Black Angel II

And that’s the end of my story:

Since now we had no Christmas tree, more exactly I just destroyed it, it was me who had to be a Christmas tree. Now I could show my master and you that I learned a lot during the piercing course which I told you about earlier.

First I pierced my large labias with a big black safety pin then I pierced 20 medical needles into my body focusing on my tits, my belly and my pussy. I have never had so many needles in my body before and I was surprised at myself how easily I were able to pierce the needles. When every “hook” was the right place I started to decorate myself with the glass ornaments. Finally there were so many glass balls on my body that they had enough weight to pull the needles, especially my nipples were pulled down and it was a bit painful and uncomfortable.

The safety pin had a different function, I hung a black Christmas tree shaped candelabrum made of iron. I used a long iron hair grip to connect it to the safety pin. The heavy weight pulled my labias down and stretch them painfully. Then my master put a small candle inside the special candle holder. I felt that the safety pin was getting hotter and hotter because the one tip of the hair grip was on the flame of the candle and the other tip was connected to the safety pin. I was very scared of being my pussy burnt.

The pain was getting worse when I started to move and shake my tits and hips to experience how it feels like. It was a weird mix of sensations, I felt pain and funny at the same time. After saying “Happy Christmas” and “Good bye” to you my master laughed at me with an evil look and notified that my torture hadn’t been over yet. He took a nerf-gun – there were iron screws on the tip of the nerf cartridge – and started to play with his living Christmas tree a.k.a. me :D. It’s funny to tell about now but then I was way too frightened. The most painful was when he hit the safety pin in my pussy and the hot iron candle holder burnt the inner side of my thighs. Seeing my agony he had mercy on me and blew off the candle. Then he kept on shooting the glass balls. I felt so helpless, I hardly dared to move for fear of being hurt, there were more and more shards of glasses on the ground.

After the shooting game, I was allowed to take off the broken ornaments and pull out the needles. While removing the needles my blood flowed all over my body, then on the floor. I was too dirty and messy so I had to wash my body with my own pee and at the very end I said “Cheers” to you with a glass of pee-pine cocktail.

Finally I stood in a big pool of blood and in the middle of a mess with many shards of glass, nerf-gun ammo, pee and needle leaves. I think we have to censorship that part in the public version of the movie, because it would be too much blood for many.

I wouldn’t be surprised if after watching this movie we and especially me would be stigmatized as insane people, we do unusual things and we are just hoping that our movies make people not just shocked but more open-minded. Needless to say that our bdsm games never cause any harm to anybody and we would never try anything that can be dangerous.

Tell me, what do you think about those unusual things we usually do? :) Do you like it or do you prefer the classical bondage and bdsm games?

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  1. I love the way u r decorated with the ornaments hang from your tits I wish u used blunt pins to pin on the ornaments.
    Then throw darts at the ornaments so they darts stick into tits and pussy


  2. The stuff youdo is amazing! A absolutely love how unique it is. You and your master come up with the most creative stuff i’ve ever seen so keep it coming and I will keep subscribing!

  3. I feel like a child at christmas. When do I get my present of the new site up and running.
    When can the join page work so I can see more.

  4. It’s been awhile since you’ve posted Queensnake…..Are you ok? Would love to hear your thoughts on the Valentines Day tortures. Also, any word on the boosted tackrider? Finally, 3 weeks until March……The anthill dream is getting very near to reality…..Are you getting excited yet?:)

    1. We are in the middle of moving our website to an other server, me and my master are working on this day and night.
      Anyway I miss making movies so much, it’s a shame that we had no time to make any new ones since Christmas. :( The good news is that we’ll make up for everything. This weekend is shooting time! ;)
      Sure, I am getting more and more excited as the spring and the a…….s are coming.

      1. That’s great news…..Can’t wait to see your Valentines Day shoot……Can you give us any hints? Thanks for all your work on the new website!

  5. I think this site is the boom .
    Just one thing is there more to do or just the same.
    What about other girls
    And if i may ask other sites .
    Whats next can’t wait to find out.
    Love Brody’s plan for rose or tacks.

    1. We have many plans, we may make other sites in the future.
      And I agree with you, we need more girls who can enjoy our games :)

  6. Parts 2 and 3 of “Poor Christmas Tree” were great…You handled the pine needles in your pussy very well! For Valentines day could you please insert either thorny rose stems or thumbtacks in your pussy then perform an exercise routine including some jumping jacks or jogging?

  7. Hello !
    First, I wish you a happy new year, with plenty of weird and painful sex parties.
    I’m discovering your blog, and I love this. You’re fantastic, very beautiful, so diffrent from usual BDSM others blogs. The example of the christmas tree is a perfect evidence of your imaginative side.
    I really love your weird acts.
    You’re opening my imagination to new horizons.
    I like too, you give you challenges. I appreciate this side of your blog, we feel these acts aren’t common for you, but you try news games and new challenges in front of the camera, it’s fantastic ! I felt so strange when I saw your movies.
    Thank to your blog, I imagined some new scenario. I’ll give its, on your blog I hope you’ll realise it, one day…
    To ask your question about weird acts. I think you have to do what excite you. Your difference will be your strenght, don’t copy classic thing, that will boring your fans, and you risk be loosed in all the BDSM world available on the net. Go on be yourself, you’re so sexy. About blood, personally I love that, it’s very excitng for me. I hope you won’t be obliged to cut your next movie.
    Best regards, and soon for new adventures !

