Nettle Jungle

My last stinging nettle experience happened a couple of weeks ago. This time our trip led to the ruins of an old water mill along a small rivulet, we hoped there were some stinging nettles around. And yeah, there were a real nettle jungle around the ruins, they grew higher than me so they can be called nettle trees.

I found out that it would be erotic to make a nettle skirt and dancing wearing this hot, stinging skirt. I wanted to charm my master with my nettle dance, I wanted to suffer for him.

First I just felt pain and then I got hot, I gasped, my heart throbbed faster and faster. My pussy and my ass was in fire. I was thinking about wearing this nettle skirt all day, maybe I could create a new fashion style. The only problem was the intense use made the skirt worn out too soon.

After the foreplay my master wanted me to keep dancing among the 2 meters high nettle trees. I obeyed him and enjoyed the stinging feeling on my whole body. My tits got a real hard nettle treatment too.

The real cruel part was when I thought that I got enough nettle rashes on my body, my master ordered me to roll into the jungle to devastate some nettle trees.

I was shocked and didn’t want to get more rashes but I had to. I saw that sadistic look on my master’s face and I knew that I had no choice. When I didn’t want to keep rolling he just trampled on my buttocks. It was a rather horrible end for me, I weeped a little but now I am excited when I think of it.

I realized that torturing my own body is a good lesson to learn my limits. It is not so easy to cause pain to myself because I have to surmount to the natural resistance in my brain but if I succeeded I can enjoy the pain much better than when I am tormented by my master’s hands.

What is your opinion about self-tortures? Do you like it or not?

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  1. ill be turning 23in December and for about 2yrs Ive been a fan of yours queen snake because I’m very interested about stinging nettles Ive always wanted to try it but I have no partner to try it with. my boyfriend is vey shy and telling him I want to try stuff like you would be out of yhe question. I’m at a lose

  2. Alguna vez has pensado entrar en una zarza. Puede ser realmente duro si eres capaz de ir descalza, pero se puede ir poco a poco hasta donde seas capaz.

  3. Hey we must get together sometime I love torturing myself with nettles too I love the stinging sensation on my body especially on my cock and balls and I also love to roll in a nettle patch .
    My best tme was when I made a sheath of nettles and slid it over my cock tied round my balls with a rope made of nettle stalks then got dressed and walked round town with it in my pants every time I got hard it would sting more . I would like to make a t-shirt and panties out of nettles and wear them under my clothes .

  4. A nice view would have been to watch you walk through a nettle bush that is shoulder high, and let the nettle branches slide between your vag lips as you walk through the bush.
    Have you seen one of those movies where a woman is standing over a rope with knots in it, the rope is tied at two ends of the room and she has to slide the knots throught her pussy while walking to the end of the rope. How about a nettle rope… with many nettlle branches and leaves.

  5. hallo queensnake, a friend brought me on your site and i have to say i love it. you’re a very nice and tough girl. especially the clips with stinging nettles i really enjoy. that’s why i’ve a question: how does it feel for you to have stinging nettles on the sensitive skin of the armpits? i wished you would hold the nettles more there and not only “accidentally”.
    I also – how some more – would like to see a film with you tormented by wasps or other insects.
    are you ticklish? i imagine you are tickled (better: you tickle yourself) on your feet and/or armpits and each time you laugh to loud, you have to set a wasp on a spot of your body and you get a sting. if you don’t laugh while tickling the stings should be the award for bearing the tickling without laughing :-)

  6. Now that I read all posts here,
    I also think thumbtacks insertion would be extremely hot, especially if you insert a bunch of them, then remove the speculum with them still inside, take a walk for a while, and then spread your pussy to manually take them out.

    Also, like in all my previous posts on other topics, wasps should give ultimate pain I think.

    I really wonder whether you really feel it if a wasp stings on your cervix… I can’t imagine that your mind feels this, because it is deep inside your body. Maybe worth to try?

  7. What about stuffing your pussy full of maggots while having your ass and pussy whipped with nettles?

    1. In the “nettle jungle” where we were last time there were hundreds of big, black and spiky maggots, they live on stinging nettle leaves. I just call them “nettle maggots”, it would be really interesting and exciting use those maggots and nettles together. Anyway does anybody know that kind of maggot: check this pic out? I am wondering if their spikes sting…

      1. Those maggots certainly look like they sting. It would be very interesting to use them inconjunction with the nettles. I would love to see it. I just got back from Holiday in Croatia, the Dalmation coast. Very beautiful. I was in Dubrovnik and Hvar. Looks like you had fun there as well. You should use those maggots. hat do ou think?

  8. Hi Queen,

    You are incredible. Where would a strong master, like myself, find a beautiful submissive like yourself? Amazing! One suggestion would be to maybe try piercing your nipples and pussylips with the fish hooks and hanging weights from them! Something to think about! I like the ant and/or wasp ideas.

  9. Perfect Queensnake i love your work, but as said Pinne is good idea use wasp, you should try this !

  10. Hi
    Please use wasp to you genitals, those will be swollen minimun 2 days and double so big!
    Also ants should be considered

  11. Wow, i like the idea with the Wasps. to see a lot of ants on (or in?) your pussy was great too…
    i hope, there comes out a movie as soon as possible:)
    Awesome Girl….awsome movies…awesome ideas:) Nothing more to say;)

  12. You are Queen of Nettle Torture! :)
    It’s nice to look at nice girl body under natural tortures!

  13. Hi Queensnake, good video too, my favourite is sealed, and what BDSM thing is most paintful for you?

    1. Hey Rexar, it’s not easy to determine the most painful torture, all of them are usually very painful but maybe the burning pain caused by the incense sticks and the electro tortures are the most unbearable for me.

