Puppy II

I was exciting about trying out a new rubber band game suggested by one of you guys. Master tied up my legs and handcuffed my wrists behind my neck in all four position so my pussy and asshole was exposed.  Then I had a leather belt around my waist with three different long strings of rubber bands attached by carbine hooks in front and in back. He fixed a chain to the wall then attached the bands to the chain using an other carbine hooks. The strings worked like a long and strong slingshot or catapult between my legs.

He threw the ball and I had to crawl forward to fetch it. The farther I moved, the tauter the bands was pulled. I knew that when they stretched to their limits, they would snap hitting my pussy painfully. Since they were different lengths, they didn’t split at the same time so I got three strikes one after the other. In the first round the bands were snapped when I was in my half way to the ball, it was painful but not that bad pain, it was a good warming-up.

The second round was exactly twice harder because this time every string was attached to the chain with two bands. I almost reached the ball when the shortest string struck my pussy and asshole, a few seconds later I got the second strike and then the strongest third one. Amazing triple hit! :) After the second round I felt like my pussy was in fire, it was swollen and bloodshot but for a painslut like me it was so good and exciting. I was craving more pain on my pussy!

In the third round he used only one long rubber band string but he boosted it up with thumbtacks (attaching them to the rubber band using insulation stripe). He attached the string to the chain with a single rubber band at first. After he threw the ball, I was afraid of moving forward but at the same time I was excited about meeting new pain caused by tacks and it turned me on that my pussy could not avoid the hit of the dreadful slingshot. The band split on my half way to the ball and was landed on the upper part of my pussy, the pain was extremely intense, I just gasped for breath and squirmed. It took for a while when I was able to keep on moving. After the strike I felt the thumbtacks were pierced and stuck into my flesh but it turned out later that they were not stuck in but they pierced into my skin causing bleeding.

The last round was the hardest. This time he attached the same dreadful “thumbtack string” to the chain with two rubber bands, of course it meant twice worse pain for me. I had to keep crawling farther and farther to stretch the bands to their limits. Every move I made took me closer to the painful impact. Even though I knew that the farther I went, the harder my punishment would be, I wanted it so much. Since two equal long and strong bands were attached to the chain, I expected them to split at the same time (like in the second round) but it didn’t happen that way.  When I heard the splitting voice, I was prepared for the painful hit but the other band still held on the hook so it was a false alarm. So I kept on crawling until the other band split and the thumbtacks landed on my pussy with an incredible strength. I didn’t know exactly where they were struck, I just felt very intense pain and burning in my whole crotch. This time the thumbtacks were really pierced and stuck into my flesh. I am not sure I could have been able to keep on doing that game any longer but I loved it! Just thinking of it turns me on.

Four days after our game I have beautiful black marks on my crotch and pussy. Needless to say that I like it :).

I definitely suggest you to try that game with your slave :).

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  1. Queensnake.

    Take masking tape or a little clay and roll it into a 1/4 inch ball then push a dozen 1 inch BLUNT PINS into the ball now shoot the Pins Ball at your tits, pussy and asshole that should be a lot of fun and a lot pain.

  2. Is there a chance of tree decorations going in your pussy.
    How about also jewellry like braslets and earrings.

  3. what do you think about setting your pubic hair on fire?

    think this would be a great experience

      1. Sounds like you tried this a week ago…..Is there a vid and will you have a blog entry about your burning bush:)?

  4. Hey Queensnake, love your site! I’m 23 years old at the moment, me and my master try your ideas as well. Can’t wait to give this a try! Ps. Have you ever done something with paintball shooting at you?

  5. When are you going to post the video for this, I can’t wait to actually see elastic hitting onto your pussy and asshole! I love your site and you!! Keep it up!!

    1. After the Poor Christmas Tree/Black Angel movies, so it will be online in about 3 weeks…
      Love you too! :)

  6. So THAT’S how you got black marks on your pussy:). Fun game! You’re teasing us with those tacks…..When are they going inside your pussy for a workout?

    1. Nice. Wish I had your courage. Have you ever tried inserting a small snake in your pussy? They can live a little bit without air. Also the string thing I talked about before is more painful than you think especially the longer you leave it in. I did it for 3 day so for.

      1. Hi Meg! :)
        You made me excited about trying out that knotted string/rope in my pussy!
        I am in love with my snakes, putting them into my pussy would be way too stressful and dangerous for them. So I don’t think that I could do that although I also have fantasy about doing something similar ;). Snakes are pure instinct creatures, that is why they are amazing and make us have sexual fantasies.

        1. Queensnake.

          If you do decide to try my string thing I would do this to make it more interesting. I did this a few days ago. After keeping pepper in (what we named our string) for a day To make it very wet with my juices. The only way my master would let me take it out was by birthing it out. This took me about 45mins or so to push pepper out. This got the painfully after a few mins of pushing. After master dried pepper it some heat he made me do it all over again. Hope you think about doing this soon too. I would love to watch someone else do what I do plus it would be such a big turn on. PS. Love your work we are going to try some of your ideas. I will let you know how it goes.

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