Walking on tacks and candles – Ophiuchus


Sometimes I feel that I am not able to do what I am ordered by my master. This time I had this feeling again. The idea came from Chris and my master loved it. He wanted me to walk barefoot and blindfolded on thumb tacks.

First I was too frightened, I remember the feeling when I accidentally stepped into a thumb tack and I hated that pain but I wanted to prove my master that I was able to do it for him and for you, guys. It was totally new experience for me to feel pain in my soles.

As a first task I had to walk on the tacks not blindfolded but holding my sweet snake around my neck. It was interesting that the pain wasn’t so intense this time, maybe because I just concentrated on taking care of my pet. It was very hard to keep myself in balance and I didn’t want to fall onto those scary tacks together with my snake and I wanted to prevent to get her hurt by all means.

My next task was to keep walking without my snake this time blindfolded and finding candle flames to quench. Although I was afraid of burning my soles I felt relieved when I stepped into a candle instead of tacks.

The balancing was harder because of being blindfolded and I fell onto tacks sometimes, the pain was almost beyond my endurance in my soles but I had to keep my balance while the tacks were pierced deep into my soles.

I was in a kind of pain ecstasy, I felt that the time, the space, the real world didn’t exist for me anymore, finally my master had to force me to stop walking.

As the last lesson I was ordered to lie prone onto the tacks and cum in that position but before cumming my master pushed me down putting his dirty shoes on my back and on my buttocks and he sat on me.

When I started to masturbate I had orgasms after orgasms, I was squirting continuously. Finally I was almost unconscious and I felt tremendously grateful for this new pain experience.

What other kind of foot tortures would you like me to do?

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  1. Those tacks definately were tough on those pretty feet!! You are a brave gal! I know you have received requests for you to walk on hot coals… That may be a bit to drastic (and dangerous)…. How about a safer but still tantalizing alternative… Period scene, you in a long, Medieval dress (maybe just the skirt :> ) Accused of witchcraft, you are made to walk across a bed of hot stones laid out in the ashes of a fire. barefoot of course! – you have to hold that long skirt up so we can see those pretty feet stepping on the hot sones!! Master can control how hot the stones are out there… He can make it safe (no burns), but still plenty hot for you! If you run, you have walk across the stones again! If you don’t confess to your charges… master can have you walk across again…. and maybe have to stop to deny the charges… I’d love to watch you dance a few steps, before you continut! Looking forward to more!

  2. Queensnake, love your foot torture videos.. reason i joined this site.. i think the a…s is a very good idea. are you uploading any more foot torture videos soon?

  3. Baby , more bastinado and falaka and foot torture videos plz your feet so sexy for punishment ;)

  4. Dear Queensnake, I feel so priviledged to be allowed to share your adventures on your website. By far, far the best website I have ever seen! You and your master are so creative, it takes my breath away.
    My absolute favorite is the Ophiuchus torture. I have done my best to think of variations on it but the blindfold-candle-foot bondage setup is just so perfect that is defies any improvement.
    Tying hands was one idea but probably way too dangerous as one might need them when stumbling or falling. Another idea I had is crossing the path with tacks (the tacked bars you use for tack riding) at 1 foot (30 cm) height. When blindfolded this requires painful foot searches for where they are and further pain because one has to lift the foot quite high to step over, causing more pressure on the foot that is on the thumb tacks.

    I wonder if any of the other girls would dare Ophiuchus in some form. I for one would be ecstatic if they would try!

  5. not foot tortures but breast tortures … You are lying face dowm …. under your breasts are very shatp pins so the cane /whip will hit you hard on the back/ ass and force you down on the pins or else you will react upwards and fall back on the pins A double pain Go for it

  6. Queensnake,

    Excellent Blog! You’ve got beautiful feet. I was wondering if you would be willing to make a video in which you receive bastinado (foot caning). I would certainly purchase it, as I’m sure many others would.



