Autumn’s Bounty – Conkers

As you already know, I am a nature lover girl and I think the most interesting and exciting BDSM “toys” can be discovered in our natural environment. During our last automn trip I was amazed by the nature’s bounteous beauty – there are so many natural pain and pleasure sources around us, just we have to behold them. One of those  “natural resources” we have discovered lately was a big horse chestnut tree that produces prickly fruits.  The conkers in their spiky shell seemed to be ideal for a BDSM play. I wanted to know how those green, natural needles feel like on my nipples and clit or maybe in my pussy, so we collected some.

Inserting a green prickly ball into my pussy was a real challenge for me, I had doubts about my ability to do it. As a warming up play, I started to roll the spiky balls on my tits, on my belly and on my pussy until then there were many small, red spots on my skin, it was a completely new feeling for me and the pain was absolutely enjoyable. I pushed them strongly to the most sensitive parts of my body and I sat on them.  Then I threw and drop them on my pussy, I felt as the prickles suddenly dug into my skin causing a more intense pain especially when my clitoris was hit.

I thought it’s better to prepare my pussy for the prickly ball so I started to stretch it using a huge black dildo, OMG, I loved that. When my pussy was stretched enough, it was hard to say good bye to my huge black friend but I had to. I was eager to stuff my cunt with some fruits. I started it with conkers without their prickly shells then first I took a bigger thorny ball and tried to push in with full strength but it was no success, I had to choose a smaller one. It was hard and painful to push in but finally my pussy swallowed it up slowly. Because it was at the entrance of my vagina, it prickled not just inside my pussy but my pee hole too.  When I sat down or just walked, it caused a very intense pain and I had a constant “have to pee” feeling.

I had to tolerate that pain for a little while because my master wanted me to carry the conkers back to their original place. I got dressed and we went for a trip. I couldn’t wait to get to our destination, it was hard to hide my suffering in public but it was exciting to walk among people while my stuffed pussy was in pain. After a short walking, I sat down on a bench near the big conker tree, spread my legs and pushed the prickly ball out. As it fell out very quickly, I was peeing uncontrollably.  I was so relieved :).

Finally I had to get rid of the other conkers. I keep on walking and under the conker tree I crouched and emptied my pussy :). After that prickly automn adventure, my pussy was aching for a few days but I enjoyed it and I want you to try it too.

Have you ever used chestnut or conkers in your BDSM plays? If you have, please tell me about your experiences ;).

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  1. I love this!! Amazing!! I live in the south and we dont have conkers is there anything simmular, that I could try? I would love your ideas!! You are amazing!!! Thanks!

  2. I love this you are my insperation!!! Can you tell me how you made that conker fitness suit!!! Any ideas of other things that could be used in stead of conkers? I live in the south so we dont have those..Would love your ideas!! Thanks!!

  3. i would love to see you suffer in pain from a mega full bladder, then squat down naked and show measuring how much you can pee. that would be very very hot. hold liters of pee for me baby. :) thanks for reading.

  4. maybe cover the conkers with hot sauce before inserting, then off for jogging in a public place (dressed of course), then for some ab crunches, that should rub the conkers around nicely. Love your work. THANK YOU for sharing.

  5. Get a string made of cotton 1in x 48in long tie knots all in it and stuff it for 12 to 24 hours. Pull it out slowly and can even have sex with it inside you. For me it hits my g spot and fells great during sex and just walking around. After you remove it from its 12 to 24 hour tour let all the pussy juice dry it will be stiff and course then restuff. I love the pain of dryed pussy juiced string. Try it post some pic and thoughts. I love it. Ps. Leave a bit hanging out

  6. Get a string made of cotton 1in x 48in long tie knots all in it and stuff it for 12 to 24 hours. Pull it out slowly and can even have sex with it inside you. For me it hits my g spot and fells great during sex and just walking around. After you remove it from its 12 to 24 hour tour let all the pussy juice dry it will be stiff and course then restuff. I love the pain of dryed pussy juiced string. Try it post some pic and thoughts. I love it. Ps. Leave a bit hanging out

  7. Queensnake, I adore the way you whimper and cry under pain especially when it reaches a crescendo and you have to gasp for breath. It’s fantastic that, whether free to scream or gagged, you never call ‘stop’. When it seems to have been too much for you, you just pause then return to inflicting pain on yourself or push out your gorgeous bum or pussy for more whipping.
    You look great with your new auburn hair, cute in the blonde wig but I l most love your natural, long, dark hair.
    When you decorate your pussy with pins can you try to keep the points inside you? I mean run the pins the length of those sweet lips rather than through them as you’ve done in First Needles and Bait.

