Welcome to my blog

I started this blog to give you some personal insight about my life, movies and BDSM experiences. I would like to share you what I am feeling and thinking during the tortures so maybe you will be inspired to try those new things which I show you.

I am a very curious and open-minded person, I love to find new pain resources especially in the nature.

I hope that you will enjoy my pain experiments and if you have opinions and suggestions, please don’t hesitate to share them to me.

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  1. Oh Du Sadistin! Wie lange willst Du uns noch quälen, bis die Seite voll funktionsfähig ist. Viele Grüße vom Grauen Igel

  2. Hi, Queensnake!

    Thank you for your great reply about the fun things that we can expect to see you put into your vagina.

    I had a couple more thoughts…this time concentrating on your beautiful breasts.

    It would be great to turn your breasts into a pair of dartboards using standard darts thrown the normal way as if playing regular darts. For safety I imagine some sort of a clear Plexiglas shield with two holes just big enough for you to squeeze your breasts through them. This shield could be made of plywood, but I’d love to see your beautiful face while you’re breasts receive the darts. The shield would cover your face and other critical areas. Each breast would have 3 concentric circles drawn on it with Sharpie-like markers to resemble a dartboard. I imagine at least three darts stuck in each breast after being thrown from a normal distance. At least one dart finding a nipple would be great, but like any regular game of darts, finding the bulls eye is the ultimate and difficult goal.

    Another idea is to become a naked paintball target. With a proper paintball mask on to protect your face and neck, you would be in a standing position with your legs spread, secured to a tree or other structure such that your entire front will become the target area.

    I’m sure that just one or two paintballs to the breasts won’t be nearly enough for you, so each breast will probably get dozens of hits, plus many other hits all about your body.

    I imagine having both close-up views with slow-motion showing several paintball strikes to your nipples, as well as some views from the shooter’s perspective.

    I hope you can do these things in a way that’s both safe and at a level that is satisfactory to produce the level of pain/pleasure that you – and we – desire.

    Thanks, Bob

  3. Hi, Queensnake!
    I absolutely love your videos. They’re SO clear and vivid, it’s like I’m right there – particularly your outdoor ones. I’m amazed at the things you insert inside your vagina – it’s unlike anything else I’ve seen, and I love it!
    I saw one idea in your blog about filling your vagina with hot wax poured from a candle to form an interior candle; I have to say this would be EXCELLENT, and I CANNOT WAIT to see this in a future video!
    What I haven’t yet seen is using barbed wire to wrap tightly around you – particularly across your breasts and cutting deep into your vagina. Roll around on the ground once it’s securely in place. This should be done outdoors and you can roll around on rough ground in woods, or on gravel to accentuate the pain from the barbs!

    Just some thoughts. Looking VERY forward to more videos!

    Thanks, Bob

    1. Hi Bob! Pouring hot wax and other unusual but safe things into my pussy is one of my favorite games. Last time I had a new pussy stuffing experience, I will tell you about it a bit later ;). Barbed wire bondage can be exciting too, I am sure I will try it.
      Kisses, QS

  4. hey your blog design is very nice, neat and fresh and with updated content, make people feel peace and I always like browsing your site.

    – Norman

  5. Hi queensnake you are good slavewhore but I would like more piss scene and with needles.
    But my favourite scene are first needles

  6. Hi Ozyman! Thank you. I am happy that you like our alternative approach of bdsm and I hope we can keep on showing you more and more of our ideas and yours.

  7. Hi, Queensnake. Wow, you and your Master are unique, and I would have to say your self-torture BDSM is some of the best ever produced, and so well filmed. I agree with Gianka about the look of pleasure and pain in your beautiful face when anticipating a torture, or when suffering the consequences of afterward and trying so hard to smile through the burn.
    The nettle movies especially get me going. And elevating it to the ‘thistle’ was a brilliant stroke. Would like to see more of that! Especially close-ups of those wicked points stabbing your delicate pussy.
    I am an avowed fan and I have all of your clips… even the softer ones. Keep up the terrific work.

  8. Thank you Queensnake, being called creative by a pro like you, makes me blush
    To make a dildo, i suggested a staplegun cause i remember a species of nettle from my childhood, that had very thick and strong leafs. I do live in a city now, and maybe my memories are wrong, but i don’t think that staples are good to the kind of leafs you used in “nettle rivulet”, cause you wet alot (and i love it)
    Glue could be good for any leaf, but must be a strong one, and you must use it on the full surface of the leaf, or else you could loose pieces inside you… not that this is bad idea for you or me, but there is no point if the dildo lasts 10 seconds.
    i could also suggest to glue the leafs on a rubber that will be put over a rubber dildo, to not ruin it.
    if you will made a movie from this idea, could you consider, to start it when you will be in need to pee. I do love when you loose control and wet yourself ;)

  9. Hi Gianka! Wow, thank you, love your ideas, you are so creative. I’ve been already thinking about making nettle dildo and nettle gag ball too but your nettle dildo making suggestion is brilliant.
    So are the nettle “push-up” and panties in a public place. I am getting wet just thinking of it.
    Brrrrr. Thanks!

  10. yea, i almost forget, another big fantasy i have, and i have partially seen it in your movies
    you love flashing in nature, and nude hiking too?
    what about go into a park, a public place full of people, with normal clothes, and in a corned when no one can see, load nettles inside your bra and panties, then start to walk and do normal things in front of all that peoples?

  11. wow, i’ll have the BIG honor to be the first one to post a comment here
    queen, you are simply wonderful, i’ve seen many many bdsm movies of course, but i was never really taken by them, that’s before seeing yours, and not only cause you are very beautyful
    i can read joy and pleasure in your face when you take your tortures, that’s great, and that’s the soul no others bdsm movie have
    i do have my own tortures in mind for you as well, and… i almost feel sorry to suggest them
    have you ever considered this?
    take a fucking machine while bondaged, just this is nothing unusual, but what if you do “something” to the dildo
    take a soft rubber dildo, and use a staplegun to lock on it nettles leafs
    i said staples, but can be almost everything can handle wet friction, like glue (and that require 2 hours to let it dry)
    i bet this could be interesting, even to a pro like you

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