  8. Hello Queennie :)

    I like “weird” stuff and I like your ideas :) You are as beautifull as xmas tree decoration as xmass tree itself.
    I have done similar thigs with my friend some years ago too, with the small difference on her labia. Instead of safety pins I use 3 fish hooks (pretty large ones) on which I attached a glass candle jar in metal rimming with three angels and of course the candle in the jar. It was quite heavy installation :) On her nipples, among other decorations, I hang those things , which starts sparkling when you lit them (i don`t know the exact term ) . Then I lit everything and switch off the lights.
    We both liked this. We also like to play blood games, she liked the drawings I made on her skin with her blood, I like to taste her blod and she mine. Of course, before this we made all necessary tests regarding HIV and other infections and we did not involve other players in our relationsship.
    And yes, even when we spoke to people , which are into BDSM, they find this rather strange , I was even “categorised” as an extrem dom :) But as long as we`ve enjoyed it, I didn`t care , we were not hurting anybody.
    Regards and keep on kinkying ;)

      1. Hi Doloroso,
        I loved your decoration story. Very creative! I agree, blood games are so intimate and make you feel that you are in a very close relationship with your loved mate, maybe that is why we both like it. So never mind if you are categorized as an extreme dom, we all here are extreme, we all like living that way and this is the only thing that matters.
        I am sure that we are much more happier and healthier than those whose life is controlled by social expectations, rules, limits and restrained desires.
        So let’s keep on being different and happy! :)

  9. The rubber band movies were sensational! The next rubber band movie should feature some rubber bands hitting your asshole, I imagine that would be quite the sensation! Keep up the great work, love your stuff!

    1. We have just made a new movie with some special rubber band punishment. Not as long as the “Rubber Band” movie but much harder. I will tell you about very soon.

  10. I’m a big fan of good old AOH bondage and whipping, but I love the unusual (I’d say inventive) things you and your master do to your body. Keep it up!

    I know you were disappointed by the response to your rubberband movies, but I purchased and viewed them last night and I thought they were wonderful. Your toned body looked so good when your hands hands are bound over your head. Your progressively heavy beathing as band after band hit the same nipple was sooo sexy.

    You took a good bit of pussy pain while standing; the transition to legs spread wide and vulnerable was fantastic. Of course I would have put some sharp-toothed, heavy clamps on those throbbing red nipples before starting to work on your pussy. But, hey, there’s always room for improvement.

    I thought you did some very sexy suffering from the rubberbands, and the rest of your fans should give those movies another look. I look forward to a more instense rubberband session in the future. Bigger bands, clamps, some on your armpits and soles of your feet, and . . well. I’m sure you’ll think of something.

    1. I am happy you liked that movie ;). Of course there are so many other exciting ways to make this game harder, actually we already worked out something harder with the rubber bands in our latest movie.

  11. Superbe, magnifique séance. Quel dommage de ne pas pouvoir partager les images où le contraste sang-peau ressort le plus. Nous adorons nous même les jeux où le sang vient couler en superbes rigoles écarlates sur la peau martyrisée.
    Bien sûr, pas question de prendre des risques, mais un peu de sang qui coule ne présente aucun danger, à condition de bien désinfecter avant et après et de ne pas utiliser d’aiguilles , agrafes, clous …. usagés, sales ou abimés.
    Explorer les limites de l’endurance et du plaisir amène régulièrement de nouveaux challenges qu’il ait bien agréable de réussir et chaque nouvelle étape est une fierté supplémentaire.
    Continuez vos jeux, ils sont très beaux et la recherche du plaisir de chacun en est la source la plus honorable.
    Félicitations et surtout vivement les prochains jeux.
    Fabrice et Marie

    1. Merci pour tes mots gentils :). Tout ce que tu as dis sur le sang et l’exploration des limites est tellement vrai!

  12. First, a Happy New Year,
    I like your creative adventures, but im not a big fan of the nerf-gun, but that’s my problem i guess. I do like the way that you’re able to pierce yourself, that’s a though job. I know myself.
    I like to put needles through my penisskin, from inside out , or through and through to pull it with a small thread, so sensitive.
    Im a great fan of what i’ve seen with the brushes and i can’t wait to see the movie made of it, even with other brushes(hair) i like to see you play. And the weight on the labia is also one of my favorites. So it’s simpel, you’re very special !!!

    1. Thanks, the same to you.
      I am very curious what is harder: toilet or hair brush. I have never tried hair brush before, I mean inside my pussy :) but my master spanked my pussy with hairbrush a few years ago and I remember that the result was surprisingly bloody but the pain wasn’t so intense. I hope I can tell you about the differences between toilet brush and hair brush soon ;).

          1. OK…..Maybe 2-inch then? BTW part one of Poor Chistmas tree was one of your best clips so far.

  13. Great blog. You guys are so imaginative! Here’s to a new year of pleasure and pain! I still wait for the day when you have your pussy stuffed with worms and maggots!

  14. Your creative and unique adventures and enthusiasm for exploring your pain limits are the reasons we love your site and movies. Please don’t change anything or go the mainstream bdsm route. You have a great niche doing the unconventional torture….How many other sites have used a Christmas tree as a “wooden horse”:)? I’m sad to hear that you may have to censor some of the last part of this amazing video. Are you getting pressured to change the site or to censor?

    1. I am happy to hear that :), I don’t want to change, I love doing weird things.
      Unfortunately I am pressured to censor my movies. My clipstore has been already shut down once because of the bloody scenes, I don’t want to risk that again. There are some stupid rules made by Visa…

      1. Get a string made of cotton 1in x 48in long or what ever size you want. tie knots all in it and stuff it for 12 to 24 hours. Pull it out slowly and can even have sex with it inside you. For me it hits my g spot and fells great during sex and just walking around. After you remove it from its 12 to 24 hour tour let all the pussy juice dry it will be stiff and course then restuff. I love the pain of dryed pussy juiced string. Try it post some pic and thoughts. I love it. Ps. Leave a bit hanging out

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