Streaming or download?

Currently my videos are available for streaming in the member section of my website. I think it is more comfortable to watch videos instantly, you don’t have to wait for the download, no codecs and player problems, and you don’t need to store the movie files on your hard drive. Of course you need to be connected to the internet while you are watching my movies and you need an up-to-date hardware system and software but I think in the era of broadband internet connections and computer technology it is not a problem anymore.

Some people still prefer to download because they want to own and collect the video files and watch the movies without internet connection, I understand them too. But unfortunately this solution means an easy way for the pirates to illegally distribute the vids on other websites.

Considering the advantages and disadvantages finally I decided for the streaming model but I am open to suggestions. I would like to find a solution that is the best for everyone. What if the latest movies were available only for streaming and the older ones for both streaming and download? I started a new poll about this subject.

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  1. Why not film a few pussy and breast silicone injections ! ( I double dare you )

  2. I personally hate streaming, nothing like watching a GOOD movie that keeps stopping and starting. I understand your need to stream, but it is not something I sign up for on any web site. I was really realy sad to see that new clip downloads are not possible. I download, then disconnect my internet connection and watch the movie when ever I need to, without using up available bandwidth for other users on the network, and also dont have to pay for internet usage more than once to watch a stream movie more than once. hope I am making sense.
    QueensSnake I really LOVE your work, and cherish the fact that I can own your clips that I have paid and downloaded. You are truely amazing. I hope at some point you will go back to allowing your foloowers to download your new content. I find myself reularly checking email to see if there is an email from you for new movies.
    Take care and best regards. My vote is for downloads.

    1. Hmm, good points Chris. I completely understand you and very appreciate your opinion. But what I can do now is to make my older movies available for download. We’ll see how it works.

  3. Hello Queensnake,
    a few comments from my side:
    First, your Login site isn’t working correctly in the latest Opera version(11.01). The Login Form keeps staying behind all images on the site. Maybe I could post a screenshot somewhere if you can’t reproduce this for yourself.

    Then for the question of streaming vs. downloads.
    Personally I really hate streaming content, either the server or my personal connection tend to be slow enough to make this whole thing a stop and go ride. This happens almost anywhere. (Youtube is now working quite good, but this also took a few years.)
    And if I decide to let the video preload for ten minutes or so, then my WLAN is gone for half a second and I have to reload the site again.
    So these are my personal experiences with streaming movies, there may be people with more luck out there ;-)

    I think it might be a viable option to let your members download the older movies and the newest are only available via streaming.
    one last thing I was thinking about. Maybe the size of your downloadable movies is just a way to deter pirates. It tends to cost much more time to download a pirated version somewhere than it costs downloading from the official source. I don’t know whether is is actually a relevant point, just something that came to my mind know.

    Just my two cents. I hope something of this makes sense to you. :-)
    Keep up the great work!


    1. Hi Mike,
      Thanks for your feedback. I just checked the login issue in Opera and made some modification (still not perfect look but now it’s working functionally). Actually we have optimized our website to the latest version of IE, FireFox, Chrome and Safari. There are very few who use Opera…
      Kisses, QS

  4. download would be awesome….or both if it’s possible…either one will need to load. but also…it’s very sexy when you pee… i would also love to see you do a bladder capacity test…you know…hold until you’re exploding and keep drinking then show me how much you can pee. would you ever do this? it would be so sexy.

  5. Queensnake,

    While I enjoy the convenience of watching your videos that I’ve downloaded any time I please, there are two things that I don’t care about downloading them:

    1) They take a fair amount of time to download, even with a high-speed connection

    2) Their files take up a large amount of storage space that I could be using for “regular” things

    Obviously, both of these issues could be dealt with somewhat by reducing the size of your video files… Please DO NOT reduce the size of your video! ;) It is the extreme clarity and vivid nature of your amazing videos along with nearly unbelievable content that adds so much to my viewing enjoyment – it’s like I’m right there with you! And, to achieve this level of clarity, I realize that the files MUST be huge.

    As an artist myself (pro photographer) I fully understand and emphasize with your dilemma of protecting your very hard and beautiful work, versus making it easily available to those who’ve paid for it.

    I know that if somebody wants to pirate something badly enough, they’ll find a way to do it, but for some level of protection against that, I support STREAMING.



    1. Thank you for your nice comment :) I completely understand you since I have the same problems with downloading huge sized files to my hard drive.

  6. I prefer downloading but of course you need to be compensated for your hard work. What about streaming on your site and then uploading to clips4sale regularly (2 week delay mabe) for those who want to pay extra to download? Just my 2 cents.

    1. Yep, we are going to do something similar but we don’t want our members to pay any extra to download the movies. If they want to have the movie files on their hard drive, they will be able to download the whole video – let’s say about a month after the release.
      And the short clips will be uploaded to clips4sale too with some delay for those who don’t want to subscribe but want to download a few movies.
      I myself prefer the pseudo streaming, it’s so easy and comfortable to watch movies this way. I hate to wait for the download and to defile my hard drive with “dirty” porn video files to watch them once :D But I am a girl, my preferences are very different from men’s :P

  7. Having recently spoken against a sharing of Ophiuchus on one interest site (and being quickly ignored, by one of the former content producers for that site, no less), I can definitely understand why you’d want to protect against that.

    MARKROBQ is true when he says people can rip any stream directly. Even if they couldn’t, some screen recorders would be able to do it (which would need a re-encode) so it’ll always be possible. What matters is, that approach would take effort which is enough to deter most would-be pirates.

    The other side of the coin is that if members always need to stream videos, it’ll greatly increase the bandwidth needed for the site. Members with poor internet connections would need to put up with constant stopping and starting unless they preloaded it all, which is no better than downloading.

    Members would also lose access to all videos if they let their membership expire. For a business this makes more sense – for adult sites that always have all content available, there’s no benefit to keeping a rolling subscription over waiting a couple years, subscribing once and downloading everything. There’s really no sense in that unless you do what some do and periodically rotate or remove old videos, and maybe sell them individually (the sad truth being that after a year, your excellent clips are pretty much guaranteed to be shared elsewhere no matter what).

    Personally I don’t have a preference so I’ll select the Whatever option in the poll. I’m just throwing my thoughts on the subject on the wall here.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts. I agree with you about everything you said. It’s not easy to stay alive nowadays especially for the amateurs like us. But while we got so nice comments from you, we keep on going ;)

  8. Hi Queensnake,

    Like Makrobq says, if someone wants to distribute pirate copies of your vids, he or she will succeed anyway…
    For me, I MUCH prefer to download a vid. I usually do not join a site if it only offers streaming…



  9. But if someone want, he can download movie from streaming version. For example Jdownloader can download files from youtube. If someone want steal yours videos, it will not be a problem.

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