New movie on – Harp – Abby

I have finally found some really broad, nice colored rubber bands online and naturally I wanted to try them asasp. The obvious choice was Abby for the job since she loves any marks on her body as long as it comes from some BDSM activity.

Download the full movie from

One Reply to “New movie on – Harp – Abby”

  1. Abby’s level of masochism is impressive! It seems that rubber bands are a very mild punishment for her. If Abby really likes to have her body marked by blows, the best thing you can do for Abby to enjoy is to whip her weekly with various types of increasingly hard whips so that her body is always full of recent lash marks and Fans can see how the lash marks overlap each other and Abby can enjoy watching her body marked by lashes week after week. So she will also tell you what kind of whip she enjoys the most. Surely in the end she prefers to be whipped with the hardest whip of all! Whip her hard and she will enjoy more!

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