Puppy I

We haven’t yet made a snow movie this winter and I couldn’t wait to train myself in the cold again. We had a try a few weeks ago but it was too cold, I wasn’t even able to take off my cloths, it was about -8 Celsius (17 F) so finally we came home sadly without making anything. At least we found a good place in the forest. “Maybe next time” – we thought.

The second try was on last Friday. The snow started to melt, it was about +1 Celsius (34 F), the sun was shining, it was a perfect time to play in the snow.

I prepared the leash, the ball, the chain, the rubber bands, the leather belts and the cam of course and put them into my backpack. We drove to that forest we found last time. As we arrived the right place, I took off my cloths and my master put the leash on my neck. As a warming up game he leashed me for a while in the snow, I was his puppy that needed to be trained. Being barefoot in the snow wasn’t new for me but this time it wasn’t so easy to tolerate the cold than a year ago when we made the Fucking Snowman and the Snowsnake movies. As I was crawling on all fours I felt unbearable pain in my legs especially in my toes and my knees and in my fingers then I didn’t feel them at all. It was cruel but my training had just began. I tried to resist and tried to escape but he pushed me down again and again and I had to keep on crawling. My knees were covered with blood since I didn’t feel my knees, I didn’t realize that there were many prickly things (probably many pieces of sharp twigs) under the snow and they scratched and cut my knees. I already felt then that I wouldn’t be able to finish my job but I wanted to prove my strength to my master and to myself so much.

The next task was the fetching game. He threw the ball farther and farther in the snow and I had to fetch it to him carrying the ball in my mouth like a good puppy. After spending more than 5 minutes barefoot in the snow I was completely knocked out, I started to hyperventilate and I was close to pass out. I am still wondering why that happened to me, it seems I am not trained enough for the snow games this winter?! I think being naked in the snow wearing shoes or boots much more easier. Just try it once barefoot, you will see it is the hardest torture, especially for the feet! :)

So finally my master had mercy on me and because we didn’t have any grape sugar with us to help my dizziness, he drove me home without finishing the outdoor puppy training. After having a hot bath and some food I recovered from the snow shock and I was ready to go on with my training indoors.

I will continue the story tomorrow ;)

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  1. hi qs
    would be nice to see your pussy filld with snow and you have to hold it till its running out as water

  2. Hi Queensnake,

    No projects of this “new fashion”style? :) I think you could do something so exciting!

  3. Plus I think that, because you’re very thin and you have wonderfull little tits, a tank is more sexy on you than a bra…

  4. Another idea could be to wear clothes that cannot hold by themselves on your body…
    Like a spaghetti tank with no…spaghetti and hold them with sewing needles…A new fashion trend…
    A mix between that, thumbtacks and barbed wire could be terrific!

    1. Hehe I just told my master about your idea and he said “Barbed wire would be way to eeeasy for you!”, he wants me to wear panties and bras with thumbtacks inside, he says it is much more painful. But I still want to try barbed wire too :)

  5. Queensnake, are you a dream or a real woman? :)
    I’ve never seen such an exciting site or blog! The other BDSM sites are generaly just vulgar and stupid. It helps to have a brain!
    May I suggest an idea? It could be so nice to see you suffer like hell and act completely normaly among people…for exemple, could you imagine to go in a public place as a mall or a cafe, wearing, for exemple, a coat (to hide what you have under it) with “barbed wires suspenders”, a spaghetti tank with “barbed wires braces” and a nettle skirt?
    You could also “wear” something that hurt you very much when you do certain movements (like to sit down) and do that movements in front of people with not even a move on your face.

    1. Thank you for your very nice comment! :) The thought of suffering in public and trying to behave myself and hide my pain is a real turn-on for me, I definitely would like to make this kind of movie in the future ;)

  6. After searching the web for quite a few years, I think I’ve found exactly what I’m looking for. IMHO, you are a very beautiful, attractive and alluring lady Queensnake. I’m a switch and a huge painslut as well.

    Keep working on your site so that we can join and not pay individually for the clips. I’m a senior member of a very large adult discussion board in the N/E US and Southern Ontario and could spread the word. Keep up the great work, and be very proud……

  7. I like these kind of movies.
    A girl tormented outside and completly naked is always one of my favourites.
    Keep up the good work!
    Kind regards,


  8. Melting snow is like ice , it’s colder then snow when its fresh, cause of the temperature of the meltingwater. So you did a good job i think, brave girlypuppy

    1. The snow has already melt :(, we just caught it in the last minute before melting. I hope we’ll have some snow later to keep practicing :)

  9. snaky, any change in adding a ‘join’ option to your site instead of buying each clip separately?

    1. TL, you are very right about red stripes! :D They could have helped me not just spotting in the snow but warming me up… Next time we won’t miss it!

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