Stone Womb

Since you guys apparently liked this movie, I’m going to tell you how it was made and what I felt when my pussy was completely loaded with stones.

We were on our vacation in Croatia that is the wildest and one of the most beautiful countries in the world – at least for me :). When we walk and hike far enough, we always find places to enjoy the nature in private.

This time we found an amazing cove sheltered by huge rocks. My naked body was dripping sweat, I couldn’t wait to cool down in the sea. The place seemed to be ideal for a stony play.

Despite of my fear of being hurt inside by the stones, I wanted to know how it was like to be filled up with those cold salty stones. It wasn’t easy to use a speculum on myself, but finally I found the right position and I started to pour the stones in. I felt a very mild pain as the stones fell on my cervix, the more stones were inside the more pleasure was my reward.

As I pulled out the speculum, the stones rubbed against my vagina inside, it felt like a big-big, heavy, cold and nubbed dildo that gave me an intense vagina massage. When I started to push and take out the stones out of my pussy, it was a more intense rubbing feeling. Finally nothing left inside, it was surprisingly easy to find all the stones.

The most painful part of the whole session was when I was throwing pebbles to my pussy, especially when some bigger ones hit my sensitive clitoris.

After finishing the scene my master told me that while I was playing with stones some people arrived and stopped on a rock above us and was watching me. It’s a pity that I wasn’t able to see their faces… :)

We spent the rest of the day in this cove playing silly games like throwing pebbles at each other’s genitals :D, I was trying to hit my master’s balls and he took aim at my pussy. You should try that, it’s exciting.

Referring to Ozyman’s suggestion, what other things would you like my pussy to be loaded with? I mean exciting things, not that causing permanent damage – I wanna grow old one day and make lots of movies until then :D.

My master’s favorites are coins and thumbtacks.
I am going to start a poll next week about the best ones ;).

55 Replies to “Stone Womb”

  1. musqetos open speculem cervix bites and clit bin their done that drove me crazy two weeks on antihistamine even. with bees don’t forget an epi pen even as not allergic now eech sting can “bee” the one you are.

  2. Once i initially said I visited the -Notify me while new comments are added – checkbox and here when a comment is added I get four messages with the similar comment. Can there be any way you could clear away me from that service? Thanks!

  3. Is there any very punishing hard idea that you have had and so far been afraid to carry it out

  4. I once saw a video where a woman inserted at toilet brush in her pussy (ouch). Could be an idea for your Master. Ever thought of using mousetraps on your breasts?

  5. Electrodes in the pussy are fun. There are videos of girls and the master secretly using a remote control tens unit on them in public places.

  6. I really love your willingness to play with/torture your pussy. Most girls, amateur or pro will sometimes accept some pussy whipping or clips etc, but they don’t show the enthusiasm for it that you have. I don’t think there is another site on the net that can match what you offer. You are pretty, have a great body, and your self torture scenes are unique. Keep it up and hope to see you on the net for a long time to come.

  7. Perhaps this could be an idea. I once saw a video of a frence slave woman called Louise. She was lying on the floor and her Master was sitting next to her with a blowpipe in his hand. He aimed at her breast and blew and she moaned when the first dart penetrated her breast near her nipple. 4 mores darts found their way to her breast. Then her Master told her to spead her legs and the blowpibe was aimed at her pussy. Before she knew it the first dart were penetrated her pink pussylip and 3 more darts made it “picture perfect”. If a blowpipe is a “gun like object” and therefore against Clip4sale policy your Master could consider only using the darts.

  8. Small baby eels would get my vote. They are very wriggly and active, you can fit a good amount of them into a pussy and they will not be harmed.
    Get on your knees and bend all the way down to give good access (or, even better, tell your master to bind you in position), some stretching with a well sized dildo helps.
    In this position you can also insert some nettles for an extra thrill effect ;)
    Remove the nettles and insert the speculum, add a little bit a water and let the eels in, one by one, until you are full.
    Then remove the speculum and insert the tip of an air pump (like a bicycle pump or something sililar). The eels are wriggly anyway, but when you start pumping they go berserk ;)

  9. je suis très impatient de voir si tu va le faire bientôt , je peut t’envoyer les produits si tu ne trouve pas

  10. bonjour votre blog et super,
    J’ai une suggestion pour vous , faire un moulage interne de votre vagin, cela serais bon pour votre site et une expérience très intéressante , en plus je crois qu’il y aurais beaucoup de clients pour l’acheter,
    je peut le faire pour vous

        1. tu doit trouver du silicone de moulage en pâte ,RTV PA 720 AUDIO je l’achete chez hxxp://
          si tu veut d’autre détail je suis la ;o)

          1. Bonjour Pascal, merci pour les informations exactes du moulage :). Je ne l’ai pas cherché encore mais si je ne le trouverai pas, je prendrai contact avec toi.