  8. QueenSnake, I thought this was awesome! as far as putting something painful in your pussy and then walking around with it, I’d suggest a Kiwano fruit (aka African Horned Melon)…its a little bigger but not by much, and it has more durable thick spines…I would suggest it as an upgrade from a Conker. Would really kick things up a notch! just Google the word Kiwano, and you’ll see the little glorious fruit! As an added bonus they are actually really good to eat too!

    Looking forward to future nasty, and super kinky adventures!

    1. Hmmm, I checked it on Google, I have never tasted it before. I am always searching for new and special fruits. I hope I can get some Kiwano to taste and ’embrace’ :D. Thank you Fin!

  9. Hi… just stumbled across a couple of short videos that look like wonderfully painful pussy torture and would like your thoughts on them… and whether you would ever consider doing the same.



    Although I do prefer your ‘back-to-nature’ sessions as a rule :-)

    1. And a couple more I found,



      It does look very painful…

      1. Thx for the vids Ozyman! I have already seen some of them. Toilet brush in the pussy is fucking exciting. I am not sure I can do it but I wanna try it one day.

  10. The pictures look absolutely amazing. The video should be great.

    As for the Tackrider, I agree with Brody. Some more visible signs of penetration by the tacks would be very exciting.

  11. Queensnake, oh what can I say? I thought I’d fond the best and now you exceed my fondest desires. I bought Thistle Thirst and Cydonia Pt2 hoping to see a lovely woman in pain only to find you have such a beautiful bum that I am hitting “pause” a dozen time before the action commences. I grabbed your Latex Night 2 last night. Does it disturb you or please you that I, like so many, am eager to see your lovely rear covered in bruises and welts? When you tenderly inflict yourself with pain of nettles it is erotic but I find something more sexual in watching you writhe.
    Cydonia reminded me of a magazine I came across as a youth. A woman decorated her bum with 50 bead pins. She made a random pattern then pressed them in until just beads sat on her skin. Could you do that? Of course your bum is so much more beautiful you should create a proper work of art to match it. A colourful Van Gogh perhaps or at least an Australian Aboriginal dot painting. Even if you weren’t able to press them all the way in it would be a delight to see you move and dance while decorated. Of course you should adorn your sweet pussy and tits too.
    I was ecstatic to read you are going to consider the skewer and we patiently await a video.
    Love you.

    1. Hi Neil! Wow, you really inspired me! I have some creative hobbies like fashion design and sewing and I think it would be a great idea to decorate my buttocks, my pussy and my nipples with beautiful beads, hehehe. I’ve already started to hunt for suitable pins and beads to make special patterns.

      1. If your hobby is sewing etc, have you thought about doing a video of sewing your pussy sealed, I love the video ‘sealed’ and bought all 3 parts, but would love to see a needle and thread penetrating your skin and holding you labia together….

        Just an idea…

  12. The Tackrider movies are great, especially your own desperation to get off at the end gives me a thrill every time I watch it.

  13. Queensnake, with regard to your new poll, the tackrider movies were very hot, however, there appeared to be a cushion beneath the tacks that prevented them from having enough pressure to penetrate the rider’s pussy skin. What would you think about mounting the tacks on a hard “saddle” with no “give”? I would like to see some clear, bloody evidence that the rider rode:)

    1. My master agrees with you :). Anyway it was he who wanted me to make a poll about Tackrider, riding on tacks or anything else that is scary and painful is one of his favorite games. Personally, I preferred being a trainer than a rider, hehe.

      1. What are your thoughts on a modified saddle with a dildo covered with tacks starting half way down the shaft? The rider could get on and insert the upper half of the dildo with no pain. As her legs tired, she’d slide further and further down toward the tacks:)

        1. Good idea Brody! :) I think, the prickly part of the dildo won’t slide into, the tacks probably will stop at the enter of vagina but I am sure that would very painful too. I am gonna have to get a thin dildo :).

          1. You’re right about needing a thin dildo so that the tacks wouldn’t make the dildo too wide to fit into the vagina. Since the top of the dildo is really just a guide to lead the rider’s pussy toward the tacked part, thin would work fine. Time to get to work in your BDSM workshop:)

          2. Always late to the party…

            This site is incredible.

            I can’t seem to respond to Brody’s last comment, however I agree with you both that a thin dildo is the way to go. That said, why not make it inflatable? :) Instead of a ball pump, however, get a rubber ‘seat’ that forces more air into the dildo as the pressure on it increases – the harder the user sits on it, the more the dildo inflates. Imagine trying to get off of that as the dildo is deflating. :)

            … and don’t forget the tack at the top to ‘tickle’ the cervix. ;-)

  14. Looks like another amazing shoot! I love that your Master made you transport the spikey fruits back to their source. You both are so creative. Thanks!

  15. Wow. I don’t know what to say. Your nature inspired BDSM is so unique and so erotic. I will be awaiting the 16th with great and sexy anticipation.

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