New movie on – Ping Pong – Holly

Based on the idea of my previous Catapult movie we built a similar device to shoot Holly’s butts, belly and tits with ping pong balls. As a result of this game she had some lovely nice red circle patterns on her body. In the last part of the movie I also broke some ping pong paddles on her hard butts.

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  1. This game can be an entertaining hobby for QS, but for a girl with a body so hard with Holly this game is very weak. The blunt blows with the ping-pong paddles on Holly’s ass should only be the prolegomena for Holly to begin to warm up. Then the warming will continue whipping Holly’s muscular back with a hardened leather whip with a single tail until the brutal lashes deeply mark his back. Then, QS will whip Holly’s entire front of the body, from the tits to the thighs, with a twisted electric cable to almost tear the skin. After this flogging, Holly will be hot as a bitch and QS will begin to whip Holly’s pussy with a wide and semi-rigid leather belt. The blows with the belt will only cease when Holly has her swollen pussy and she is about to orgasm. Finally QS will hit, wildly and with all his might, Holly’s ass with a semi-rigid cane while Holly masturbates. The blows of cane will not cease until Holly gets her orgasm while her ass is shattered by the cane. Surely Holly will enjoy the harsh punishment because she knows that the blows will contribute to harden, even more, her fabulous body and that after the successive punishments she will become accustomed to endure increasingly brutal flagellations, which is what she likes , because with hard lashes she gets totally horny.

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