Nazryana’s First Needle

Last night we made a new movie with my girlfriend, Nazryana. After the shoot РI will tell you about very soon ;) Р we caught Nazry and I pierced a needle in the middle of her nipple.

I have to tell you that Nazryana has been dread of needles, pins and staples, she has a real needle phobia and she has resisted any kind of piercing play for very very long time. She is a real scaredy cat, hehe but finally she always enjoys those very scary things.

It was so exciting and sexy to see her crying before I pushed the needle in, she was writhing in her fear and she screamed like a victim in a horror film :) but it wasn’t so painful since I hardly pushed the needle in. I am sure that her fear was much bigger than her pain. I could read her eyes that she couldn’t believe that it was not so painful as she expected :). When I asked her about her feelings, she was unsure and finally admitted that it was not so bad but the needles never won’t be her “friends”. Or course I don’t give up, I want to convince her to try more needles, maybe staple gun next time.

I remember that I used to be very afraid of needles and every object that can pierce, it took years to do it for myself. My first needles actually were pins that you could see in “First Needles” movie and it was a result of a lost bet. When we started to publish and sell BDSM movies on, we made a bet with my master. I said that people won’t like our movies and we will never sell that many vids to get 1000$, he said that people will love our vids and we will reach that very soon. I promised that if I lose the bet I pierce my labias with pins. Ehh, it was a thoughtless promise. Actually it took less than a month to lose so I had no choice than to sacrifice my poor pussy :).
Thanks to that lost bet, now I am able to control my fear of needles.

What would you pierce into Nazryana and where exactly? :D

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  1. Hello Divine Princess,
    Some ideas for you inspired by yourselves and by my own particular kink.
    1) Somebody with a great pitching arm such as in an American Baseball pitcher should take the conkers still in their spiny skins and hurl them with great velocity at all 3 of you ladies, Sharon, Nazry and yourself. The targets would be the fleshy parts, bottoms, bellys and boobs but accuracy is of utmost importance for obvious reasons. Otherwise some kind of shielding for the places where either bones or veins are rather near the surface would be advisable, again, I say for obvious reasons.
    2) On the same sort of theme we nasty pre-adolescent boys used to do a variation on the rubber band trick by breaking metal paper clips in half so that there was one loop only while the other end was open. Then we would stretch the elastic band between thumb and middle finger, take the broken paper clip by it’s open end and hook it over the length of rubber band furthest away from our noses. Then holding onto the paperclip, we would draw the elastic back and take aim! By now you hopefully get the idea because now there are elements of archery at play here!. With the 1/2 paperclip as the projectile we had good accuracy over about 3 to 4 meters and if you got hit it was agonizing!
    3) Piercing your labia with those long (what I would call) push pins was one of the greatest turn -ons I’ve had in a while,……and then I saw your play with the staple gun!!
    Well, my idea consists of snipping off the little spherical bubbles at the ends of those push pins you used on your delicious labia and using the pointed ends as the tips on about 100 homemade blow darts! I’m thinking of the blow guns used even today, in some parts of the S. American rainforest by jungle tribesmen to shoot monkeys out of trees for taking home and eating. Of course, for this application, Princess I do NOT suggest you tip those pins with poison like they do when hunting monkeys!
    Other materials for making the darts might consist of the fine bambo Satay skewers one finds in Thai and other S.E. Asian restaurants and for the “feathers” perhaps a bit of a cotton ball one often finds in removing make-up and even for stopping very limited blood flow. The tube or blow gun, itself, I leave up to you.
    There you are; 3 different variations on the theme of a flying projectile hitting and in some cases perhaps piercing the flesh to a depth of 2 cm.
    C’est toute,……..for now.

    1. LOL, I loved your ideas! All of them! About the third one, we have a similar idea and we already tried it out with a few push pins and a toy-gun. It’s amusing for the shooter but very painful and scary for the target :).

  2. Hi!

    I would like to add something to my last message here.
    Maybe Sharon would do something with those large needles through her breasts.
    I saw that she has very big breasts and that should be okay!!
    Hope to see something like that!!


  3. Hi Queensnake!

    I really love your movies and bought a couple of them!
    If Nazryana’s breast would be big enough i would like to see a very large needle full trough her breasts.
    Bring the needle in under the breast close to her body and let the needle cum out on the other site of her breast.
    I would like to see that with Nazryana or another girl with hughe breasts. Because you told me that your breast are to small for this.
    Keep up the good work!! Let the your master punish you harder because you enjoy it to much!!!


  4. I would like to see both of you have a tackrider competition using tacked dildos as discussed in your last blog…..Whoever gives up first loses and must endure hot sauce to her hurt pussy and have her clit pierced slowly by the winner:)

    1. Hehe, I think it is me who should be the loser then because Nazry would run out of the world if I told her that her clit would be pierced! :D

      1. I think we’d all be winners watching you “lose” that competition:). I agree that scenario might be a bit harsh for Naz but it would be really hot.

  5. How about her clit! tied spread eagle, no face mask so we can see her expression as you pierce her clit. then put some hot sauce on and hit it w vibrator, sounds good ?
    PS still waiting for u to have a catheter inserted and watch your sweet expression as well.

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