Home-Made Piercing

At the beginning of our relationship my master surprised me with a nice piercing, it was the time when my BDSM life had started. He wanted me to wear that piercing in my clitoris hood. I liked the idea being pierced and I wanted to prove him that I was fearless.

It wasn’t an ordinary piercing process, he made the hole using a bunch of pins. I will never forget that pain, it was so intense.

He is a perfectionist, so he exactly planned where to pierce the first pin. I didn’t know yet the differences between medical needles and pins. The medical needles were way more scary for me at that time although I hadn’t even tried any of them.

As the first pin slowly started to get through the hood, I felt the pain never would cease and when it was over, my master coldly said that the pin wasn’t pierced through the exact place he planned so he pulled it off and tried it again. I was so angry at him but I saw in his eyes that I had no choice.

I was prepared for the pain again. This time he was satisfied with the position of the pin. Before piercing through the second pin, he stretched the hole using cotton buds. After an hour stretching he started to pierce through the second pin very slowly and precisely next to the first pin, it was a horrible and an almost unbearable pain, I got sweat, half-unconscious and I wasn’t able to hold my tears back.

The third pin was as painful as the first one and now there were 3 pins in one hole. The more pins were in the hole the less pain was felt. Finally there were 8 pins in the hood and I was ordered to sleep wearing them all night. In the morning he pulled the pins out one by one and the hole was already stretched enough to insert the piercing. I was grateful to him and I felt I was his. During our later piercing plays he always used pins. After that it was surprising for me when I got my first medical needles into my pussy and the pain was half as intense.

I learned that the pins are blunt and they pierce through the skin much more slowly therefore they cause intense pain. But there are advantages of using medical needles: they are sterile and you can rule the level of pain by the speed of the piercing process.

Which do you prefer: playing piercing with pins or med needles?

10 Replies to “Home-Made Piercing”

  1. why don.t you use more Sharp pins push them deep into you pussy straight down into your lips into pussy

  2. Your Majestic Queen,

    I simply have no knowledge of the words to tell you how you excite my mind. I do thank you and your friends so much for all you suffer for us.

  3. Bonjour, vos films révelent votre immense talent d’actrice.
    Leur esthetique, leurs mouvements de camera, leurs sujets font qu’Ils auraient plu aux grandes figures du Mouvement Surrealiste Le cinéma surréaliste naît en 1928 avec “Un chien andalou réalisé par Luis Buñuel et Salvador Dali”,” La Coquille et le Clergyman” d’après un scénario d’Antonin Artaud par Germaine Dulac, “Le Sang d’un Poete” par Jean Cocteau, “L’Âge d’or” de Bunuel. En 1943 : Meshes of the Afternoon de Maya Deren et Alexander Hammid.
    Je me congratule pour votre créativité qui inaugure une nouvelle ére BDSM, car rien de comparable à vos film n’a existé jusqu’ici.

  4. Hi Queensnake,

    Have you ever considered having your tits nailed to a board, where your master would have to hammer in 6″ nails? I saw something similar long ago, but very poor quality. I’m sure you could make a much better vid.

    1. Yeah, my master’s already tried this on his ex-girlfriend. Hehe, I should grow bigger tits to work out your idea… :D

  5. Yes, it has to be the pins, or something similar. I have always found the medical needles were so sharp that they didn’t inflict enough pain on the subject… after all, they are designed to be as painless as possible for the patient.
    I have always preferred BDSM with regular items around the house, in the workshop, and in nature to the clichéd look and feel of most BDSM studios. That is one of the things that elevates your movies to the high level they are. They are real, in every sense of the word.

  6. Since you asked, I have to go with your Master on this one and vote for pins rather that medical needles for exactly the same reason…..sometimes you can barely feel med needles whereas the blunter pins are more difficult to push in so they cause more pain. This is also why I think tacks and fish hooks are so hot and why they hurt so badly. Once again, I’d love to see your pussy pinned or hooked while you work out so we can see your toned body struggle through muscle and pussy pain. Do you have a treadmill that you could jog on while having your pussy and nipples pinned with string so that you’d have to keep jogging in order to keep from the pins being pulled out?

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