Poll Results V

I think the results of the last poll were not really surprising for anyone. It was obvious in the beginning that the pussy torture is far more popular than the others. I myself and my master would have put our vote on pussy torture too.

The priority order of the other areas were interesting by the way. Actually I expected more foot fans :), I get many foot torture requests. It seems the genital areas can’t be defeated.

I didn’t make that poll because I want to be specialized in one area of the body, I just wanted to know your preferences. Of course I keep focusing on the genital areas, especially on the pussy but I won’t neglect the other exciting areas either.

And now let’s see the results of the poll:

What areas do you prefer to torture?

  • pussy and vagina (60%, 483 Votes)
  • tits and nipples (18%, 148 Votes)
  • buttocks and asshole (12%, 96 Votes)
  • feet and soles (5%, 40 Votes)
  • whatever (2%, 18 Votes)
  • belly and navel (2%, 17 Votes)

Total Voters: 801

As you can see I have already started a new poll about a very simple question: “How do you like my pussy?”. My master is keen on hairy pussy, armpits, legs but I always resisted when he asked me to let any part of my body hairy. I just hate hairy body and I started to shave my pussy fully when I was 18 and I had never let it be hairy. Since then this is the first time when I have some pubic hair and it is only for my master’s wish, it is a gift for his birthday. You can see some hairy pussy photo in my previous blog entry.

Being hairy is very very odd for me. When I am naked, somehow I feel I am “more nude” and shy than when I had fully bald pussy. Every time I glimpse that hairy thing in the mirror I am frightened, it is a kind of punishment for me. Although I am not myself with that hairy pussy, when I see my master’s satisfied look, I feel better because I know that I please him.
Hehe, that was a real vagina monologue :D.

Now my pussy is in your hands :). Please neglect what I want, from now the only thing that matters is what you want. So vote and then you will see the result in the next film.

18 Replies to “Poll Results V”

  1. I’m new to all this but so far I like what I see.
    But I feel that I’m missing out on a world of more.
    What else is there than queensnake.???
    A little help.

  2. Love your pussy. One thing though, for god’s sake don’t get any more piercings there. For some reason, almost all the models on the net who do pussy torture feel the need to cover their pussies with masses of metal, and I for one find it really unattractive. A pussy has a unique and delicate beauty of its own, and should not be pierced and ringed and stretched etc. into some distorted mess. That’s my opinion anyway :)

  3. I would like to see maggots put in your pussy. We have done this. It is very clean and hygenic and very exciting for you. Also, you can put snails and slugs in your pussy too. Very exciting to do. We also place stinging nettles in her buttocks which she holds tight and then I pull the stems out quickly to release a wonderful stinging pain.

  4. And what about some weights on your piercing? Also the idea tortures with a……s is very interesting :-)

  5. If you do decide to try my string thing I would do this to make it more interesting. I did this a few days ago. After keeping pepper in (what we named our string) for a day To make it very wet with my juices. The only way my master would let me take it out was by birthing it out. This took me about 45mins or so to push pepper out. This got the painfully after a few mins of pushing. After master dried pepper it some heat he made me do it all over again. Hope you think about doing this soon too. I would love to watch someone else do what I do plus it would be such a big turn on. PS. Love your work we are going to try some of your ideas. I will let you know how it goes.Meg

  6. Queensnake your site is so hot. I just love what you are doing and please keep up torturing your pussy.
    Maybe you would try something with fire. For example flambĂ© your pussy lips. I tried that with my penis and if you are afraid of it I can understand you. But try it…if you do it quick enough it won’t hurt but it’s extremely exciting….and if you want it more painfully than just be not as quick. I would so love to see you do that.
    Keep up that great work and please keep on shaving your pussy ;)

  7. I was thinking leave no hair to obscure any beautiful welts, markings, or other evidence of play. That said, you would have to make the punishment that much more intense to account for it. ;-)

    The area results do not surprise me – torture without the sexual element is just torture, and I do prefer hearing your screams more with the knowledge that the pain is emanating from your most tender regions.

  8. i would like to see more foot torture please…
    so many sites with pussy torture in internet… and just few about foot torture

  9. I love to see your pussy tormented, I really wish you would start torturing your peehole (urethra)! I think you will love it, from little bottle brushes to a nettle stem the possibilities are endless. please explore this. also your pussy full of a…..s or other i….s is so hot and kinky. I love the nature stuff!

  10. What about growing some hairs on your whole pussy and then doing a brazilian waxing, probably gives some nice pain.. ;)

  11. Your pussy is beautiful either way… but bald makes it seem so much more vulnerable to torture and pain.

  12. Ok I agree, your pussy is fabulous so are u. Now what about wide spread tied and restrained, and then a catheter placed slowly in your urethra, after its coated w pepper sauce, and then we can watch you squirm, or you can do the same to your friend after she watches your suffering> must see your beautiful face at the same time

  13. Your pussy is so hot, shaved, but don’t get your head shaved like Joan said, just don’t. Cause you can be tied on it, and we love your hair, just as it is

  14. I welcome then again Queensnake. You could toil also one’s ass, not from means but outside. In the centre of the ass great it would be to see stinging nettles or wide open the same in the pussy You also still have pee hole halls you could also make something around with the one hole. As for the pussy it best shaven off because she is sexiest and most beautiful and it is more hygienically. I am greeting the heat you are super hot and beautiful walking stick. Where your blonde friend from films Nettle Lesbians ??

  15. I would like to see a mold of your vagina with alginate or silicone.
    would allow us to explore the interior of queensnake vagina ;)

  16. Pussy, legs and armpits must be shaved at all times….. Your hair is beautiful, but if you shaved yourself on the head, you would feel the optimal nudity…. ;-)

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