Hanging Around

One of my favorite pet girl, Sharon is back. She missed the pain so much since her last (and first) nettle session that she was happy to offer herself for a harder challenge – tit hanging – that she never tried before and she was curious about.

Actually that was our first tit hanging session too, unfortunately my tiny tits are not good for that so Sharon was the first masochistic girl who had the capabilities and the courage for doing it.  I have to admit that I envied her so much :P

Her tits were tied up through a pulley to the ceiling and there was two black cylindrical candle under her feet. In the first part of her torture, she was allowed to hold her balance and weight not just with her tits but with her arms too in the case if she fell down and she missed her footing.

It turned out that she is very good at balancing :) I were just whipping her harder and harder but she didn’t fall down. Finally I had to help her to loose her balance kicking up the candles under her feet, then she had to hold herself with her arms and tits, actually with one tit because the bondage was not taut enough and the rope just slid down. We had to stop video shooting at this point and tied her tits up again.

Without the support under her feet she had to hold herself by her arms and tits and she had to bear the heavy whip lashes on her pussy, belly and tits. I wanted her to lose her control and freak her out so I got some rubber bands and started to shoot her pussy and her very sensitive and hard tits. This time I was satisfied with her reactions, she was squirming and screaming in pain when the rubber band hit her clit and her nipples.

Her tits were getting more and more colorful and she was very close to freak out but she still held herself, no tears, no raving with fury, such a pain slut she is! She was strong but she got so much pain that she really deserved a huge orgasm, the powerful massager vibe worked well on her, she had so intense orgasm that she peed on the floor. Hehe, after all she lost her control finally. She felt very very ashamed and humiliated because of the unexpected pee. She has never had such orgasm experience before, she never peed public especially not before the camera and during orgasm, LOL.

Her real tit suspension just came after her orgasm. This time she had no help, she was hanged up totally and only by her tits. I saw some bdsm movies where the girls were suspended by their tits but the rope was also tied around their back thus making tit suspension much easier, I would just call it fake tit suspension ;) Sharon didn’t have this luxury, her full weight was held by her tits, I think there are only a few girls who are able and have the courage to do that. So I am very proud of her.

At the beginning of her suspension we had to stop the shooting because she almost fainted but she was strong so after a little rest she wanted to try it again :) This time she was able to hang around for a longer time, she even got some whipping while she was levitating in the air :)

After the shooting, she told me that she didn’t feel much pain during her tit suspension, she just had heavy breathing because of her stretched breasts and the whole suspension was a very weird and exciting feeling for her. She enjoyed it so much that she wants more tit hangings. That is my girl! I love her. I hope you liked her too.

About the after effects, the marks on her tits were like a temporary tattoo and her tits were very sensitive for about one week. The colorful spots remained on her tits for about 3 weeks (after 6 weeks she still has some visible rope marks and bruises).

10 Replies to “Hanging Around”

  1. Dear Queensnake, I love titsuspension. Saw some previews of another video with Sharon named Hangers, but it is never mentioned in the blog. Would love to see that one in the member section.

  2. Dear Queen snake,
    Have you event stuffed your pussy and cunt hole with a big vibrator and then 1 hour later you stuff ice into your cunthole making it dribbled with water? But what I like to see is you stuffing how many ice into your cunthole,
    Love, Jason
    Your fan

  3. Thanks QueenSnake and big congratulations to Sharon for her tit hanging session. Would love to see even more and longer tit hanging with tortures similar to e.g. Hilde’s tit hanging sessions in Torture Galaxy

  4. I just LOVE seeing Queensnake do kinky painful things … :-) I’d LOVE to see her fill her cunt with fire a…s like she did with the sand …. I’d pass out from jacking off to that !

  5. I love tit hanging videos, they seem to be my favorite, maybe you could do another but a little more diabolical. Have the girls tits tied and connected to an electric winch overhead. give her the controls. have her pussy resting over an electrified tack horse you use. she either gets her pussy electroed or has to raise herself up by her tits to get off the tack horse..up and down she goes….could be very erotic !!! please try this and more tit hangings!! love your sight!!

  6. I must also agree about liking this update. I’ve never been fond of moss, l….s or w……..s so the recent shortage of clean tortures was making me reconsider my subscription until this appeared!

    Tit Tacks as the current update has been great to watch as well. It’s great that the in-studio device-type sessions seem to be making a return :)

  7. Dear Queen,
    Like Frank , this movie is one of my favorites . I like very much to see a girl hanging by tits , and possibly suffering other tortures .
    Continue in this way .

  8. This movie was one of my “3 favorites” for autumn; really enjoyed it.
    I am filled with admiration for those who can go out on a limb, and sacrifice their limbs to create these movies, although I don’t think you could classify tits as being limbs. Sharon has such beautiful tits that I’d like to see them in action again, with other tortures that you might think up.

    By the way, when Sharon “peed” during her orgasm, that was probably not pee, but female ejaculation, which is not pee, but a liquid often mistaken for pee.

    Please continue to amaze me!

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