Rubber Band I

Nazryana showed me her sadistic side during our last game. We played a shooting game using rubber bands and I can declare that Nazryana won. She was so sadistic with me than never before, she took revenge on me at last and she enjoyed it very very much. Being tormented by a girl was a pretty new situation for me but I loved it. I am so proud of my special “tattoos” and bloodshots on my breast, buttocks and pussy made by Naz.

The feeling of being shot by rubber bands are very similar to whipping but in this case the pain is concentrated on a much smaller area and if you are lucky enough to meet a good sniper :D, it’s more cruel than whipping. Being the shooter is also very satisfying :). So I definitely suggest you to try it on your slave, both of you will enjoy it.

It was me who first tried that new “rubber gun”. When I was a little girl, I never understood what the hell was so funny for boys in shooting things with rubber bands. Hmmm, now I can really understand them. I enjoyed to hit the target so much that it wasn’t easy to stop.

Nazryana’s beautiful buttocks was my first target. It was amazing to watch her agony and see as the red patterns suddenly appeared after the rubber hit her skin. Then her sweet tiny nipples were in the cross-hairs. It was more exciting to hit them, her nipples are almost the most sensitive parts of her body.

She was blindfolded to prevent the accidents so she didn’t know when to expect the pain. Her hands were tied up, she was a helpless slavegirl who was ordered to be my toy and entertain me, my master and you guys, hehe.

When I was satisfied with my work on her tits, I changed the target and I aimed at her belly and pussy. It was fun to shoot her from a closer distance to give her more pain and watch her despairing reactions.

After practicing my shooting technique on her body, it was time to concentrate on her opened and stretched pussy and asshole. She was blindfolded again and tied up with her legs spread wide so I could shoot at her most sensitive points. I left her some freedom to move because watching her body writhing in pain turns me on and makes me more sadistic.

Next time I will continue the story with my turn.

Have you ever tried to shoot your slave with rubber bands?

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  1. Looks like another great BDSM triumph with everyday items. That’s what makes your work so unique; the lack of the usual over the top paraphernalia associated with the scene. Just more great punishments that could be meted out anywhere, by anyone with items readily to hand.

    Love your work…

  2. Rubber bands are one of the best household bdsm tools around. I’ve used them to bind a sub’s tits until they turned red, then purple and then “shot” them very similarly to the way you shot Naz. Btw the Conkers series was excellent…..I can’t wait to see more sharp items stuffed inside your pussy. I think you’re ready for those tacks…..also, like the Conkers movie, your master should make you walk with them inserted and “return” the tacks to the store where the were purchased:)

  3. I’ve thought about rubber bands in the past (in particular there’s a fantastic story written by a tinatiedup who used them, which I’d recommend!), so this blog and the preview images are very appealing. Will there be clips to buy for these?

    1. I haven’t read that rubber band story you told about but I will. Anyway there will be downloadable clips on, hopefully next week-end.

  4. I have never played around with rubber bands on any girls, but will have to show my current girlfriend this! The markings left behind look absolutely delicious! I would suggest if this was fun that you try a paintball gun, when blindfolded the thought of somebody aiming a gun at your body is pretty intense then depending on how close you are it can be extremely painful much like the rubber bands. This update looks incredible, and cant wait to see your turn!!! You are awesome and have yet to dissapoint! I no longer need other websites, because yours is the only one I can think about 24/7!

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