Last night we finished the integration of CCBill’s system so now the “Join page” is working on Please tell me if you have any subscription or technical problems.

You will see that we haven’t uploaded yet some old movies because we have to re-render them and it takes much time. They will be up one-by-one as they are done. And what about the new movies? The sequel of Poor Christmas Tree (a.k.a. Black Angel) will be online tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience! :)

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  1. Queen,

    Don’t STRESS! You will get it fixed and we can all drop our hard earned $$ to see your beautiful and fantastic body abused for our viewing pleasure. Ain’t life GRAND!

  2. Hi snaky, any update regardiong the payment issue? There is still no option available for CC payment. Like many others (as I read over here) I’ve tried joining and got the ‘no bank connection’ reply.



    1. Something paranormal is happening at ccbill LOL, neither the credit card nor the online checks are not working at all. They say that “there is no logical reason your customers should be receiving that decline”. Now their programming team is checking what the problem can be. While they are searching for the error, I am working on a new payment system with an other PSP (epoch).
      Currently the only way you can subscribe is Direct Pay from EU (via your own Internet Bank), I know that it is not an option for many people but now I can’t do more. Hopefully the other type of payments will work in a week.

  3. Hi Queensnake, you confirmed that some of the older films have not been uploaded to your new website yet as they need to be re-rendered. This I can understand, yet I am missing quite a lot of the more recent films as well, such as Shards, Rubber Band, Conkers, Nettle Jungle, to name just a few. Will they be uploaded too in the near future?

    I shall wait with my attempts to become a member until the joining problems have been resolved. Can you tell me if the films can ben downloaded once I become a member, or do you offer your films just through streaming?

    Keep up the most painful work, looking forward to seeing some more painful stuf.


    P.S.: what happened when your pussy hair was burned off? Is there any video material we can see??

    1. Hi Jan, first we need to solve the payment problems then we can focus on re-rendering the rest of the movies, so all missing movies will be uploaded in about a few weeks, at least I hope so ;).
      About streaming I will post a new blog entry and a poll about this issue.
      We made a good video about pussy hair burning, I am going to tell you about that soon ;)

  4. The pay-by check doesen’t work eitther. Messsage says “IP blocked”. Haven’t tried the Phone option. I just hate giving all of this information to cyberspace.
    Let us know when you come up with something.

    1. I already know about the problem, I hate it too :(. Less than 1 % of people were able to subscribe. I am working now on fixing the payment system, I will let you know when it is up and running. Very sorry for the trouble…

  5. Queensnake, I seem to be missing something in this ‘new website’ discussion. Like a link to the new address, or just its address written somewhere.
    I’d hate to miss out on the maltreatment of your lovely body just because I’ve been on holidays and lose you…

    1. The new website is just the good old with a bit of revamped design and a membership option which isn’t working currently :(. So you haven’t missed a thing.

  6. Glad to hear. Just well you no what I mean the world has gone crazy and with ,*** everybody is going crazy.
    Just be careful is all I say.
    You say the same as my friend did.
    Even if it is not.
    Its best to now.

  7. I’ve just been on a few other sites that are very close to your site.
    They have blood content and all the same as your but.
    And I say but in the most open way.
    You have a****s in some of your films.
    Loose the a****s and your good to go.
    If not there could be trouble for all, it could be class as sex with a****s b****y and that comes with a big jail time. Not wanting anyone to have to go though this as all the people who joined your site would be involved and you would be looking at a long time inside.
    I say this to you because it has just happened to a very good friend of mine.
    You seem to be a great person so just thought I would let you know.
    Lose the b****y.
    All the best to you .

    1. Hi Rob,
      Sorry but I had to modify your last comment a bit :) I’d like to avoid the “B” word (you know what I mean) appearing on my website. If you saw the old famous insex movies with a……s and l………..s, I think it is not “B”. I read a lot in this subject what is “B” and what is not. Think about it, this way every people who does similar things in the reality shows would have to go to jail. Or what if someone accidentally gets bitten on his/her cock/pussy/buttocks by a w….p or a….s, it is “B”? I hope it doesn’t work this way :) On the other hand in my country “B” is not illegal – although I would never do this kind of things /me blushes :D – or are you referring to my pet snake? He is only a decoration in my movies :).

      1. B……s are not considered “B” at all. Speaking of which……it’s almost springtime and those a………s must be starving for honey covered pussy:)

  8. Thirst you got to do what you got to do, so i’ll wait till you’ve get ready with your great site and get ready to finish the TB-movie.
    What’s missing on it, or do you have to re-render this one too?
    It’s OK,

  9. About new movies, i still like to see the one with the toilet-brush, you told us alot about it and, we have seen the great pictures, that makes me curious.
    Great new site lay out, hope it will work well soon.
    Kisses on your hot shaved pussy

    1. Hi Pascal, you don’t know how much I would like to do kinky things instead of dealing with those technical issues.
      I haven’t yet finished that toilet-brush movie… ;)
      Big kiss to you

  10. Hi I’ve been in touch with ccbill and got a e-mail from them to get in touch.
    I only have visa and bank to bank is still not working.
    How do I join this is the point.
    CCbill say that the problem is from your side not theirs ???
    Can we join some other way.
    Do I e-mail ccbill and see what I can do or leave it up to you ???
    let me know.

    1. Dear Rob,
      Currently there is no Visa CC payment option on my website because of certain Visa rules for merchants which I can’t accept now. If I used Visa as a payment option, I should censorship my movies (any blood is prohibited by Visa) and I didn’t want to do this. But now I see that I have to find an alternative solution because almost everybody has only Visa CC?
      So I keep on working on this issue.
      Very sorry for causing you this kind of problems, I am trying to find out something to make the things better.

      1. Hi queensnake.
        First of all great to hear from you.
        I need more women like you in my life.
        Next is there a way of using paypal or something like.

        1. Unfortunately PayPal is not an option, they are not adult content friendly at all :(. Now I am in contact with Epoch, and if I can have my website approved by Visa, everybody can pay by CC.

    1. I see that others have the same problem as you. CCBill says everything works fine on their side, test transactions are processed with no error. They say you should contact them.
      I just note that you can’t use any Visa credit cards on my website because of certain Visa rules but you can use Mastercard, Maestro, JCB, Discover, Diners Club credit cards.

      1. I can’t believe it! After working 7/24 hours on CCBill integration, it doesn’t work. I just tried to pay with my own mastercard on my own website and I got the same error as you and I suppose everyone else: “Card declined by bank. Please try a different card.” And then I got the e-mail from CCBill that the error was: “Unable to contact bank”. CCBill states that everything is working fine on my and on their side, you said the banks stated the same. Now I have no idea what the problem can be.

        I think I need to find an other payment processor… :( I am so sorry for your inconveniences.

        1. Thanks Sweetheart.
          I don’t think you should give up quality for Visa CC  that’s what makes you the best…
          I think you should add PayPal as another option which a lot of people have today to cover the gap.

          1. Yep, PayPal would be great but they don’t accept any adult material. I will find out something to solve that Visa issue.

      2. I can not join either do you think that i could just transfer the money for a month’s time online and you could give eme a membership for a month?

        1. Hi Sam, I still ask a little patience, I am working now on finding an other payment solution. International bank transfer fees are very expensive for both of us, so I don’t suggest it. I do my best to solve this payment problem asap.

  11. Thanks so much QueenSnake I have been waiting for this for some time, I’m very happy for all your members 
    As I’m trying to join the site I keep getting errors that “Card declined by bank” I tried a few different cards and I called the bank but there is no issue from their side, I’m wondering if anyone else has this issue?

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