  11. They are really great videos they do, soon I hope to be downloading them from your website, when you find a way for me not to return my credit card error. Well I thought it might be interesting missxtreme this video for some idea.
    Greetings to the distance

  12. You are a beautiful woman so much in the beginning for you and greet. In your pussy I want to see hot wax, pins, ice cubes, sand it would be a nice idea, oh it would be something. I greet you again. Waiting for more videos.

  13. Needless to say :) that my master also wants me to meet some wasps exactly the same way you described above. The later he will catch them the better it is for me, I am a scaredy-cat :).

  14. Hi again QueenSnake.
    Thank’s a lot for taking the time to answer my question on your blog. Damn damn …. I could not forsee the issue regarding the “gun like objects”, but agian it was worth trying :-).

    Familiar with the “basic rules” I will come up with some nasty stuff in the future. It would be so cool and damn hot if I saw one of my naughty fantasies with you become real in one of your videos. Since you are into the stinging world have you ever thougt about catching a wasp (or is it called a bee in yor country?) in a glass. Place the transparent glass over your breast or pussy and then tease the wasp so it will sting you (hopefully on your nipple/clit). Could that be an idea?. Talk to you later my Queen.

    1. The wasp sting idea is good, but don’t put it in a glass because it will not sting the right spot. I’d rather use a pair of tweezers to hold the wasp and put it directly where it has to be ;)

  15. Hi QueenSnake.

    Love your stuff. YOu are just as extreme asyou are beautyfull.

    Ever thought of being a human target in relation to Paint Ball. It sure hurts and leave a rather nasty mark on your body.

    Just a thought. Hug and kiss from John

    1. Hi John,
      Yeah, naked woman hunting with paint ball would be fun ;).
      I even looked up some paint guns on the net but clips4sale doesn’t allow any gun like objects so it will have to wait until my pay site is up.
      Thanks for your lovely feedback anyway :).

  16. Hi queensnake.
    I’ve kept and breed this species and several other species kingsnakes and ratsnakes myself, so i had to recognize your snake ;)
    I’m curious what you have in mind with those l……..s! Hope your master will find them or will be able to catch some!!

  17. Hi Queensnake,

    nice Blog you have here.
    Some sugestions:
    – bottle caps
    – ice cubes
    – keys

    I like the ant-thing ;)

    1. Hi Gruno, you are well-informed :), she is a kind of kingsnake, more exactly Sinaloe, check my new pic out on “About Me” page. Thx for the vid, it is an insex movie, as I know, I liked it but I would do something harder… :P

  18. I like the idea of leeches because it might be humiliating for you to get “eaten out” by those slimy guys. However, leeches cause no pain…their saliva actually numbs the bite. To add some pain, why not pick up some fish hooks from the bait store while you’re there and use those along with the speculum to hold open your pussy?

  19. Do you like a little fire in your pussy? for example: open pussy wide with a speculum, and than fill in some paper shavings, or some snippets of a handkerchief…it burns not long enough, for permanent damage, but i think long enough, for some pain…i am curious, how long you can hold the fire on:)

  20. 100% ditto to Ozyman’s sandpaper jog with one addition…….bra with sandpaper over the nipple, then a rolled up piece of sandpaper with grit side out inserted in the pussy, then a nice long jog…..great minds think alike! Don’t forget about my ants too please:)

  21. How about a loose fitting bra with coarse grit sandpaper inside over the nipple and the same in the crotch of your panties (or rolled and inserted) and go for a jog naked but for bra and panties. This should rub you deliciously raw in all the right places…

  22. Hmmm, we are hunting for l……….es for such a long time and it seems they are not living in our natural waters :(. Where to get them? Do you have any idea? My final tip is the fishing store :D.
    We are going to make a movie with l…….s this weekend if we can get some.

    Brody, I like your idea about the sandpaper dildo too.

    You guys are so creative, I am absolutely astonished.

    1. Having you as an enthusiastic pain canvas helps facilitate our ideas. Can’t wait to see some of our ideas on video….you’re the best! What ideas have you liked the best so far that you will make videos of?

