New movie on – Twin Cunt Busters

Tanita bunches Queensnake and Nazryana together for some unusually intense pussy whipping with a long multi tailed leather whip and the coral one. For dessert they have to eat a couple of bananas from Tanita’s sweaty, stinky, messy, hairy pussy. Then everyone cums.

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  1. Tanita did a good job! Glad to see Queensnake again in the role of submissive receiving strong lashes. But we observe that Queensnake, after a long time without receiving whips, now has much less resistance to pain. Nazryana is more accustomed to receiving lashes, her pussy is much hardened by blows and she can better withstand lashes. Queensnake should now undergo frequent and increasingly hard lash sessions, so that her body gets used to the whip and she again reaches the fabulous level of whip resistance she once had. It seems that the “coral” whip is excellent for whipping pussies and hardening and swelling them but without destroying or bursting them. You and your girlfriends must continue to harden your fabulous pussies through ever stronger lashes! Courage, girls! Enjoy the pain! Very soon all of you will get your pussies to be super resistant to lashes and almost indestructible!

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