  7. I´m a fan of foot torture. Here are some ideas (you will need somebody to help you in the painful tasks):
    * Wrapp ruber bands around your feet, and snap them hard on your soles.
    * Use an office stapler to slowly drive staples into your soles. Use a thin cane to whip them off.
    * Use flat noose pliers to pinch, twist and pull bits of flesh in your soles. At the end, pierce a bit of pinched flesh with a safety pin. Of course, this can be done to nipples too.
    * Hold a small piece of metal (pin, tack, staple, steel wire, etc) over a flame with the help of pliers, wait until it gets red hot, and then drop it on your upturned sole.

  8. How about combining sport and foot torture? You could stand barefoot on broken glass, as you lift weights, over and over… Try something different, don’t be stark naked…wear shorts, be naked from the waist upwards, and of course, your feet will be bare…

    Another variation will be lifting weights with lots of thumbtacks inserted in your soles.

    Dare to torture the soles of your feet intensely QueenSnake… will you?

    1. Hi Gandalf! I like your nickname :). I haven’t got too much experiences in feet torture but what I felt during “Ophiuchus” was like the hell. It was way too painful and hard for me, especially when the thumbtacks pierced into my soles completely, suddenly and unexpectedly.
      Since then I have fantasies about wearing sexy high-heel shoes with thumbtacks inside, then walking and dancing in public or – considering the snow situation here – in the snow but it is still a fantasy, I am not sure that I would be able to do it.

      1. Dear QueenSnake
        Glad you liked my name, thank you! Hope you torture the soles of your feet soon, I’d love to see you dancing barefoot on broken glass. Also, please go barefoot outside, in cold weather, in public, wearing only wide leather anklets, OK?

        Hope you can torture the soles of your feet before Christmas.



  9. Hope you do more foot torture videos QueenSnake. Your beautiful feet are perfect for suffering. Please walk barefoot on thumbtacks, or, even better, put them yourself into your soles…one by one…as you savour the pain…up to 10 thumbtacks deeply inserted into your soles’ flesh. Then start walking and dancing barefoot with them. It would be delicious if you would dare to walk barefoot in a public place with the thumbtacks in your soles… people would be mesmerized!

    Hope to see you dancing barefoot on broken glass bottles too…the sound of the glass breaking under your helpless, naked feet will be like exquisite music.

    Dare to go hiking barefoot…on the worst possible terrain you find: rocks, sharp pointy gravel, nettle, thistle, thorns… Run barefoot on a gravelly path.

    Torture your feet QueenSnake…

  10. Ants will do the trick perfectly.

    However, the Idea of putting you close to the ant hill and a speculum in your pussy might indeed have the result of some ants crawling up your pussy,which I think is already a huge turn-on, but if it is the pain you are looking I think it’s not going to work. Then I think you need to remove the speculum after several ants are still inside, else they will not bite because they are not in danger…

    BTW, besides candle wax leaking into your pussy ( needs to be spread with speculum, because only the deep inside is very sensitive), how about putting some pepper or “cayenne pepper” in your pussy. I think you will cry it out of pain :-)

  11. It would be cool if your Master will introduce several thumbtacks on your soles, and then you go outside for a ride, in public places, such as a mall, etc. barefoot and with the thumbtacks in your soles.

    I’d love to see you walking barefoot in public places. Also to walk barefoot on ret hot coals.

  12. Hi, queensnake

    Like Brody I enjoy see you covered and attacked by a lot of red a……s while you lie down, trying to untied your ropes . This will be giant.

  13. How about you walking/standing on thumbtacks while your master steps, stomps and stands on your toes and instep for 10 minutes or so, then finish with some bastinado and a hotfoot with matches in between your toes.

  14. Hi! If you think about real new foot pleasures you should try a serious toe spreader once. Start with short pieces of a garden rubber tube jammed between your toes and walk, then proceed to wooden plugs mounted on a piece of thick leather formed like a sandal. And again, try to walk! At last tie three wooden rings together with a thin leather rope tight around your heel. One ring for the big toe, one for the small and a loose one for the middle. Walk and scream!
    You will not believe how wonderful these pains could be. But be careful not to break your slender toes.

