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  1. Hi Qs:
    I’m glad you’re producing a lot more “Whipping, spanking, flogging (in a classic or creative way)” themed movies lately where you and your girls always show your masochistic tendencies, enjoying being whipped and none of you you suffer abuse.
    Only Queensnake produces excellent movies starring gorgeous masochistic girls who enjoy being spanked. All of you have spectacular bodies and all of you are capable of enjoying pain, Bravo!
    I encourage you to continue producing many more films in which you give each other extreme whiplash. Your series titled “Gladiators”, “Cunt duel”, “Wheell of misfortune”, “Dangling”, “Balance”, “Three minutes” and “Stick stack” are excellent and must be continued. But you should also go back to your old series called “Hardbody”, “Full body”, “Whip myself”, “Self service” and especially the very hard “The Bench” (which would be especially suitable for Abby). These last ones have been the best series of all time and many of your pretty friends have not starred in them yet.
    – Here we have another absolutely fantastic performance from Holly, the extraordinary girl who has her pussy hardened by whipping! We already know that Holly prefers to be whipped on her pussy because that way she gets horny and she is also able to withstand hundreds of lashes on her pussy. But Holly’s muscular and beautiful body is ideal to be severely whipped and it is certain that Holly could also endure, without fainting, hundreds of brutal lashes distributed throughout her very hard body. Holly is a true goddess who enjoys being whipped by her friends, and many of her fans would like to see her with her muscular body “decorated” with deep whip marks and cane marks. Like Abby, Holly too should be proud to bear the marks of the whipping on her gorgeous body.

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