Poor Christmas Tree

We’ve all been in Christmas mood lately although (at least) me and my master in a different way. We have some special expectations of a Christmas tree: it should have very sharp and strong needle leaves and should be decorated with glass ornaments ;).

The story started two days ago. As most normal people do before Christmas, we went to get some Christmas decoration and a beautiful tree.

First we got the glass ornaments and then we chose the right tree with the most sharp and strong leaves: blue spruce. Wikipedia says that the tip of its needle leaves is “viciously sharp”. I can assure you that it is true :).

After getting home I started to prepare the glass trinkets – I cut different long thin threads and tied on them – and my master set up the Christmas tree using a long chain and the ceiling hooks. Beyond love there was something evil in the air :). I was ordered to be a dirty black angel that night so I took on a sexy black outfit with a black angel wings necklace (made by me). Since my master knows that I love to dance, he gave me a nice Christmas present: I was allowed to perform an erotic dance and strip show with the tree.

I wanted him to be satisfied with me, so I did everything to please him. While I was dancing I grabbed the tree and pulled it on me, it really felt like million small needles in my skin, more and more red spots covered my body reminding me a bit on the effects of stinging nettle. Actually if I should choose which one is more painful, I would say that needle leaves cause more intense pain than stinging nettles do. It was harder than the nettle tortures at least to me.

Probably I wasn’t entertaining enough for my master because after finishing my dance show he tied me to the tree and started to pull up the bottom of the tree slowly. It was an evil play because after a while I wasn’t able to keep my legs on the ground and I had no other choice than to ride the tree lying prone position. I felt almost unbearable pain in my crotch already in the beginning, I tried to keep my breast away from the needles leaves with my tied arms but I got tired very soon, it was inevitable that my tits would also meet the pain.

I don’t know how long I was there but I felt I couldn’t take it, I was breathing faster and deeper and begged for releasing but I just got some whipping with pine branches. Any kind of moving hurt like hell so I must have endured the lashes stock-still. When he asked me to look at him, I tried to move my neck but I wasn’t able to see his face because he was behind me. It was a great opportunity to him to punish me for being disobedient. His favorite “Magic Shock” device made me move and the pain got worse in my crotch, I was close to fainting and it felt like the small green needles were under my skin, I felt them inside. Of course it was just a bad feeling, actually I got a nice pattern, many red spots and some scratches, on my back and buttocks were many tiny bloody dots.

When I thought my torture was over, he ordered me to cut down every branch of the tree and make a pine bed for myself. I hated thinking of feeling the needle leaves in my skin. The pain was annoying and hard to enjoy (contrary to stinging nettles). When I finished making the bed, I had to lie on my back spreading my thighs wide and take a pine branch to whip my exposed pussy.

I have to tell you that I was a chicken and I just started with some slight lashes and in a minute I found myself being whipped by my master, he was fed up with my chicken attitude and showed me how a real whipping was. I was trying to avoid the lashes but when I was moving I felt more intense pain on my back and my buttocks so finally my pussy was also full of small bloody spots.

After whipping I was ordered to do 10 push ups above that dangerous carpet and then I had to roll on it. I think the bed made of pine branches could be a very hard set-up itself to torture someone. For example, it would be a real hard foot torture to force a slave to walk barefoot on the sharp needle leaves and so on. I have so many other ideas.

Getting back to my story, after my whole body met the tiny natural needles my vagina was in the spotlight… I will continue my Christmas horror story :) very soon with cunt stuffing and then the decoration part :D. Until then I am waiting for your comments or maybe your pine tree stories ;) and


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  1. I hope you had a very merry Christmas! You’ve started a great new tradition of seasonal tortures! You could stuff your pussy with assorted-colored thumbtacks in place of confetti to celebrate the New Year and then use champagne to rinse them out! Next would be thorny roses for Valentines Day and of course a….s to celebrate the beginning of spring:)

    1. Christmas passed so fast, family programs and relaxing and eating :). I liked your ideas about seasonal tortures! :D

  2. Have a happy and kinky Christmas and a painfull 2011.
    I’ll hope to see the toilet-brush movie soon………
    kisses PascalNL

  3. Superbe Noel pour une superbe soumise.
    L’art du détournement de chaque objet, coutume, moment usuel au service des douloureux plaisirs est vraiment un grand art.
    Pour le réveillon, outre les classiques décorations fixées à votre peau par aiguilles, je verrai bien quelques petits récipients (style petit seau métalliques de décoration) attachés à vos seins, vos lèvres par de petits hameçons, remplis de chocolats que vous présenterez ainsi à vos invités qui pour sans doute mieux choisir devront bien tirés un peu sur les seaux et donc sur la peau martyrisée !!
    Bon réveillon, et joyeuses fêtes à vous et votre maitre.

    1. Cher Fabrice,
      Je suis désolé de te répondre si tard. J’ai aimé ton idée de faire plaisir à nos amis de cette façon unique ;). Ce Noël j’ai fait la classique décoration…
      Je vous souhaite une bonne année 2011 remplie de beaucoup de jeux SM excitants et érotisme ;)

  4. Well Queenie , you are by far the most beautifull Xmas tree decoration I have ever seen :)
    Thank you for sharing this with us.
    I wish to you and your Master as many sweet painfull pleasures as possible, hoping that you are going to share, at liest some of them, with us.
    Marry Christmas and Happy New Year from Slovenija.

    I think, you are somewhere near me, from some details on some outside pictures… :)

    1. Dear Doloroso,
      Many thanks for your nice compliments and good wishes! I hope we can discuss the kinkiest ideas and experiences next year too.
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
      You are a good observer! :) I live very close to you indeed but I can’t tell you where exactly, I need privacy about that information ;).

  5. Merry Christmas to you Queensnake and your Master. Nice tree work.
    A better party tree would be your lovely self with glass ornaments stapled to your skin. You should decorate yourself before guests arrive and spend the evening serving drinks.
    So you can sit and eat with your friends don’t staple ornaments to your bum instead use bead pins to spell out “Merry Christmas to all”.
    We all look forward to you having a Happy and Hurting New Year

  6. Why don’t you break off a few branches and tie them together so you have a 12″ dildo made out of christmas tree branches. I think you know what you can do next ;)

  7. Well my Christmas just got way better:). I like how you were made to ride the tree….can’t wait to see your pussy in the spotlight! Merry Christmas!

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