  15. Sounds great Queensnake……I’m sure we all can’t wait to buy that vid and to hear more about finding the suitable ant hill and your thoughts on the challenge…..Thanks!

  16. When will I try the a……s? As my master finds a suitable ant hill for me then I will have no choice and of course I will tell you about it here in my blog.

  17. Hey there. I must say I approve of Brody’s suggestion. Another net first for the beautiful Queensnake, I would think. And your Master’s ‘next level’ would be something to see. The idea of watching tens, hundreds even, little a……., all armed with painful bites, crawling across your most sensitive areas, and even inside your pussy… It’s so amazing that you will do what others would be afraid to contemplate as a fantasy.

  18. I love the introduction of the speculum into the scene….your Master is pretty great! You could be staked down spread eagle with the speculum in place, around the mound with popsicle drippings from your pussy to the mound. You may have to lie there and wait for awhile but you wouldn’t need to agitate the a……..s. For your first time it may be better to let them find you to feed inside your pussy than to really piss them off and provoke an attack with a dildo/stick. I think this is a new idea that will be fun to try as well as lucrative for you both since no other sites have content like this. When do you plan to try this? Please don’t forget the video camera:)

  19. The very first time I need to check what the ant bites feels like at all. The a…..s spout the same formic acid that my body’s already met so many times when I had nettle “treatments”, so I am wondering what those tiny creatures can provide to me.
    My master doesn’t have any experiences with a………s either, so it’s me who will be his experimental object. He loves the scene you described above, Brody. Moreover he found out what would be the next level: I am layed down tied up, my previously sweetened pussy is spreaded by a speculum, positioned very close to the ant hill and the a………s will find their way to that sweet and hot pussy cave… Ohhhh My Gosh! It sounds exciting but scary at the same time. What do you think?

  20. speaking about suggestion about foot torture, in the main page of the blog i posted a suggestion to walk in public with nettles leafs inside bra and panties
    but i would love too to see you walk, maybe in public, with nettles or tacks in your shoes

  21. Eric’s idea of tying Queensnake down is a good one but I think it might be safer for her first time without being tied down so she can escape if it’s too intense. When I experimented with a……….s, the bites were very intense and being tied down could end up badly. Maybe there should be a timer where Queensnake must squat down over the a……..s with a dildo providing them with a pathway for 5 minutes. This would be a mental as well as a physical challenge for her to see if she can keep herself there for the full time. Tying her hands behind here while she’s squatting would be hot, though. I like the popscicle dildo idea as foreplay too:). Queensnake, what do you and your Master think about these? Thanks again for providing a very unique look into bdsm that few other sites have!

  22. I agree with Brody. The ant scene is the way to go. I would like to see you tied down with your legs on both sides of the hill, and your crotch touching the base. Stir the a…..s up and let them go! Would be a ery hot scene!

  23. Exciting idea Brody! I know that it’s inevitable for me but I still have a weird feeling about a……s – I am not afraid of their bites, on the contrary, I feel sorry for accidentally hurting them or demolishing their lair. But maybe it would just be the emotional part of my torture. Do you have any experiences with a………s?

    1. I wouldn’t feel too bad about demolishing their lair….they’re very resourceful builders and you’d be giving them some home defense practice:) I have some experience with a…..s…..t bites have the same chemical (formic acid) that causes the sting as stinging nettles do so after care is the same. You may want to wear an outfit with strategically cut out areas to limit the amount of bites you get (such as a crotchless, braless bodysuit). Also, instead of sitting directly on the mound the first time, try agitating them with a stick and letting them climb up to you (or you could squat down with a long dildo as the agitator). Can’t wait!

  24. Queensnake, great new blog! Also, love the tack scene….can’t wait to see the vid. As for more foot torture ideas, would love to see you get over your fear and stand….or even better, sit nude on an anthill for a couple minutes….maybe after playing with a popsicle:)

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