New movie on – Stick Stack – Abby

This was a classical bdsm caning session. Abby was in the role of the slave girl and Jessica was the domina. In the end Abby got some beautiful red stripes on all over her muscular body. And the most amazing thing was that Abby had been so happy with her marks that she went to the gym to do her regular workout right after this session and she proudly bragged about her marks.


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  1. Congratulations QS! This is one of the best films you have produced lately! Your classic extreme cane and whip sessions were always excellent and the main hallmark of your best films.
    At last Abby decided to test on her body the effects produced by cane’s blows!
    It is evident that Abby enjoyed receiving the caning and everything indicates that she got horny when she watched how her muscular body was progressively “decorating” with the marks of the hard canings that her friend Jessica gave her. Finally, the fabulous Abby has managed to be proud of being an extraordinary masochistic bitch and show off, showing in public, her body full of brutal marks from dozens of cane blows that only a woman as tough as her is capable of withstanding.
    Now all that’s left is for Abby to decide to try the stinging of the whips and for her to agree to receive brutal lashes all over her body. I suppose that a woman as masochistic as Abby, will also get to enjoy like crazy receiving lashes and will end up begging her pretty friends to whip her frequently and more and more brutally, until she ends up with her body skinned but proud of her body marked with lashes .
    If Abby learned to fully enjoy whipping and cane pounding, maybe we would see her get horny every time she gets whipped, reaching the extreme of achieving orgasms only through whipping and cane pounding and without the help of dildos. This would be a unique, fabulous and rarely seen show that only an extreme masochist like Abby could give us!
    Courage Abby, only you are able to achieve orgasms through whipping or cane blows!
    But for now (and until Abby achieves orgasms from caning or whipping alone), after each extreme whipping session, Abby must be rewarded with dildo orgasms while she licks her friends’ pussies.

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