Newbie girl – Sharon

Last weekend we met a lovely switch girl and tested her with nettles. We found her on a BDSM dating site and I was astonished by her at the first sight. Her name is Sharon, and she’s as sweet and fresh as a Sharon fruit and completely newbie in BDSM but open-minded and curious.

Needless to say that she has never met such a big amount of nettles before. When she saw the tons of stinging bunches, she naively thought that most of them was prepared for me and only a few would be used on her – well, she was wrong :P.

As her first nettle experience I didn’t want to start with too hard torture but finally she got it :). It was unbelievable how she could tolerate the pain, actually I expected crying and screaming but I got almost nothing when I was whipping her with the nettle bundles. I had to get more cruel.

Since she is a very flexible girl, I tied one of her legs up so her pussy opened up to me and the nettles of course :). I rubbed her nipples, clit and inner labias harder and harder using single stinging nettle leaves, that was the point when she first screamed from the pain. For she took the pain so easily I stuffed her pussy with some stinging leaves although I did not plan that. She said after the session that she didn’t realize that the leaves were inside her because the whole of her pussy was in such a pain and fire that she wasn’t able to differentiate what exactly happened to her.

I was satisfied with her, she proved me how filthy painslut she was and she deserved to cum in the end. I used my favorite “Red Miracle” pushing a nettle leave on her clit. She got an intense orgasm as she was standing tied-up.

After my master finished the recording I asked Sharon about her feelings. She said that the nettle whipping part wasn’t as hard as she expected but the single leaves brought very hard pain on her nipples and pussy. After all she enjoyed the whole session, especially the orgasm reward.

Since she is a switch girl my master asked her to push a needle into the middle of my nipple. Although she has never done this before she did it without any hesitation, exactly as slowly and cruelly as my master ordered to her. So next time she can give me back the pain I caused her with nettles – or more… :)

I must warn you :) that this is the first movie that shows you how tall I am, Sharon is an average height girl but I was like an Alien next to her :D, especially in my high heels. It was weird that I had to bend to whip her. If you like that kind of contrast you’ll love this movie ;).

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  1. All I can say is BRAVO, very nice vid, and she has such nice slapable tits and pussy, thak you for slapping them for us. She seems to have a tight pussy, surprising you didnt shove more nettles up her vag… grin.
    Love the way you laugh when she squirms..
    Would love to see a vid of “revenge of the subs”… all the lovely ladies you have tormented, escape, kidnap you, take you to a farm and torture you (within your limits of course) in many ways for hours. Maybe some humiliation too

  2. Je vous conseille après les orties juste au moment ou la brulure s’apaise un peu, de frotter du gingembre sur vos seins et sexe (clito et int). Une folle sensation de plaisir et douleur va vous envahir au point de vous vouloir vous faire pénétrer ( votre maitre sera seul juge) . L’effet disparaitra en 15 20mm. Cela peut être aussi une idée de torture attachée sur l’arrête un chevalet.

  3. Yahoo! You used my idea about the fishing hooks….good girl! Can’t wait to see the update!

    1. Hey Brody, hopefully tomorrow I will have some time to post a blog entry about my experiences with hooks and l…….s. The hook part was very very hard!

  4. You two are very creative so I can’t wait to see how you use those “suckers”:). Looks like the weather will be better next weekend for the a……s.

  5. Oh well, hopefully next weekend…..good things are worth the wait:). Good news about the leeches though… are you planning to or did you use them?

    1. The summer ended so abruptly :(, I had to turn on the heating in the house… L…..s’ feeding time come this evening. I am so curious and excited, I was dreaming about l….es all night :).
      Anyway yesterday I tested one of them on my nipple but it wasn’t able to suck blood only bites me several times, it felt like small needles in my skin or huge m…….o bites.
      We have more plans with them… ;)

      1. Now it’s late, but I would suggest, maybe next summer, to try to make you sting by wasps. Where I work often points to be early just felt wrong, now burn that reminds me so many fantasies (which are not yet able to realize …). The important thing is not allergic …

  6. It is cold and rainy here so we didn’t find any a………s last weekend :(.
    But we found l……s in a fishing store…

  7. Sharon sounds really brave, and she looks good. I’m really looking forward to the movie when she “gives you back the pain”.

    Btw, I’m curious about the A…..s, too. Did you or your master find an a……..ll?

  8. Sharon is sweet……great that a newbie was able to take nettles like that for her first time! Maybe she can help tie you down to the anthill for revenge:)

  9. Sharon looks like a lovely find. Can’t wait for the movie… and her turn-about play with you.

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