New movie on – Crotch Rope – Holly

I made a rope G-string for Holly and hung a 6 kgs kettlebell on it to make the rope cut into her pussy. To make the setup more interesting I also caned her butts and tits while the weight caused the rope tighten by every wriggle of hers. Later I started to swing the weight between the strokes to make it even more tight on her pussy.


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  1. Hi QS, I like this series! But it could have been even better if you had hung the weights directly on Holly’s pussy lips. You yourself have verified that Holly’s pussy lips are strong enough to support hanging a weight of at least 2 or 3 kilos. The blows from cane and the whips on the tits have been very few and very gentle. I’m sure Holly can take a lot more cane hits and super hard lashes. Her beautiful and muscular body should be harshly whipped frequently and she would thus harden herself even more. Why now don’t you whip each other as brutally as before? The deep lash and cane marks on your fabulous bodies were always a hallmark of your wonderful films and that should not be missed.

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