever do pussy modification, like splitting your clit and/or innerlabias in many small ones.

    I have a request i hope you one day will do: Painting your innerlabias and clit black or blue
    with a permanent marker or nailpolish, it look supersexy,(look at my profile twitter,wife with blue nailpolish). And then you stuff your pussy with dirt and earthworms

    one day my wife’s pussy will be pierced 20-30 tight barbells through both outer labias . then her labias is squeezed shut, and let her stay locked
    for 3-4 weeks. only save a little hole for peeing, she will not
    be able wash her pussy inside.
    So her pussy will be very dirty, but i will lick her clean when i open her ;-) yumyum lots
    of smegma

    1. Pussy modification? Noooo way :) I just saw your pic on twitter, wow, what an amazing pussy your wife has! Show me more! :P
      If you do this to your wife, please make some photos and send me. I show you something blue too :), see this pic

  3. I will love to see you doing a bench press with clamped tits and your belly squeezed by a tight belt. And what about squating with a bar on your shoulders into a dildo that goes up and down with a spring. Very nice!

  4. great work, i would like to see more movies, you playing your games outdoor or in situation whit strange people around

  5. i agree with Redmark – a home workout with nipple torture would be very exciting indeed for us viewers! your fantastic body gives us all so much pleasure, as you torture yourself. you are amazing, Queensnake!

  6. Maintenant Queensnake devient une héroïne des Eddas! Entourée de blocs d’acier étincelant, soulevant des poids gigantesques, vierge et cousue, mais éprouvant d’indicibles jouissances
    intérieures, elle est toujours la plus démesurée et excessive dans la douleur et dans le plaisir.
    Merci de ressusciter les mythes et les héros sadomasochistes des toutes les légendes de la
    Niebelung Saga! Jamais les fantasmes issus des neiges et des brumes du nord n’ont été interprétés avec une telle force surhumaine…
    Te remercier, ô divine Créature, est peu de chose.
    Nous nous prosternons humblement à tes pieds.

  7. Would love to see more of your workouts. See your muscles straining. See that lithe body glistening with sweat. Perhaps you can do some vigorous workouts at home where you can be completely naked. Well, not completely . . . maybe some sharp, heavy nipple clamps that bite and tug at your tender (suctioned first) nipples as you workout. You must workout often to keep that body so magnificent.

    1. Great idea, Redmark. What would be even better is if you combine the nipple torture with your workout. For example, attach ropes to the nipples and through a pulley to the weights. If you don’t keep the weight up, you pull on your nipples. As you get tired, you have no choice but to slowly let the weight drop, pulling on your sore nipples more and more!

  8. So lovely! Please add the nipples to the next work-out! ;-)
    Any christmas decorating this year?

  9. wow!!! you are beautiful..i love you♥ your body and your mind ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥….tell me your real have facebook?

  10. Very well written and recognize myself in the text. Keep up the good work for us “lunatics”

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