Rubber Band II

In sports – like rubber band target shooting :D – we play fair so Nazryana also had the chance to hit the target and take a revenge. I laughed at her agony a couple of minutes ago and now it was me who became a target dummy. She did the same things to me as I had done to her before but she was much more cruel than me.

First, she was a bit clumsy so I provoked her to shoot me harder but finally she became a real fanatic and sadistic target shooter. Since I was blindfolded too, I didn’t see her shooting technique but when I watched back the movie the other day, I was astonished that she shot me with the rubber bands from a very very close distance, much closer than I did. Wow it was hard, really hard.

At the very beginning, when my butts were her target, the pain was absolutely bearable and enjoyable but when my nipples were in the cross-hairs, it wasn’t funny anymore, I felt very sharp pain, especially in my injured left nipple since there was a little accident just before shooting my nipple. I made a bad move and the handcuff stuck to my nipple piercing and pulled it, ouch, we all were very scared, there were so much blood and I felt so big pain that I thought my nipple was split off, eh but luckily my poor nipple was still there and after a little break I was able to offer my nipples to Nazryana to shoot. Needless to say that the pain in my left nipple was much more intense when it was hit by the rubber band.

After the nipple torture, my belly and pussy followed and I felt that her technique was getting better and better that meant bigger pain for me.

Finally my pussy and my asshole also got a very hard treatment. I felt almost unbearable pain in my pussy, especially when she succeeded to hit exactly my clit, my labias and my asshole. I thought that the pain never stop, I burst into tears. After she stopped shooting, she started to lick my clitoris, OMG, it was so sensitive that I felt pain instead of delight but in a short time the pain turned into pleasure, it was an amazing feeling.
When she released me and I was unblindfolded, I couldn’t believe my eyes, my pussy was incredibly swollen and full of bloodshots, it looked like raw flesh.

At the very end of our game both of us got our orgasm reward. Nazryana lay under and in front of me and we had orgasm at the same time and I squirted on her.

My master could enjoy the long term effects of our shooting game for a couple of days because my nipples and pussy were still in pain and they became hyper-sensitive. Needless to say that I also loved it.

I’m gonna show you some photos and shots from the movie too. The first part will be online this week-end. I hope you will like it :).

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  1. Chère Queensnake, j’ai moi aussi essayé de me fouetter les tétons avec des élastiques. Une technique intéressante et rapidement très douloureuses consiste à s’attacher les élastiques aux tétons ou pire encore à les attacher à une aiguille ou épingle nourrice traversant le téton.

  2. You look really sexy in the scene. Rubber bands are a favorite of mine. One of the first things I ever did to a woman was to use a rubber band on her clitoris. Having her expose her clitoris with her fingers and snapping the rubber band directly on it was great fun (for me, anyway). Perhaps you can do another scene some time where you use a smaller rubber band and concentrate just on your clitoris, and perhaps the opening of your vagina.

    Your swollen pussy is really hot.

  3. Hi!
    Well, I must say you inspired me! Last weekend I used some rubber bands on my own slave and she wasn’t happy with the exercise, especially when I hit her pierced nipples and her clit :-) So, all the more fun for me! And indeed; these bands leave beautiful marks. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. :D I am very happy you tried them on your slave! Yeah, hitting the nipples and the clit is the most unbearable. Wish I could have seen your slave’s reaction! :P

  4. just lovely swolleen cunt lips, how hard you can allow your cunt be beaten, love those swollen lips..

  5. Very nice practice. Next time, you could use tiny darts, with wonderful feathers…. or even needles, inserted into rubber bullets, that you could shoot with an air gun from a certain distance. We could call this contest “The BDSM Olympics”, and invite every year special guests to play this game. Let’s go hunting!!! And what about the “Foot contest”: a race on candles, pins, needles, ashes, stones, ice and whatever you like, to make you jump as a kangaroo…( 100 meters, naturally ). Let’s think about it!!! I guess so many people would enjoy this show!!!! I’m going to write a scenario, and when it is ready, it would be a great idea to create such a wonderful event. Take care Queen, use lavender on those marks, it helps a lot.

  6. You both look absolutely stunning with your marks! The competition aspect of the shoot really added to the scene. I’m very impressed with Nazryana’s sadistic side….she did so well! I think she’ll be the one to stake you down on top of the anthill when the time comes:). Thanks so much, can’t wait to see the vid this weekend!

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