New movie on – Snuffer – Jessica

Jessica hates her huge floppy inner labias so much that she loved the idea that they can be hurt badly in this session while putting out many different kind of candles with them. Although later she was not that much enthusiastic about her nipples…

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  1. Jessica and Holly have the most spectacular pussies of the whole group of friends. The hyper-developed and huge lips of their pussies are beautiful and they should be proud of their spectacular pussies and not be ashamed. A great idea would be to drill the huge lips of their pussies and place in them a few large metal rings and then hang from the metal rings some weights of at least one kilo each. Jessica and Holly should carry the weights hanging from the lips of their pussies for at least three hours a day, in order to elongate and further increase the size of the lips of their pussies. Each week you will gain another kilogram of weight, which they should carry hanging for six hours a day and so on. After eight weeks their pussies will support eight kilos of weight hanging for 24 full hours. After these two months, Jessica and Holly will have become accustomed to carrying 8 kilos of weights permanently hanging from the lips of their pussies! and the lips of their pussies will have lengthened 20 or 30 centimeters and will be even more beautiful, spectacular and unique. Then Jessica and Holly can boast of having achieved the record of having the most spectacular, toughest and most elongated pussy lips in the world.

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