      1. Brody, what a lovely metaphor! :) So far my favorite idea is the one with ants. It would be completely new experience for me to sit on an anthill while my legs are tied up to the ground and my arms are also in bondage behind, and as a bait for the ants there would be a sweet dildo in my pussy. I am wondering if the ants like to bite me… :D

        1. I’m sure they’d love to bite you…..just give them a little poke with the other end of your popscicle or lollipop dildo for encouragement:). Has your Master looked for or found an anthill yet?

          1. And answering your previous question about the anthill. Not yet but this week-end we are going to find one, I admit I am already frightened now… :)

          2. BTW…..Along with your hot body, you have great eyes…..please don’t cover them up anymore with sunglasses in your vids so that we can see your pain expressions clearly in your eyes as you endure tortures:) Thanks!

          3. It’s OK Brody, I agree. Anyway in my first movies I had to wear sunglasses and masks because I didn’t want to be recognized by my colleagues.
            I don’t need to cover my face up anymore but it already happened that I forgot to take my sunglasses off :) because the sun was shining so brightly.

          4. That’s great! You should be frightened:). It will be a great shoot though and I’m sure you both will enjoy breaking another limit….I know we all will love the vid!

  23. Queensnake, what do you think of a dildo wrapped in sandpaper or inserting a rolled up piece of sandpaper grit side out? Your master could force you to fuck it until you have an orgasm.

  24. Hi Queensnake! I am a big fan of your videos, and I also loved Stone Womb. As you are asking, here are some ideas besides what already has been mentioned.

    Ma……..s – Since ants have already come up, how about m…….s? You can tell us what it feels like to have them wriggling inside.

    Paint – To enhance the coin video, it would be cool to see you painted gold all over, even your eyes and pussy on the inside (there are safe paints to do this with, gold dust & olive oil for instance). You could be the goddess of greed!

    Wax – Slowly fill your pussy with hot wax and make us a candle

    Dirt – Beyond just sand, dirt like top soil and mud would be interesting.

    L…..s – Make a video the reverse of sealed; sew your pussy open and let l………s swim inside you to feed…

    Thanks for giving us fans a chance to reply, and keep up the extremely hot, unique work!

    1. Hey Bob,
      Thank you for your very good ideas. I loved all of them, especially the “pussy candle” and the paint.
      The maggots sounds exciting too although they are so disgusting.
      Actually when we made the Nettle Jungle movie we saw tons of terrific black maggots, check this pic out , they live on the nettle leaves, it would be a real horror to me if they crawled on my body or maybe in my pussy, brrrrrr, it’s creepy just to think of it however it’s also exciting.

  25. Thank you for such a sexy behind the scenes story. You and your master are a remarkable couple. As for the next step of walking with the stones inside, well that would be great to see…
    As for something to insert in your open pussy, how about short wood-screws. They are heavy for their size, have very sharp points, but are thick enough that they won’t go in too deep, just enough to hurt like hell, and should be bulky enough to get out without too much trouble. Also a wonderfully different item to be put inside your body.
    I tried squeezing a handful on the weekend and without too much pressure there was pain!

    1. Hey Ozyman! Wow, your wood-screw idea sounds too hard for me first but it would be exciting to try that.

  26. Hello Queensnake
    At first, let me say: Wow…you are awesome, and i realy like your movies…specially the stone womb, and nettle insertion scenes:) i would like to see more of those…How about to insert a toilet brush, or a hairbrush with the spiky side?? a pussy full with thumbnacks was a realy great idea:) to see some needle games trough the clitoris, ans than some weights, or a cervix fuck, would be nice too:)
    im glad to see a lot of nice movies:)

    Sorry for bad english;)

    1. Hi Tim, my master wants me to use a toilet brush and/or a hairbrush too. Maybe first it would be easier to use a hairbrush dildo and before that I could get some warming up hairbrush whipping on my buttocks, tits and pussy until many small bloody spots are showing up.

  27. i go to croatia for holidays too, there are alot of clothing optional beach :)
    what unluckyness, i could have been one of the people who was watching you from the stones.
    I was curious about one thing, have you tried to actually keep the stones inside you and walk? or was too much to keep them for long time?

    1. Hi Gianka! I haven’t tried it yet but I want to. Keeping the stones inside for a longer time and walking could be the next level :).

      1. I would love to see that! In general keeping things inside and walking around – much like with the speculum in the snowman video. Especially in public :)

  28. Wow, Queensnake, you are a beautiful girl! Thanks for the hot story behind stone womb. As for suggestions for the upcoming poll…..Thumbtacks, thistles, sand, lit cigarettes, fireants (of course), and rose stems with thorns:)

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