Black Angel I

Getting back to my Christmas “horror” story, after my whole body met the tiny natural needles my vagina got into the spotlight. My master gave me a wine glass to fill it up with small pieces of pine branches (I cut down their tips). Knowing the effects on my skin, I was very scared of stuffing my pussy with needle leaves but I was excited too at the same time.

After opening my vagina with the speculum I started to push them in, it wasn’t easy because they prickled me not just inside but my fingers too. When my cunny became full, I started to pull out the speculum very slowly. It was very painful, the sharp needles were scratching the wall of my vag.

I failed to keep them inside so almost every piece of the tiny branches was pulled out together with the dilator. My master ordered me to stuff my pussy again, he wanted to see those prickly things inside.

I was very angry, I didn’t want to make it again but I had no choice so I took the spec again and filled up my vag. This time I succeeded to keep the whole stuff inside after removing the stretching device. He wanted to enjoy the spectacle so I had to push out my pussy many times for his pleasure and then I pushed the rest of the needle leaves in with my finger as deep as I could.

When I was moving and stood up, I realized that the more I moved the more pain I got. So many thoughts were in my mind: what if he wanted me to make exercises or would fuck me now, the last one probably would be unbearable painful for both of us, a real butchery for my pussy. Fortunately those ideas didn’t come true. Although I am sure that doing some exercises could have been good fun for him and for you :P

After a while he wanted me to push the stuff out in all fours position, my head on the ground and my buttocks in the air. I pushed with my full strength and I felt as the small prickly things were falling out of my pussy one by one. Some of them were too deep inside, at the bottom of my vag, so I had to pick them out with my long fingers. In the end I succeeded to pull out every piece of those tiny prickly branches. It was a real relief for me :). Then I was ordered to fill up the wine glass with the small pine branches that were in my pussy before, after that I had to pee it full. It was a beautiful green and yellow cocktail and I had to drink it sip after sip. Brrrrr it made me vomit but finally I succeeded to swallow a little.

I knew that my special Christmas torture hadn’t been over yet and I thought of the glass ornaments and the needles with excited fear. I will continue…

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  1. I have a slavegirl I play with and I make her play with earrings and jewellry, for christmas I had her use christmas tree lights in her cunt. Lights that are leds water prof and are on a 12 volt adaptor. you want it to tingle not to die, Lights in get warm and hot and earrings are sharp with other jewellry also, this year i will make her play with fireworks just a few things for your master to think about , and for you to do. If your master get sick of you and needs a break I will look after you for a few days but only a few days,

  2. Welcome queen of snakes. Perhaps you would try with hot wax or stinging nettles in the ass, you could do some sessions photographic and film with the gynaecologist’s endoscope in the ass. If you did such a session something would be. I am greeting.

  3. Queensnake,
    fantastic work!

    However, I’m still waiting for the- in my eyes ultimate vagina/womb torture: Pooring hot wax into your vagina, spread with a speculum

  4. I too would love to see your wonderful asshole involved in some scenes, it is quite lovely! I don’t want you getting an infection though, but perhaps you could do an asshole whipping or hitting it with elastic bands scene. Possibly throw in some nettles for good measure. Just a thought. Keep up the great movies Queen!

    1. That gorgeous asshole does look lonely without pine needles in it:). It would be nice to see painful double insertions….What do you think Queensnake?

      1. I would rather not insert prickly things into my asshole. It is the vagina that is designed for the hardest thing ever – childbirth. So I think it is not as vulnerable as the asshole. Unfortunately a couple of years ago not too far from where I live a woman got pushed a simple pen into her asshole which pierced her large intestine and then she got peritonitis and died a week later – her boyfriend got arrested, so I don’t suggest anyone to try that kind of asshole games, it is very dangerous.

        1. Good points….Risk of infection there would be high with pricklies. Insertion of a typical large butt plug after insetion of prickly items in the vagina would be a great challenge though as it would put some additional pressure on the area…..Just an idea for that great looking ass that’s often left out:)

  5. Awesome pussy torture Queensnake! Your Master was very kind to let you get away without exercising with the pine needles inside:)

  6. i enjoy all of your videos and pictures but never really see any torture of your stomach. For whatever reason belly or navel torture is most attractive to me. Could you work with some pins/needles/hot wax in and around your navel? I would certainly love to see it. Hope you had a good holiday.

    1. Hmmm, there are not too many who like that kind of tortures, it is really unique. I am going to do a short belly torture later. Until then you will see that I pierced a few needles around my navel during my Christmas decoration. I will show you some pics about that in my next blog entry.

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