New movie on – Gladiators – Nazryana vs QS

Nazryana and me have a dragon duel while our hands are tied together. The rules are simple: hit the opponents’ butts as hard as you can until someone gives up. The looser’s punishment is a cattle prod bite on the pussy delivered by the winner on the most vicious way: first poking the electrodes right into the pussy and then pushing the on button. It makes the electric shock more focused and therefore more painful than using it on the usual way.


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  1. It’s one of the best whiplash fights I’ve seen lately! For the next fight, it will be more exciting if other, much more brutal types of whips are used, so that they produce deeper marks on the spectacular bodies of the girls. I encourage you to produce many more extreme whiplash movies, as they have always been one of Qs’s best hallmarks. Your best films have always been the extreme whiplash films, but lately you don’t produce such brutal films. For what reason?

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