  14. Queensnake, some candidates for Ozyman’s poll: Thumbtacks, Sand, Tabasco sauce, Thistle thorns, and Icyhot:)

  15. Hey Queensnake, this nettle torture would perfectly work out in a CBT session too! You could make a naked guy walk through a field of nettles just as high as his nuts are… Do you have any slave for that already?

  16. I have to say that ‘Stone Womb’ is one of my personal favourites. Yes, it may be more extreme than BDSM, but there seemed to be some pain in your eyes when extracting the stones, and it has that dangerous ‘edge’ to the whole experience that makes your movies so addictive.
    The thumbtacks would be raising the whole thing to a BDSM level again… maybe we could nominate a few different items that can be dropped into your open pussy and take a poll on which one gets used?

  17. Hot cactus pic Queensnake! It’s actually very close to what I was envisioning. Insertion may be a bit difficult but I think it ultimately depends on the size and type of cactus selected. Your Master and you should make a trip to the plant nursery and find a good one that just barely fits. Then you can put it on a tripod or a wooden horse and make an attempt to sit all the way down onto it:)

  18. Cool idea everybody about using wasps…..especially in a vacuum pump Queensnake. I’ve seen the vid with the wasp stings to the clit and nipples via tweezers… got the point across but was a very grainy and low quality vid. Doing a wasp video Queensnake style would once again break new ground for hot, very edgy bdsm videos. Now for a few new thoughts:) Queensnake, your rock womb vid was really incredible……do you think it would be beyond your limits to use a speculum to pour thumbtacks in your pussy prior to working out or going for a walk in public? Also, I love how you incorporate nature (nettles) into bdsm…..have you considered using cacti in any way? I’m thinking cactus insertion possibly? Thanks!

    1. Actually I was surprised that people liked the “Stone Womb”, it was rather extreme and bizarre than BDSM :). It’s unbelievable that you think how similar way as my master. He mentioned that “thumbtacks womb” play right after we made “Stone Womb”. I admit that first I thought he got crazy and resisted hard but now I am getting curious ;).
      As regard the cactus idea, I have some experiences. Many years ago I tried to sit on a cactus but I wasn’t able to do it harder like this: Click for pic
      I think the insertion would be too dangerous, but convince me otherwise :).

  19. Hi Will, I have seen the same movie with the wasps, or a similar one. And it was hot. The lady took one sting directly to the clit while her master held the wasp in a pair of tweezers. She yelped and squirmed after that. She also took at least two stings to the nipples by the same manner.
    You have to be careful with wasps… like bees too many stings can cause anaphylaxis if you’re at all susceptable. The stings are very painful with a burning like feeling, and leave a raised lump and some inflammation and a the area around the sting is very red. My GF was stung on the hip a few years back while we were making love in the outdoors.

  20. Queensnake, great idea about the rubber bands tied to the ground and having to do pushups! You could also do something similar…get into a pushup position and tie your needled nipples with tight string to something above you so that you have to maintain a pushup position or else riske the needles being pulled out painfully… could really show off your strength. Also, like your pushup idea with the rubber bands, you could do squats or dead lifts using rubber bands and pussy needles.

  21. Hi Will. We’ve had the idea using wasps in a vacuum pump on my tits and pussy so I am sure my master will get those terrific creatures for me. I don’t have too much experiences with wasps, actually I haven’t been bitten by wasps since my childhood. Has anyone of you used them on genitals?

  22. Brody, that’s an other great idea from you, thanks! It would be real unusual and exciting to work out and being pierced at the same time. I imagine myself as my nipples and my labias are pierced with needles and the needles are tied down to the ground using rubber bands and I have to do push ups…

  23. Hi love what you do I once saw a film of a girl being stung by many w………s on her tits and vagina I would really love to see you do this and I’m still hoping you will do the a…….s seeing you or another pain slave tied down over an a…. nest would be so hot

  24. I absolutely love your nettle torture videos. I have seldom seen anything approaching them in terms of quality and ‘hotness’. I am looking forward to this one being released and will be first in line for a download.

  25. love your self torture, the look in your eyes when you are both in pain and pleasure
    this experience was almost perfect, the only variation i have in mind could be for you to sit naked in a nettle carpet, or bend a nettle tree like the one in this photo, and sit on it, so the labia are pressed by the plant who tries to stand again (you could need to tie the plant behind you, to make this possible)
    Then you and your master, start a relaxed picnic, when he makes you eat and drink very slow, and you are not allowed to leave before finish (of course he will sit outside the nettle area)

  26. sorry if the translation is approximate: I use Google for that. I wanted to tell you that I am an unconditional fan of your site since I discovered. You are an inspiration. For the moment I use mostly nettles and wax. I must say that the pleasure it gives me is intense, during and also after. I think try soon peppers and thistles. I have not yet found a partner who can play the role of teacher but I do not despair. For the moment I’m just self torture, I love it and it gives me enormous pleasure but I have no point of comparison. I guess when it’s a third practice of torture that may be even more intense? Have not you sometimes afraid of going further and further to experience pleasure? The idea of using a……..s is great: we’ll have the chance to see the video one day? If after using the staples why not thread a needle? Some points for the labia minora and a few points for the labia. To make things a little test branches nettles could be trapped between the lips. Once the lips sewn branches of nettles could slide between the lips … But maybe that would be too painful or leave ugly scars …

  27. Queensnake, your self-torture is really hot, especially when instructed to do so by your excellent Master! Your body is in such good shape and you mentioned that you work out at the gym every day……why not shoot a scene with you self-torturing while working out? You could insert needles into your pussy and nipples as done before, then, with the needles still in, show us your normal workout routine and hopefully it includes jogging:) You can “cool down” by rubbing icyhot all over your abused pussy and tits after you’ve adequately worked out to your Master’s satisfaction.

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